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Myrtle Manor Must Haves! #MyrtleManor

7 May
Trailer Treats
Myrtle Manor Must Have Looks
I think we can all agree that Myrtle Manor’s bad girls Chelsey Keller, Jessica Burke, and Amanda Adams are the fan favorites.
Weiner Girls
The Darlin’ Dog Wiener girls are more than just rude and tattooed; they are super hot!
While Chelsey Keller sticks to main stream fashion trends, Jessica shows an edgier rocker style that makes her stand out.
As this summer’s fashions are all about crop tops and bold high waisted shorty shorts, I have put together some looks that I would love to see these girls in.
Mix up some fun colors and campy accessories, and you can have your own summer look that makes you trailer park tres chic!

Boardwalk Empress – #BoardwalkEmpire

6 May
Boardwalk Empress - #BoardwalkEmpire
Venice Beach is one of my  favorite places in this sick and delicious world.
The freaks, the fashions, the art, the depravity, the ganjalicious aroma … I can’t get enough!
There is so much fashion inspiration to be drawn from this place with the colorful characters, old school Cali vibe, and the urge to cause trouble one experiences when strutting down this beach side boardwalk.
This boardwalk is crawling with shady gypsies and vendors just waiting to sell you yummy and trashlicious boots, skirts, dresses, fake metal jewelry, and hand bags!
Venice Beach
You will never find your designer duds here, but this is a great place to look beyond the obvious and discover those quirky fashion finds you will love forever!
I still own my cherry red knee high boots I bartered down to $30 from a coked out Russian on the boardwalk back in 2006.
True love.

Crazy Legs! #Leggings

25 Apr
Leggings, Leggings, Leggings!
I was a very happy girl when leggings became acceptable to wear again, and I’ve been beside myself with
the latest craze of printed leggings.
Skulls, galaxies, florals, you can squeeze your gams into any design you can dream up.
I have worn leggings with a variety of shoe styles, and I have yet to find a style that does not work with them.
I put together a few Tio Trash approved legging looks, but you can have as much fun mixing and matching as you
want to!
Skull Leggings        Flag Leggings      Floral Leggings
Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.52.47 PM

Flamingo Fabulous!

2 Apr
Flamingo Fabulous!
Flamingo Fabulous!
One of the most noted trailer park accessories is the plastic lawn flamingo.
Not only is it cute and kitschy in front of your mobile home, it makes a great fashion accessory.
Designers like Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, and Sugarhill have been spotted with some fashion forward flamingos!
On my search for Flamingo Fashion Finds, I stumbled across the amazing trashionista, and Etsy Shop owner, Lauren Tindall. Lauren’s fabulous shop of reworked vintage clothing and delectable finds has me drooling!
flamingo tee

Myrtle Manor Fashion #Myrtle Manor

22 Mar
Trailer Treats
What the Wiener Girls Should be Wearing …
Not going to lie … Chelsey Keller and  her crew, the Myrtle Manors’ infamous trouble makers / Darlin’ Dog Wiener, girls are pretty hot!
Chelsey Keller
 Chelsey (Left)  has a pretty cute style all on her own, however, I wish she would take her living situation
as an opportunity to dress in full trailer park glory! Her rockin’ bod is made for sassy trashy get ups!
I would LOVE to see Chelsey is some campy fun summer outfits!

#SpringFever – Floral Platforms

17 Mar
Floral Platforms
Floral Platforms! 
I love big shoes and short shorts. Floral platforms are on my radar this Spring to create a feminine look with the signature Trashy edge I love.
Try mixing bright colors and different shapes and textures. Happy Spring!

Penny Loves Kenny – A new favorite! #Shoegasm

14 Mar
Penny Loves Kenny:
As you know, I am a huge fan of stacks, platforms, wedges, and stilettos.
My recent Shoe Buzz is a sexy and simple brand, Penny Loves Kenny.
These shoes have continuously met my needs when creating the Native inspired,
classic American looks. “The Sonya” (featured above) is my favorite style.
I love the colors, the fringe, and the simple clean look that goes with so many of my trashtastic looks!

#TrailerTrash Spring

13 Mar
Summer Spun

The Myrtle Manor Buzz – #MyrtleManor

6 Mar
I could not dream up a place like Myrtle Manor.
Thank you, once again, TLC, for gifting me with yet another
delicious presentation of vivacious characters from the other side of the tracks.
My apatite for White Trash goodness is fully satisfied with TLC’s “Myrtle Manor“.
Campy, kitschy, trashy, and yummy – this trailer haven is my personal heaven.
My featured style is inspired by the trashy textures, colors, and styles of my perfect
Trailer Trash fantasies.
I would love to see  the mistresses of Myrtle Manor could rock these looks!
Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.32.42 PM
Catch Myrtle Manor Sundays at 10/9c on TLC!

Pow Wow Glam

1 Mar
Pow Wow Glam
I still can’t get enough of the Native American fashion craze!
The feathers, the animals, the textures – it rocks!
I had fun mixing up an eccentric glam look
using trendy Native American pieces.
Also, one of my favorite make up combos is
a turquoise liner with a bright pink lip.
M.A.C’s Candy Yum Yum is my
favorite pink lip shade of the moment.
Grab a piece pipe, sit back and enjoy!
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