The Trash Mob

Guest Photographers

Antony Caldaroni Photography

Antony Caldaroni

Antony is a dear friend as well as an amazing photographer and editor that I had the pleasure of working with at Tio Trash. Anthony is responsible for the incredible photography for the “Undead Debutant” photo shoot featuring the Zombie girls!

Anthony shoots everything from portraits, to architecture, nature, and more! Hopefully we will see more Antony Caldaroni photography on Tio Trash in the future! He is an artistic genius when it comes to both capturing and editing photos. The visions that come out of his mind are unreal, and his photography is magic!

To check out more of his work, check out his website, !

Bar 2

Chris Goller 

Chris Goller is an Indiana based, traveling photographer that I was thrilled to have on the Tio Trash “Rock Your Tees” photo shoot!

Chris is known for his incredible sky dive photography as well as portraits, nature, event photography, and more!

He has some INSANE photos, be sure to check them out and become a fan at Gearless Chris Productions!


Hair and Make up Team


Betty Guevara: Eye Bleed Glitter 

Hair stylist and Make Up Artist, Betty Guevara, owner of Eye Bleed Glitter will BLOW YOUR MIND! She specializes in beautiful flawless pin up hairstyles and make up looks, as well as the other spectrum, gore, horror and special effects. She is located in Chicago and can transform any face into anything you desire! Check out her Facebook Page to see her unbelievable looks. In the Chicago area and need a make up artist?  Book Betty for your next event, there is no look she cannot do!




Mondana Vizier

My bestie, Mondana is a big part of Tio Trash photo shoots. Although she is a nursing student, she is a naturally gifted with hair and make up. A master with eyebrows, fake lashes, and a good cat eye, she can turn any plain Jane into a Persian Princess.

Mondana Zombie-fied all of the models on the “Undead Debutant” shoot and is good with fantasy make up as well. She won’t be able to show you a Beauty School diploma, but she will amaze you with her artful hair styling and make up.

Tio Trash Shoots: Undead Debutants, Game Girls, Carnie Couture



Andrea Lippert -  Hair & Make Up

Andrea Lippert –
Hair & Make Up

Andrea Lippert

Andrea Lippert is a close personal friend and an amazing Tio Trash stylist! She studied Cosmetology in Bloomington, IL and has years of experience as a make up artist. She has done make up for weddings, proms, and events in her home town of Peru, Illinois.

Andrea specializes in hair extensions and  fantasy/statement make up and can work magic with the whole rainbow!

Tio Trash Shoots:

Roller Rave, Jasimine Pin Up,


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