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Instagram Fashion Icons! #Instagram #FashionBlogger #InstaIcon

28 May

Instagram Fashion FavoritesInstagram is one of my favorite ways to view the world. It can be an eye opening fashion portal all on its’ own! Through Instagram I can keep up with my favorite fashion bloggers, designers, hot trends, and celebrities.

We all know the big names like the adorable Le Blog De Betty, the classic beauty Chiara Ferragni aka ‘The Blonde Salad’, and all of our favorite designers and celebrity fashion icons like Betsey Johnson and Kim Kardashian. But what about those thousands of girls with real life swag and real life adventures who do not seek to be big names in the fashion world, but are just stylish and awesome in their everyday lives?

Well, if you are lucky, you can stumble upon them through Instagram. When searching fashion and beauty products through Instagram hashtags, I find tons of real life girls rocking the looks and trends that we all love. Not only does Instagram give a visual scope of their fashion sense, but every once in awhile, you can get a glimpse of the fun and creative lives these girls lead.

I follow a lot of people that I have never met and people that aren’t “house hold names”. Often these are the people I have found through coincidence and have been captivated and inspired by their look or the lives they show through Instagram. There are 3 young ladies that I particularly draw a lot of fashion inspiration from. Perhaps you will too!

1. @BlackEuropean aka Keeping Up With Kendrèa

This girl streams lots of humor, fierce hair and make up, and fabulous fashion from her Instagram. She knows how to make the basics look badass! Her accessories are always on and her style is FEARLESS. She is one of my all time favorite girls to follow!


Click to Follow @BlackEuropean

2. @AlexandraBazooka 

This Canadian grunge / rocker chick can get away with anything! Her style is BOMB and she knows how to rock the tricky trends that most girls try to pull off but don’t quite get it. From her ever changing hair to her badass tattoos, she is head to toe fashion inspiration for me. She does the grunge look with perfection as her nails, make up, and accessories are always perfection juxtaposed with the dirty rock dress. Keep the pics coming, Alexandra, I LOVE your swag!


Click to Follow @AlexandraBazooka

3. @Fr3nchFry

Last but not nearly the least, the feisty Parisian born, “Frenchie”. Pulling tones from Rihanna, Noemie Lenoir and Prince, this girl has a truly unique style. She does the clean sneakers and jeans look but with a whole different element added to it. She is grit and glam all into one beautiful and polished package. I guess I can finally admit that the French know how to do fashion!


Click to Follow @Fr3nchFry

A thousand “thank you’s” to you three lovely ladies for allowing me to share your Instagram Fashions with my readers, and for your daily fashion inspiration!

Readers, be sure to tag @TioTrash, in any of your favorite Instagram Fashion Pics to share your looks with the Tio Trash community.

Stay Trashy! XOXO


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