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Last Minute #Costume Ideas!

24 Oct

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Pin up cat

For some of us, finding the perfect Halloween costume is an art, a delicate process, a mission that begins the day after the PREVIOUS Halloween. But unfortunately, the real world of working and other responsibilities can get in the way of our Halloween costume planning time and budget.

Do you have a last minute party or Halloween event and no costume? Relax, I will walk you through some simple and inexpensive solutions.

1. Cat Woman / Sexy Cat – “Submission Kitten”


Chicago Model Jasmine as “Submission Kitten”

A “sexy cat” is one of the most simple and common costumes a girl can put together, its like the LBD of Halloween costume and it never fails.

Cat ears and cat costume accessories are very easy and inexpensive to obtain this time of year. The best part is that you can make the costume as sexy or conservative as you want.

I snagged a pack of cat ears from Target for $3 so I could do some creative crafting with them, but an untouched plain pair was perfect for my version of a cat costume.

In typical Tio Trash fashion, I wanted my version of the cat costume to have a unique edge, hence the S&M Fetish Cat. Tio Trash model, Jasmine went from sweet to submissive sexy in a plain black halter dress, a ski mask, thigh highs and spiked boots. I used “Fetish” accessories to spice the costume up. If you like that route you can use a whip for a tail, or if you want to be more like Cat Woman, the Batman character, you can use a whip as an accessory itself. Add things like wristbands, collars, etc. for that S&M bondage element to a classic costume.

This costume can easily be put together with existing pieces in your everyday wardrobe and you can grab ears and a mask for less that $20!

2. The Dark Bunny

Lace Bunny Ears

Like the cat costume, a bunny costume is another classic go-to for women at Halloween. With varying degrees of sexiness, the bunny can be cute a cuddly, sexy playmate, or mom jeans and bunny ears. Bunny ears and accessories can be found everywhere at Halloween for almost nothing!

A take of the bunny costume I don’t see very often is a “dark”/evil bunny. However, I have been seeing a lot of photography and fashion shoots lately using this elegant but simple lace bunny ear headband.

This style of bunny ears can be easily found with a quick internet search, however, the product personally like the most is from the amazing Etsy Shop, MagicMask. This headband as well as a wide variety of other beautiful masks and hair accessories are the shop specialty.

Magic Mask Etsy Shop

Horror enthusiast and model, Dixie Savage (as I like to refer to as the Elvira of our generation) captured the delicate gothic beauty of this look in a lace button up from Old Navy and a velvet jumper. The creative stylings for this outfit are endless. Lace tights, lingerie, a long gown, a body suit … there are all types of ways to easily create a unique bunny costume using a simple set of ears and your wardrobe favorites!


Chicago Model Dixie Savage as “The Dark Bunny”

3. Alien Girl


Aliens are the latest craze in jewelry and accessories lately, and an Alien costume is a costume that can be extravagant and detailed, or quick, simple and cheap!

For this look, we went a sexy rave route and Tio Trash model, Satanas, showed us some skin as a white hot Alien girl! Using an inexpensive “go go skirt”  (Lovers Lane) and a bikini top, Make Up artist Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter created the real accessory on her body with eyelash glue and rhinestones to create the planets of the solar system down her torso.

As a wig enthusiast, I snagged a purple wig from my collection and whipped up a pair of antennae on the spot with pipe cleaner and puff balls. This was to show that this can be created in less than 5 minutes, but even if you have at least a day’s notice, you can make something much more detailed. All you need is a headband, pipe cleaners or wire, and a little bit of bling to create custom Alien antennae.


If you like to experiment with creative make up, this costume is a great way to go crazy with make up to create an ‘out of this world’ Alien masterpiece. Metallic fabrics, crazy shades and glow in the dark accessories are perfect touches for this costume.

4.  The Chola

Chola1Dressing like a glorious Chola is fun any day of the year, but it also makes a fast and easy Halloween costume. With just a flannel, bandana, hoop earrings and the correct use of eyeliner, you can quickly become a Chola for your Halloween festivities!

Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist Betty Guevara transformed model Jasmine into a vicious Chola with perfectly done eyeliner, lip liner, and a sexy hair style.

Chola Make Up by Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter

Chola Make Up by Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter

For extra drama, I added obscenely long press on nails for hilarious “Chonga talons”. This look was so easy and fast to put together and with great hair and make up, this costume can look perfect!


This look was so good, within minutes, my sweet lil Jasmine struck my heart with terror after her Chola transformation. Nobody will be messing with you Halloween night in this costume!

Chola Costume

Halloween does not need to be stressful for all of you busy bees and last minute planners. With just basic accessories like animal ears, you can transform your existing wardrobe into a quick last minute costume for your Halloween festivities!

Post your last minute creative costumes to Instagram – would love to see them! #TioTrash – @TioTrash

Thank You

A million thank you’s to my amazing Trash Mob! These girls look amazing in freakin’ EVERYTHING!


Jasmine, Dixie Savage, Satanas the Model – CHECK THEM OUT!

Hair and Make Up Artist:

Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter <- for the sickest Halloween fantasy and special effects make up looks, check out her page!


Happy Halloween!


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