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The #Vintage #Vixens of Dead #Hollywood

25 Oct

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Of all the deepest pains in this world, love can be the most painful. Love really does kill, especially if the love involves one man and 3 women, all desperately wanting to keep his love. When fighting for who you love, there are no rules, and sometimes blood is even shed. Using a vintage + thrift store costume collection, the incredible make up and hair stylings of Betty Guevara (Eye Bleed Glitter), and three beautiful model super stars, the Trash Mob depicts a story of love, obsession, betrayal and murder.

I hope you enjoy my campy (and unintentionally sexist) tale of the biggest bitch fight in history.

Vintage Vixens

BonnieAndClyde Art

One man. He rules the streets, the underground crime rings, and the hearts of three beautiful, cold blooded women. He seems to have a power over them that evokes a sinister loyalty, perhaps an obsession within all of the women who fall in love with him. A man with so many enemies really needs a woman who would die for him, a woman who would kill for him. But like money and the quests to obtain it in excess, the dirty roads of greediness create darker monsters in the game of love. He had everything a man could ever want, his empire, the Hollywood Casino, gave him a life of endless sex, money, drugs and power. Sometimes when you want too much, you end up with nothing. The elaborate planning and delicate balance can blow up in your face. When he messed with the wrong women, he ended up alone, with not a single beating heart left of the three that were endlessly devoted to him.


Ginger caught his eye the moment she entered his underground Casino world. She was a fiery red head who made even this cold, composed man feel nervous. His heart could never belong to just one person, but he knew he wanted her to have it. She made a loyal and dependable right side woman, and he knew he could trust her to be loyal to the end, no matter what trouble it meant for her. She gave up her life as a lounge singer, and entered the world of violence and crime to be with the man she worshipped.

vintage CarWhen he found her lifeless body in a pool of blood, he admired how beautiful she still was. Red had always been her color. With a world of broken promises and destruction he had created, this loss could easily be a chilling revenge from one of his enemies, however in his heart, he knew this carnage likely came from within his innermost circle, as it reeked of revenge and jealousy all over the scene. Only a broken heart could slay a woman in this way. His heart longingly ached at the thought she would know longer be beside him in his car, riding in the darkest hours of the night, her angelic voice singing softly to him as he rested his hand in her lap.

Vintage Car

The blood on the carpet was full of poison, but her heart was filled with everlasting rage. One mistress had killed her but there was still another that Ginger wanted removed. She couldn’t bear to see her sweet smile or hear her bubbly laughter parading around the casino with him as his main girlfriend, thinking she was the only one.


She didn’t want to begin her blood bath too soon, there was quite a show unfolding that she could only see after her death. There were more secrets and scandal about to unfold, but when the moment was right, she was ready to take her golden blade, and slit that pretty little neck of the one he seemed to adore so much.


Her loyalty and love was too strong for only her earthly existence. She would kill for him until the end of time.


Babe was a college girl, pure sugar and sweetness. He fell in love with her smile and her ability to make him laugh. Nobody would ever guess the dark sides that emerged from Babe the deeper in love she fell with him. The Casino life turned her world upside down, she saw things that couldn’t be unseen, but none of it mattered as long as she had him. She felt she was born for him, and she had no doubt she would one day die for him. When her closest friend became one of his lovers, her heart broke, but when she got in the way of another one of his lovers, her neck broke too.

IMG_5060When Ginger had been murdered, she knew her days were numbered. The last time he spoke to Babe, she told him how much she loved him, but not in her doting usual way. She told him she loved him in a way that sounded like a goodbye forever. “I love you more than anyone or anything I will ever love in this life”, she said to him. He could feel the love he had for her, and although his heart felt his own version of love for this sweet voiced beauty, he could not speak the words in return. He never could.


She sparkled like a diamond, even upon her death. The multiple knife slashes across her swan like neck were screaming signs of rage and jealousy, tell tale wounds of her possible killer. When he found her delicate little frame crumpled on the floor near his bed, his heart sank and tears filled his eyes. Although he would never cry, he began to feel a semblance of guilt, knowing it was he who set free the monsters within his mistresses.


Despite her innocent and pure hearted demeanor, Babe was a master of his golden gun. He taught her to use it and it was her job to always keep it safe, but to only use it in defending his honor if the occasion arrived. She had been slain at the dead hands of one mistress, but there was yet another one she wanted to settle the score with.

IMG_5038She never would have thought that her closest friend in the world would have done this to hero, but she should have known his magnetic charm was too much for her to resist. Having a friend so seductive and beautiful was only playing with fire around him, but she could never in her blinded heart blame him for the affair that was sparked with her former friend. It was the ultimate betrayal and it spun her into sheer madness.

IMG_5037With blood on her hands and fury in her heart, she used the Golden Gun to defend the love that had been broken for the man who was her world.


Scarlet was the Queen of the underground world. As her name denotes, she was a walking beautiful scandal that all who laid eyes upon her could not resist. Every man who met her became infatuated with her, but she never found a man who could give her all that she desired. Sometimes the world was never enough for her. Not a single woman trusted her, yet she formed an unlikely bond with Babe and guided her through this life of scandal and sin. She didn’t mean to break Babe’s heart, but HE was the only man who had ever made her heart feel anything at all. She had to have him, it didn’t matter at what cost.


For all the hearts and homes she had broken in her young life, he couldn’t imagine his sweet Babe would be the one to pull the trigger. A once beautiful sisterhood was slaughtered because nothing in their lives could prove to be stronger or more important than their obsessive desire to belong to him.


Scarlet had rarely known or experience competition. She believed that stealing his heart would be easy. She had Babe in her back pocket, but what she didn’t know was that she also had Ginger in the game. Ginger was not a woman she could compete with, their beauty was a fair match and Ginger seemed to have him entranced. Scarlet didn’t care to outshine or outsmart Ginger, she had to remove her from the game all together.


After Scarlet discovered the secret casino quarters that he and Ginger met for their affairs, she arranged a secret meeting of her own with Ginger. Scarlet arranged a romantic spread of strawberries and champagne and hid in the room, waiting for Ginger to arrive. As Ginger primped and prepped for her meeting with him, she eagerly helped herself to the fine champagne, the liquid gold she loved so much, unknowingly swallowing cyanide. As she seized and choked, Scarlet was possessed with an evil rage and beat her face in with the bottle as she watched Ginger die a painful death.

IMG_5050In her twisted heart she felt she was just taking care of business. She wouldn’t let anybody in life stop her from getting what she wanted, and the only thing she desired was him. When he found his Scarlet slumped across the seats of the Casino theater, he knew he truly was alone. He knew he had caused this. He knew he drove three women to madness because they loved him so much.

His heart wanted to break, but he didn’t have it in him. Being numb and stiff inside kept him alive through his dangerous games. Perhaps it is why he needed to be surrounded with women who felt everything so deeply and intensely. He wanted too much, greed would always be his downfall, but there was no time to stop and feel. He had each body removed and disposed, tossed out like trash. He continued to pull women into his world, one after the other, as the three jealous beauties continued to watch from their after lives. He never seemed to lose his touch, but he could never get a woman to stay around long in the days after the murders.


Although their bodies and flawless faces were long gone from the Casino, they continued to live in the place they had killed and been killed, trying forever to guard his heart and terrorize the women who dared to fall in love with their man.


Thousands of secrets live behind the Hollywood Casino doors. The girls decide which ones come out and which ones are locked up forever. He didn’t believe in much, didn’t even believe in God, he thought he was going crazy for years as the voices and faces of his slaughtered lovers followed him through his days and nights. As he laid in bed at night, the soft lavender fragrance Babe used to wear would fill the room and he could hear her soft sweet whisper, “I love you more than anyone or anything I will ever love in this life”.


He had to constantly convince himself it was just his imagination seeing Scarlet’s sultry eyes burning from the darkest rooms, her beautiful curves dancing in the shadows. “Come to me”, her eyes would say, just as they had always done before. He drank more than he ever did to fight the madness overcoming him.


He couldn’t ride alone in his car for more than 5 minutes without hearing Ginger’s soulful voice singing songs of broken hearts and sorrow. “Stop singing!” he would scream in terror, and just when one voice stopped, he would hear another. The depth of their desires, and the intensity of their love for him could not be stopped as easily as their beating hearts were. Their longing for him and feelings had no place to go, forever with him as they had always promised.
IMG_5054It is said that Ginger, Babe and Scarlet still roam the halls and chambers of the Hollywood Casino to this day. Local legend says that anytime champagne is served in the Cigar Lounge (formerly the secret chamber for Ginger), that the people who drink the champagne become violently ill. It has been said that a lavender aroma has filled the noses of the visitors from time to time. More chilling yet, an unidentified soulful singer often interrupts the airwaves of radios and televisions within the building, crying softly and singing songs of heartbreak and sadness.

Perhaps this tale can serve as a lesson about greed, loyalty and love. But most importantly, never get in the way of a woman and what she desires most in life.

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Old Hollywood Credits

Much thanks to the Aurora Hollywood Casino for “hosting” our shoot against your knowledge! Watch out for the #DreamTeam!

These incredible hair and make up stylings are thanks to the magical Betty Guevara, Eye Bleed Glitter. Check her out to see more of her hand made latex prosthetics and gory goodness!

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