Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.29.23 AMCollaborations/Partners


Atomic Lace



Company Name: Atomic Lace

Designer/Artist/Owner: Laura Michele


About: Atomic Lace was created for everyone who expresses themselves through fashion! Whether you’re a glitter addict, swoon for cute things, or rock out at concerts, the important thing is to embrace who you are!

Pieces Made for Tio Trash:

1. Game Over Ring

2. Full Of Life Necklace

3. Glitter Lightning Bolts: These are from the “Glitter Addict” collection.

Tess Holliday

Kat Attack Photography ft Tess Holliday

Company Name: Kat Attack Photography
About: Kat Attack Photography is an internationally published photographer specializing in alternative portraiture. Her images and concepts are recognized world wide. She has shot some of the top alternative models and has a unique signature look to her photography that cannot be topped.
She has been one of my favorite photographers for a few years and when I had the opportunity to collaborate on her #CandyPop shoot by featuring a few TioTrash designs, it was one of the highlights of my career … if not my life! Make sure to tune into this girl and the beautiful models and talented MUAs and artists she works with around the world!
Kat Attack Photography Candy PopSneak Peek photo: #StraightOffTheCamera #bts shot from the Kat Attack Candy Pop Shoot! – Bra/tutu by TioTrash
Kat Attack Photography Candy Pop

Model @rogneby ⚡️Makeup by @malicious_makeup ⚡️ Lipstick by @insomniacosmetics ⚡️ Wig & Lashes by @rockstarwigs ⚡️ Hair Styling by @kristinadoesmuah ⚡️ Jewelry by @tiotrash @macarons_and_stilettos @niftyvintagegirl 🍬


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