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22 Nov

Dixie Savage

You have seen this girl on Tio Trash, but now it’s time to get to know the Queen of the Undead Trailer Park in the first ever, Tio Trash: Femme Fatal Friday, where I will show you, my favorite bad ass chicks!

"Glampire" Shoot - October 2013

“Glampire” Shoot – October 2013

Miss Savage is a stylish beauty with a dark side and a light heart. At only 18 years old, she is somebody to keep on your radar, because she is doing some pretty huge things! From modeling and fashion to music and making videos for her growing YouTube channel, this chick does it all. For all of you fans of horror, rock, goth, burlesque and all things trashlicious, Dixie Savage is your star. Witty, funny, and smart, Dixie has opened up to Tio Trash proving there is a whole lot more to this girl than being ridiculously good looking.

Lucky for you, Dixie Savage was kind enough to answer a slew of questions I had for her and you won’t want to skip a word of this interview!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.45.28 PM


Photography By  Cody Healy

Photography By Cody Healy

Tio Trash:Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Dixie Savage:
I was born in a little town outside of Wichita called Andover. But when I was really little we lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the summers and off seasons, then visited less frequently as I got older.
Tio Trash: What brought you to Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
My mom and I HATED Kansas and needed a new start, so we considered different cities, like Nashville and Vegas, but on a whim we basically picked a place with a good high school in Chicago, and in a month we moved!
Tio Trash: What sort of projects are you currently involved with?
Dixie Savage:
Currently just different projects for youtube, Modeling has been put on a back burner, and a real career has come forth.
An amazing shot by photographer, Franka Del Santo.

An amazing shot by photographer, Franka Del Santo.

Tio Trash: What are your future plans?
Dixie Savage:
Really my goals in life are being the queen of the undead trailer park! I want punk bands to write songs about me, like how the Misfits did. I WANT 13 YEAR OLDS TO HAVE MY POSTERS ON THEIR WALLS! Basically I just want to inspire little me’s like how Elvira and other idols of mine inspired me.
Kick ass poster?

Kick ass poster?

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.52.43 PM
Tio Trash: What do you like about Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
I love the teeny tiny bits of everything! Every Ethnicity has at least its own block, sometimes their own district. I think its amazing! Where i’m from we have the sticks, the trailer parks, the ghetto, and the golfcourses.
Tio Trash: What do you dislike about Chicago
Dixie Savage:
The lack of drive in (some) people, and the total lack of manners and basic human decencies. Drives me crazy!
Tio Trash: What is your favorite place to eat in Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
Ugh i love food that’s hard…Dang…I love the Rosebud on Superior street. I have a thing for the Mob so at certain hours that place is a real gem.
Tio Trash: Best discovery you’ve made in Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. The world is a tiny, TINY place. You walk five feet and meet someone who grew up in your town, and walk five more feet then youre in a whole new neighborhood. Its crazy!
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.57.14 PM
Dixie Savage
Tio Trash: How would you describe your style?
Dixie Savage:
My style… Hooker Vampira…But at less desirable times its as lazy as street punk with great hair.
Tio Trash: Where are your favorite places to shop (designers, stores, online, etc.)
Dixie Savage:
I love to shop, but shopping doesn’t love me lol. I really like Pin-up Girl Clothing, Etsy has great things like MarthaRotten and BillyBlue22. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but what i have from them i wear all the time. Then just places like H&M/Forever 21 for the bulk of my wadrobe. Cant forget Target either!
Tio Trash: Who are your style icons?
Dixie Savage:
Elvira/Vampira obviously, Dita Von Teese of course, my car is after all named after her, Joan Jett…mostly amazing women with black hair lol. The Lunachicks too!
Tio Trash: What is your dream item of clothing that you would love to own?
Dixie Savage:
Everything Prada and Dior…and Alexander McQueen, and Galliano, and well…All of the fantastically inspired designers who bring a sense of whimsy into their worlds everyday, but with a bitch slap of class.
Tio Trash: What was your most epic costume? (Halloween or otherwise?)
Dixie Savage:
Well…I cosplayed a LOT until the last year of highschool, and one time, my favorite cosplay actually, i was Lamia from the manga Raiders. I made a 5 foot sword complete with 6 lbs of heavy duty chain. It was impressive!
Tio Trash: If you had to give girls one piece of style advice, what would it be?
Dixie Savage:
Trends will always go out of style, and if you’re gonna be tacky, be it because you wanted to be, not because someone was wearing army pants and flip flops.
Tio Trash: How do you keep your skin so flawless!?
Dixie Savage:
My skin….Well for one thing its ombre because in middle school I thought white, WHITE skin was the most beautiful with black hair, and didnt quite get the rest of my body as pale lol. So its very far from perfect when from your shoulders down youre tan. But as far as acne, ACUTAAAAAAANE! I had it my freshman year and from there its been great! I wear sunscreen and wear lotion, exfoliate when I can, and moisturize. I’m not very good at high maintenance, so nothing too fancy.
Tio Trash: What is your normal “beauty” routine?
Dixie Savage:
 I really have none lol. I wake up, have my sweet tea, brush my teeth and apply my makeup. At night i just use an exfoliating makeup wipe, brush my teeth again, then sleep! lol and in the shower the only special thing i do besides the usual is use a sea scrub with those puff things and then lotion, keeps the skin glorious!
Tio Trash: What are your staple/favorite make up products?
Dixie Savage:
Eyeliner and red lipstick! All a girl ever needs.
Beauty Weapons
Tio Trash: Do you have a signature scent? (perfume)
Dixie Savage:
I have a few! I LOVE Estee’s “Bronze Goddess” for everyday, it smells like you just got inside from a beach, but for darker scents Kat Von D’s “Sinner” is a long time favorite.
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 1.08.26 PM
Tio Trash:  What are some of the funnest / most memorable projects and photo shoots you’ve been involved with?
Dixie Savage:
 Definitely the church/theatre shoot i did with you guys! It was killer! (Tio Trash and photographer Antony Caldaroni)
City United Methodist Church

Photography By: AJC Imaging

Tio Trash: What is the “creepiest” place you’ve ever been to?
Dixie Savage:
Theres a lot of creepy places i’ve been, but the creepiest…hmm…When i had to walk to the impound in the underground highway of Chicago for an hour! I wouldnt wish it upon my enemy! lol
Tio Trash:  What sort of “random” places/events do you like to visit?
Dixie Savage:
I love conventions, horror conventions, anime, steampunk, you name it, i’m there! And around halloween if i see a store i HAVE to go in, like its not an option.
Tio Trash: What do you most like to do for fun?
Dixie Savage:
For fun…I drive! I love driving, I have my friends over for movie night, i netflix for hours, but concerts are the most fun for me, i love them!
Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 2.56.51 PM
 Tio Trash: What is your dream job?
Dixie Savage:
 My dream job would be a horror host…the cheesy puns and bad jokes is what i was made for.
 Tio Trash:  When did you become interested in making videos? Why do you make them?
Dixie Savage:
Well, ive always been interested in youtube, in fact theres a god awful video floating around from the 6th grade which is simply atrocious, but finding a way in and the know how is what took me so long! I make them, in a way, to become a different type of public figure. Im not into beauty, but I care about appearance, I love music and I love the people that make it. And I live for horror. I kind of just want to create a channel where people of all types can join up with a love for the guts and glory of the undead lifestyle.
 Tio Trash: What was your favorite video to make? (so far)
Dixie Savage:
I love doing convention videos! Making people who dont get to go, get the experience of what it would be like! When I miss a convention I always search for videos to see exactly what I missed lol.
 Tio Trash: What people would you LOVE to interview?
Dixie Savage:
I would KILL to interview Tom Waits. My love for him is undying, he has 2 parts to his Doom and Glitter Live album, and when I drive on a calm day I just love to listen to the storyteller CD  “Tom Tales.” He’s truly just such a great inspiration for me, and so many others. However I think I would fall over overwhelmed as soon as he said “well…”
TIO TRASH: Ummm, yea, she got to interview Voltaire, and it is BRILLIANT!
 Tio Trash: Do you have any additional “artistic” talents and interests?
Dixie Savage:
I used to be a fantastic belly dancer! But when I moved I never found a studio I loved as much as my first. Now In my spare time I paint! Nothing fancy, just doodles with a paint brush really lol. And I can sometimes cary some sort of tune.
 Tio Trash: Who inspires you? Why?
Dixie Savage:
The people that inspire me are endless. Tom Waits for his pure gritty talents and unwavering creativity, Dita for sticking to her black hair and creating an image so strong she’s a household name. Elvira for being so sexy and funny at the same time (not to mention she also got out of Kansas), Dolly Parton for being herself! How many other people can play guitar like that with nails that long?! I just love the people who take what they are, and go so far with it from being genuine. Having such great character and charisma, strength…Its amazing.
Damn! Good point with the nails ...

Damn! Good point with the nails …

 Tio Trash: Do you have a specific “audience” you hope to reach?
Dixie Savage:
I want to reach everyone. Kids, women, men, generations before and after me. I want my stories, the stories of those who inspired me, and the stories of those who I inspired to flourish. I believe in passion, and those who follow their own until success and so much farther.
Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 3.04.06 PM
 Tio Trash:  What are your top 10 fave musical artists/bands?
Dixie Savage:
Tom Waits, Nick Cave/Bad Seeds, Koffin Kats, Ella Fitzgerald, Lunachicks, The Misfits, The Cure, François Hardy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Cramps …
 Tio Trash: What song best describes you?
Dixie Savage:
 I like to think of myself as “Shes My Witch” by Kip Tyler, but as far as my personality over all…probably “Simple Man” by Skynyrd lol, I believe in living life as it comes, and doing your best to be a fantastic person. When that song comes in I snap into bluesy redneck mode and sing it with like the passion of 1000 cowboys!
Photography By (c) Yaz Majeed

Photography By (c) Yaz Majeed

 Tio Trash: What is the best concert you have attended and why?
Dixie Savage:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds! I saw them April of 2013 and I’m Pretty sure I cried at some point. they had such power and energy! I have never seen anything like it. Everyone and their cat MUST go see them. But my dream concert would be Tom Waits, but I would probably just be crying at the foot of his stage the whole time lol.
Well Tom, she's WAITING for you ... (bahaha).

Well Tom, she’s WAITING for you … (bahaha).

 Tio Trash: In your opinion, what is the best stripper song ever?
Dixie Savage:
All right, this is a serious question. There are two OBVIOUS answers to this question, but this depends on moods. To make the audience cry about ex girlfriends one must dance to “Aint No Sunshine” by Bill Withers, but if one is looking for the dollars…”Cherry Pie” by Warrant is the only option. Lots of hair flipping opportunities ( I mean come on, look at the video.)
Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 3.08.19 PM
Favorite Movie?

Dixie Savage: My favorite movie right now is the amazing “American Mary”, its 10 shades of awesome. Favorite movie of all time…probably “House of 1000 Corpses”/”Devils Rejects”.

Favorite TV Show?


Dream car?

Dixie Savage: I WILL have a 57 Chevrolet one day, In all black, with chrome. It gets no better. (of course With Cheetah interior)


Dixie Savage: I really like all art l (but) I really love Queenies paintings from Pocket Full of Posiez! Mark Ryden as well.

Guilty Pleasures?

Dixie Savage: I really like “Yes” from LMFAO…its like a power jam

Random facts?

Dixie Savage:

* I have seen Rob Zombie 4 times live.

* If youre in the car with me theres a 99% chance it will always be on the classic rock channels.

* I cant stand the sound of holograms or aluminum.

* I never got to take any art classes, I graduated a year early from high school and dropped out of culinary school.

* My first love was in the sticks of Oklahoma when I was 12.

* I have a cat named Boo.

*I’ve had the same Misfits shirt that I wear all the time that i cant get the smell of beer, sweat, and hairspray out of due to the amount of concerts its suffered through.

* Im Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw.

* I’m 5’10

* My accent peaks out at awful times (don’t ask me to say dirt or dang).

* Oh yeah, my favorite food is a milkshake… probably the most important fact about me. LOL

A milkshake, WILL in fact, bring Miss Savage to the yard.

A milkshake, WILL in fact, bring Miss Savage to the yard.

Bar 2

Well Trashionistas, I hope you are loving Miss Savage as much as we do at Tio Trash! Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube Channel AND Like her Facebook Page (Dixie Savage) to keep up with her many adventures!
Dixie Savage
Have a fabulous, fierce FRIDAY and a very trashy weekend!

#Halloween #Haunted #GhostStory #GaryIndiana

30 Oct

Haunted Remains


In a famous city not far from Chicago, America can see a crumbling tragedy of something that was once beautiful but is now a living nightmare of wreckage and crime. Gary, Indiana; once a successful steel town and a picture of the suburban dream, home of Michael Jackson, beautiful beaches and breath taking architecture. These days, this city is mostly know for it’s crime and destruction and is a place that most people try to avoid.

One of the philosophies behind Tio Trash and the things that inspire me as a stylist / visual story teller are finding the beauty within the down trodden parts of life. There is color, character and beauty within the hopeless, damaged and ugly things in this world if you look at it from a different set of eyes. This philosophy that really churns my artistic inspiration made some of the old locations of Gary, Indiana a perfect place to tell a story of finding the exquisite beauty inside raw devastation and ugliness.

Good friend and photographer, Tony Caldaroni has a photo collection I have always been blown away by, “Urban America – Gary Crumbles”. This stunning and emotional collection captures incredible images from the remains of some of Gary’s iconic buildings and community staples that are literally now in crumbles. The photos are both beautiful and moving, really capturing the devastation of something that was once so strong and happy. Tony approached me with the idea of putting together a Tio Trash “Halloween Fashion” shoot at some of these locations, the idea was too good to be true. With just a few days of planning, Tony and I assembled our impromptu “Tio Trash Power Team”, and created some  of the most amazing images you will see on Tio Trash.

We knew this would be a risky and even dangerous adventure, but with Tony’s experience, good planning and the much needed protection and assistance from professional body guard and friend, Jon “Big Jon” Fier, this shoot became a successful possibility, one I will never forget.

To maintain a haunting Halloween theme, I wanted to create a story that reflected not only elements of horror, but elements of lost love, tragedy, insanity, and abuse; elements as powerful as the setting we would be shooting in. I knew that Tio Trash models, Lily Savage and Yuri De Luna would be perfect for this shoot. These ladies have a powerful connection to the camera, but also to the energy in their surroundings and I knew that they would be touched on a deep level by the crumbling walls around them and the echoing voices of the past now silenced and stale in the cold murky air. This was an adventure for all of us, and together we brought and discovered life to a place that others deem as dead.

I put on my Danielle Steele hat in attempts to churn out a lusty drug store romance novel style story.

This is our story; a chilling and romantic tale, just in time for Halloween.

Eternal Bondage


An icy cold bride with an ethereal glow waits to hand over her body and soul to her waiting lover, a strong figure in black. She weeps inside as the world around her crumbles, wondering what her life could have been. She needs her lover. She wants to serve her lover. She also wants to run away and never look back, but it is too late, she no longer belongs to herself. Her fate awaits just down the aisle, with stiff hands and eyes like black holes.

The City United Methodist Churchbuilt in 1925, is the remains of a Gothic architectural masterpiece, a former pride of Gary, Indiana. This once elaborate and ornate church took high dollars to stay in its’ immaculate condition, so with the decline of Gary’s population, came the decline of the church. These remains are of a more obvious beauty; the archways, the stones, the stain glass  windows and the light streaming in through the holes in the ceiling and  floors above.

She walks slowly down the aisle,  a magnetic pull lulls her in. This is not just her future, this is her eternity.

While Tony snapped shots of my freezing beauties, I kept imagining brides of the past walking down this very aisle. Were they happy and in love? Were they sealing a fate they had to settle with for reasons they had no right to choose? What sort of secrets swirled around the enchanting air, or had they all floated away with the spirits who had been set free? People once filled this church singing, praising their God and showing up just to be seen. Life had fluidly come and gone through this beautiful building and soon it will be no more.

“I have little left in myself — I must have you. The world may laugh — may call me absurd, selfish — but it does not signify. My very soul demands you: it will be satisfied, or it will take deadly vengeance on its frame.”  ― Charlotte BrontëJane Eyre

She now belongs to her; a life full of torture and pain, yet a life she cannot exist without. Just as she fears her, she needs her. Just as she needs the blood in her body to live, she needs her lover in her soul to exist.

“You’re in my every breath and every thought, intertwined so deep inside me that love’s not a strong enough word—you have my devotion, your name branded on my soul, my wolf yours to command. A hundred years? It’ll never be enough. I want eternity.” 
― Nalini SinghKiss of Snow

She stands glowing, not with the glow of a newly wed bride, but with a glow that she must keep if she doesn’t want to be forgotten. She doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow, but she knows how her days will end.

With a beautiful church with the rich history and aesthetic details like the City United Methodist Church holds, there are so many possible stories to tell. Because of the dark romantic feeling of the structure and the energy, I wanted to tell a cheesy/steamy romance tale with a dark twist of an obsessive, desperate and dangerous love. This is the story of Jane Eyre, Phantom of the Opera, Othello and the thousands of classic love stories we know that tell this tale.

I challenged myself to style these stories using (mostly) items found from local thrift stores, also a great way to show how to assemble an inexpensive Halloween costume. The I found the white dress on Lily from Aurora Community Thrift Store in Aurora, IL. For around $10, you can find a heinous but quality prom dress from the early 2000’s (spaghetti strap/A-Line) and turn it into a costume for any time period. This dress was simple, bridal looking, and the lacy texture pattern on the dress was perfect for this ghostly bride. You can easily add toile beneath to give it some “poof”. Whether you want to be a Zombie Bride or a ghost from the past, a simple white dress is an easy thrift store find.

Lost in the Shadows


She now belongs to her lover, her master. Her soul is just a quiet shadow looming in the hallways, lost and dark. Only blackness radiates from behind her glassy eyes, and her heart, though frigid, feels love for only her master. She can always feel the coal like eyes on her at all times, she can feel her beside her, behind her, inside her and around her – even when she is nowhere to be found.

Within the massive and beautiful church are many rooms to explore. Rooms that were once classrooms, a gymnasium, a theater, and more. Rooms  that were used to educate and create. Now these rooms are filled with trash and remains of people who are wasting away. Garbage and needles cover the ground while names, threats and words of wisdom proudly mark the walls in colorful spray paint. Not only does the physical crumbling of the building speak of the local tragedy, but the stories left behind of  the lost and drug addicted people display themselves on things like mattresses, boxes and old jackets. The souls of those that lost themselves within the decrepit walls are still hiding in the shadows, weeping and begging to be released.

“Every time I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side”

-Lana Del Rey, “Dark Paradise

And it is a life of love and agony, submission and power, giving and denying. She does not know how to love in any other way.

Old objects collect with the rubble and dust, tangent memories of people who once bustled inside this magnificent building. An empty fire place sits hollow, with nothing left to burn. It was the perfect setting for this dark romance.

“And there’s no remedy for memory your face is
Like a melody, it won’t leave my head
Your soul is haunting me and telling me
That everything is fine
But I wish I was dead”

-Lana Del Rey, “Dark Paradise

“She wanted him to tell her that when you love someone so hard and so fierce, it was all right to do things that you knew were wrong.”
― Jodi PicoultPlain Truth

City United Methodist Church

Photography By: Antony Caldaroni

“If you want to be given everything, give everything up.”
― Riley Murphy

Our dark powerful Master, is portrayed by the alluring model, Yuri De Luna. This character gave me another challenge to style via thrifting. Using satin black pants (owned prior from H&M), I stumbled upon what I fondly referred to as the “Matrix Jacket” at St. Vincent thrift store in Aurora, IL. With a simple black tank and a spooky cameo necklace from Party City, this jacket transformed her into a strong, sexy and feminine Master to be both feared and admired. It’s one of those pieces that to see it hanging alone in the thrift store, you grimace as you briefly imagine it on a short haired “Church lady” with high waisted matching pants and a turtle neck, but if you can isolate it and picture what else it can be, you can give it new life.

This doorway stands in front of what was once a gymnasium / basket ball court, now completely exposed to the outside. 

Lily Savage embodied sultry submissive perfection in this black silk gown, a timeless staple from her personal wardrobe. Although this once served as Lily’s prom dress, her prom was not as long ago as mine, (for example), and this classic style can bring simple beauty and elegance for many times to come.

Burning Desires


As she lit the darkened hallways, she watched the flames dance, little twinkles from Hell. She felt her somewhere close behind, unable to deny the burning sensation in her heart for the things she most desired.

No matter how far across the seas she had to travel, she would always return. For a woman that could have anything and everything, there was only one thing in the world she desired, and she would make sure it happened, even if it killed someone.

Here we have another thrift store win with both of these looks! The satin red dress featured on Lily, is a $7 Goodwill find. The military jacket on Yuri came from Aurora Community thrift for about $10. Both of these items make for great “old timey” costumes and can be drastically changed simply by hair and make up choices.

The Tio Trash team had a very memorable experience in the City United Methodist Church of Gary, Indiana. Exciting, moving, and even haunting for a few, there was so much beauty to be discovered beneath the piles of failure and traces of pain. Human energy was very much alive in this building as it’s now home to junkies, runaways and the people of the streets. It’s a loud presence of the past in the chillingly still down town of Gary, something to be noticed and not forgotten.

For amazing, creepy footage live from inside, check out what Lily Savage captured on her YouTube Channel: Lily Savage  !

The next stop in our fashion / photography Gary adventure was the old and abandoned, Palace Theater. The theater opened to Gary’s residents in 1925, but has been abandoned for over 40 years leaving crime, drugs, and beings unknown to take over the inside.

Step right up, and get your tickets for our next chilling tale!

The old ticket booth at the Palace Theater in Gary, Indiana.

American Mary Costume

Above the Palace Theater, remains random dilapidated apartments and offices, including a creepy old doctors office. This was the perfect set to create a kinky medical story from your wildest horror fantasies.

Model, Lily Savage, alerted me to the horror film, “American Mary“, starring horror’s sweet heart, Katharine Isabelle.

American Mary

“Doctor” Mary mutates a patient.

American Mary is the story of a medical student named Mary who is growing increasingly broke and disenchanted with medical school and the established doctors she once idolized. The allure of easy money sends a desperate Mary through the messy world of underground surgeries which leaves more marks on her than the so-called freakish clientele.” – Twisted Sisters Productions

The Doctor will see you now and she’s got what you need to feel much better. Step into my office, I will make all of your aches and pains disappear.

Inspired by the signature “Mary” look, Miss Savage assembled a black leather skirt, black tank, and black heels to become the sadistic and depraved Doctor of our story. Yuri, on the other hand, summoned her own inner demons and let the crazy take over as she became the demented loony tune patient and receiver of Doctor’s unorthodox procedures.

The patient is ready for treatment. There is no cure for her condition, but I know a very controversial procedure that might do the trick. 

I will first need to remove all sharp objects from the operating room. My patient may experience heightened strength and sensitivity and I cannot take any chances.

There is nothing to be afraid of, you are in very good hands. A little pain will be well worth it if I can get you feeling good.

A doctor should never assume that she can safely contain her patient.


Not only do these photos give me goosebumps galore, but for some reason I am hearing a thick Eastern European accent, several Rihanna songs and a little Michael Jackson as well. This scene was a creepy blast to shoot! Avoiding constant death and danger in an old crumbling building is one way to get a rush, but playing the parts of the demented doc and patient were a delightful treat for my twisted little Tio Trash starlets, who clearly NAILED IT!  It was quite amazing how rooms full of dirt and decay lent themselves so brilliantly into our stories!

This was absolutely the most interesting and exciting photography project I have ever been involved in and I can’t savor it enough!

All seriousness aside, there is no creepier place than these dark and deserted buildings in Gary, Indiana. The brutal reality of the situation is devastating, but bringing a little life and energy to a place like this is both eye opening and invigorating. My mom and her family grew up in Gary, Indiana and I have heard the stories about what a wonderful place it was to grow up before crime and poverty to their tolls.

This experience was another reminder that as ugly as life can be, there is always something beautiful to be found. Whether in a memory, a ray of hope, an unlikely or unusual prettiness or the vibrance of the human spirit, we have to look in all the crevices and corners to find what is truly beautiful.

Behind the Scenes …

City Methodist United Church

Once a beautiful church, now a junkie’s palace.

Desperation; the rough and raw reality.

Getting into character despite her surroundings.

Getting into character despite her surroundings.

Good thing we had flashlights …

Gary, Indiana

The old ticket booth from the Palace Theater.

Even I got the chills at this one!

Thank You

Antony CaldaroniPhotography, Imaging, Editing, Creative/Ideas, Trail Leader, Rock Star

Not only did Antony guide the way through these treacherous trails, I have to thank him for his real life guidance and constant support in my Tio Trash ventures. I am constantly in awe of his talent, creativity and positive energy. I am so thankful to have another experience working with him at Tio Trash! I still cannot get over these amazing photos, seriously !?!?!?!

Follow his website, AJC Imaging, to view more photos from the shoot (coming soon), and all of his other amazing photo adventures.

Jon “Big Jon” Fier: Body Guard Extraordinary, Crew Member

This mission would not have been possible without Big Jon! Gary is not exactly a place to play without supervision. We were able to keep peace of mind with Jon keeping us safe and guarded. Not only that, Jon is responsible for much of the amazing lighting and photo assistance and was an overall HUGE help! (no pun intended) Thanks a million!

Models: These ladies were such team players, hiking around in dangerous conditions, freezing their little butts off ALL DAY, and getting down and literally dirty in these filthy old buildings. Their cam chemistry is unbeatable and I couldn’t have asked for more perfect girls for this shoot! I’m glad you ladies are sick individuals and love this stuff!

Lily Savage: Model – Bride/Doctor

Once again, super star Lily brought style, energy and spunk to the Tio Trash set. With her love of horror films and all things creepy, Lily was an essential creative brain behind the stylings and shots. Her fabulous hair and make up were done herself as well!

She captured tons of creepy footage on set, make sure to tune in to her YouTube Channel: Lily Savage to check it out!

Yuri De Luna: Model – Master/Patient

Miss De Luna combined her seductive charm and love of the “dark side” to bring life and energy to the set. Her artistic eye and creative contributions kept the photos flowing all day. Her energy and humor were much needed in this depressing and cold setting to get us through the day! Love you!


Stay Trashy, Stay ALIVE!


Jessica Burke: Myrtle Manor’s Hottest Mistress

20 Aug

Jessica Burke Myrtle Manor

Jessica Burke sexy

Jessica Burke:

She’s feisty, funny, fresh and fabulous. Meet the TLC Myrtle Manor’s young starlet who happens to be a personal style icon for me at Tio Trash. In Season 1, she is known as the hunky Taylor Burt’s on again / off again sexy young girlfriend who is starting to find her own place on the show. Even with stunning costars like resident Chelsey Keller, Jessica stands out to me as the most gorgeous girl on reality TV, with a style and a voice to be noticed.

Even though I started to lose interest in the show for awhile, I never lost interest in Jessica and her edgy and unique sense of style. Jessica kindly displays to her fans on places like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook her day to day fashions, hair colors and ridiculously amazing nails. Her glorious sexy/rocker/grunge/ looks morph her into trailer park pin up perfection and a TRASHIONISTA deluxe in my book!

Courtesy of Jessica Burke on Instagram (@Jessicuhhh13), I want to share her trash-tastic sexy swag with all of my fellow Trashionistas and Jessica fans:

Loving the crop tops and rocker tees, Jess!

Loving the crop tops and rocker tees, Jess!

Skulls, American, Flannel ... check.

Skulls, American, Flannel … check. Is this Tio Trash OR WHAT ???

Jessica Myrtle Manor

Red hair, blue hair, black hair? She rocks it all.

Red hair, blue hair, black hair? She rocks it all.

Like any good Trashionista, she reps those Jeffrey's like a BOSS.

Like any good Trashionista, she reps those Jeffrey’s like a BOSS.

Gawwwgeous!  (Is that a motel shoot ... tres Tio Trash!)

(Is that a motel shoot … tres Tio Trash!)

If you are in love with her style like I am, make sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Jessica isn’t afraid to walk on the dark side with confidence and edge. From her flawless make up to her creative claws and her sultry one of a kind look, this badass bitch looks like Myrtle Beach royalty everyday. Looks like I am going to have to tune into Season 2 of Myrtle Manor after all! God dammit Myrtle Beach, you have won my heart once again.

Get the Look at Polyvore!

Get Product Info at Polyvore!

Tio, trying to rock that Jessica red!

Tio, attempting to rock that Jessica red …

Stay Trashy + follow JESSICA BURKE!


Comic Book Clothing Gives You Game!

22 Jul

Game Girl



NERD ALERT! The comic book / gamer / Super Hero buzz is striking down with force in the fashion world! Girls are finding their inner geeks and making plenty of dreams come true for those sweaty gamer boys dreaming of girls in their favorite comic book get ups. This trend is fun and cute and whether you grab a few subtle statement accessories, or go the full distance, I will show you how to rock those geeky gems and where to find my favorites! Get your game on, game girl!

Megan Fox as Super Girl - She's on board.

Megan Fox as Super Girl – She’s on board.

To get in the mood of a “Game Girl”, I had to find the perfect place to nerd out. Little did I know that an epic arcade was in my very own neighborhood of Lakeview, Chicago. The Headquarters Beercade proved to be the perfect place to play and party! From old school classics to modern faves, HQ Beercade is fully stocked with games for all fans.

Unlike regular arcades, HQ Beercade is a swanky bar/restaurant with a roomy spread of games, not crowded and insanely hot like other arcades. It is a great place to relax and/or party and is covered in old school game art with modern day accommodations. I experienced HQ on “Sunday Funday”, and the Bloody Mary’s are as EPIC as the bar itself. White Castle sliders in a Bloody Mary ??? You heard right.

Mouth watering menu, crazy drinks, friendly and fun staff, I found my new Sunday hangout! I recommend this glorious giant adult playground to anybody, not just arcade nerds.

Head Quarters Beercade

See the full menu, game list, and details at HQ Beercade Online!

 Headquarters BeercadeHeadquarters Beercade was kind enough to let me launch the Tio Trash “Game Girl” photo shoot on the spot, making it one of the most fun Tio Trash photoshoots EVER!

"Pow Necklace" by Swank (Etsy)

“Pow Necklace” by Swank (Etsy)

Meet the stunning and sultry, Jeanette!

Jeanette got her game on to show you how to add flirty to nerdy to your comic clothing items. For the girly gamer, I created the “Video Game Vixen” look. If you like what you see, UrbanOG.com can hook you up with the “Knockout Vixen” skater skirt. You can dress it down with a simple crop top or tank or glam it up with sequins, leather, or metallic.

"Game Over" Ring by Atomic Lace

“Game Over” Ring by Atomic Lace

Etsy was an endless emporium for accessorizing this look. The Swank Shop  was the perfect place to choose the phonetic action sound necklaces like the electric blue “Pow” necklace Jeanette is wearing.

Additionally, in any search for gamer goodies, you MUST visit ATOMIC LACE, a Tio Trash favorite! From arcade finds, ninjas, unicorns, monsters and all things fantasy and fun, designer Laura Michele has a piece for you. Her “Game Over” ring (featured above), was perfect for our Video Game Vixen look! Her pieces are feminine but fierce, simple but strong, and gory, girly, and geeky all in one!

"Game Over" Ring - Atomic Lace

“Game Over” Ring – Atomic Lace

Game Girl in Action

Game Girl in Action at HQ Beercade Chicago

For the more intense gamer girl, I created a look that will keep you covered and show all the boys that you are here to win, “The Arcade Renegade”.

Game Face On.

Game Face On.

With the sporty “Pow Pow” top by UrbanOG.com and pants made for kicking ass, Jeanette is ready for battle. No serious gamer girl wants to haul around a purse, so I recommend a neon fanny pack, also perfect for stuffing tickets in.

"Pink Lightening Earrings" by Atomic Lace

“Pink Glitter Lightening Earrings” by Atomic Lace

The accessories for this look are meant to electrify. Atomic Lace created neon, glittery lightning bolt earrings, available in many color choices. Pixelated sun glasses will prevent your opponent from looking directly in your eyes and the “Zap Headband” by the lovely Janine Basil Pop Shop will hold back that hair in the heat of battle.

Don't mess with Jeanette!

Don’t mess with Jeanette!

Get some.

Get some.

She will blow you away.

The Battlefield.

Jeanette captures an HQ Beercade patron to show him who's boss!

Jeanette captures an HQ Beercade patron to show him who’s boss!



It's Game Over for this guy!

It’s Game Over for this guy!

This guy was such a good sport. We interrupted his Sunday Funday for some harmless abuse :) THANK YOU!

This guy was such a good sport. We interrupted his Sunday Funday for some harmless abuse 🙂

All in a days work.

All in a days work.

Victory can work up a sweat and an appetite so any game girl is able to power up with some food and cocktails while kicking back in the HQ Beercade.

Some light reading.

Some light reading.

Their menus are comic books ... god damn they are good!

Their menus are comic books … god damn they are good!

Gotta kick back those shit kickers time to time ...

Gotta kick back those shit kickers time to time …

The last look is a tribute to the classic nerd. With the staple pieces, this next look can be worn with a skirt, shorts, or pants. Who knew glasses, suspenders and sneakers could be so hot?

Nerd is the Word.

Nerd is the Word.

The “Wondering Woman” Top from UrbanOG.com is the perfect piece of girl power for a perfect game girl. We decked Jeanette out in Nerd-cessories from Hollywood Mirrors in Chicago and some powerful statement jewelry by Atomic Lace (Yellow Glitter Lighting Bolt earrings and the Full of Life Necklace).

"Lightning Bolt Earrings" By Atomic Lace

” Glitter Lightning Bolt Earrings” By Atomic Lace

In it to win it.

Nerding out.

X-Men Arcade

Go Hard.



HQ Beercade should consider having Sexy Nerd Waitresses (???)

HQ Beercade should consider having Sexy Nerd Waitresses (???)

Arcade Girl

If you haven’t gotten your game on before, maybe these looks will inspire you to do so. The Comic craze is a great way to be fierce, bright, and strong with your everyday look. Maybe it will give you a little needed power boost, like wearing a subtle “Boom!” necklace with your work suit. Don’t be afraid to be playful and bright and use your powers of fashion to capture the day!

Power Pieces from the Atomic Lace Collection

Power Pieces from the Atomic Lace Collection

The above pieces featured in the “Game Girl” shoot are created by the wonderful Laura Michele, are available from her shop, Atomic Lace and Atomic Lace – Etsy. Laura created the Game Over Ring, the Full of Live Necklace, and the Glitter Lightening Bolts from her “Glitter Addict” collection. Check out her amazing site and learn more about Atomic Lace from the Tio Trash “Trashionistas” page.

Zap Headband

Add some zing to your hair and your neck when you visit these amazing Etsy Shops!

Zap! Headband Available From Janine Basil Pop Shop

Zap! Headband Available From Janine Basil Pop Shop

Pow Necklace Available from the Swank Etsy Shop

Pow Necklace Available from the Swank Etsy Shop

Clothing Available From:

A GIANT Tio Trash THANK YOU goes out to:

Model: Jeanette

Hair and Make Up: Mondana Vaziri

Location: Chicago Headquarters Beercade

Random Dude from HQ Beercade (Contact TioTrash1@gmail.com if you want your pics!)

Mondana, behind the scenes on make up.

Mondana, behind the scenes on make up.


Laura Michele – Atomic Lace

UrbanOG, Janine Basil Pop Shop, Swank

Get Dirty


#ZombieStyle #ZombieGirls #LivingDeadGirl

3 Jun

Zombie Debutants

Fashion and Zombies appeared to have found one another awhile back, making an abundance of creepy cute accessories within our reach. While this style may traditionally be for the alternative / pinup/ rockabilly / or goth girls, there are many ways to sneak some creep into your everyday looks.

Living in Chicago, I always notice how deliciously creepy the under bellies of the El tracks are; dumpsters, rat pesticide signs, and patchy dying grass. It looks like the perfect place for Zombies to chow down on some brains! This idea gave birth to the photo shoot that became, “UnDead Debutants”. This photo shoot will show you how beautiful women with classic girly style, can sneak some of that Tio Trash style into their daily looks.

Tony Calderoni / Hell Bunny Dress

I had the privilege to work with great models and a featured photographer, who happens to be my “photography mentor” and friend, Tony Caldaroni. Tony was able to take my vision and capture it with his creative ideas and keen perception to create the perfect Tio Trash Zombie Tea Party scene. See more of Tony’s amazing work online, AJCimaging. Additionally, my dearest friend and Tio Trash model, Maggie, created naughty Tio Trash china as well as our delicious zombie brain cupcakes and cherry “blood and guts” pie.

Brain Cupcakes Zombie Tea Party

Maggie was able to rock one of the most sought after Hell Bunny creations, the notorious “Hell Bunny Zombie Unicorn Dress” (Available at Hot Topic). I added a toil tutu underneath the dress to make it fuller, but the dress looks cute as is or with fun leggings underneath.

This dress makes a bold statement in itself so the accessories can be subtle or as loud as you want to make them. We paired the dress with simple black flats, a black choker, and drippy hot pink Chanel style plastic earrings I scored in Boystown.

Because Maggie played the perfect Zombie Homemaker, we naturally had to have a Zombie Party Girl in the group of brain munching beauties. My beautiful sister turned Tio Trash model, El, was able to show us how it’s done!

Can we take a moment to notice how amazing skeleton hand bracelets are? It serves as the perfect little half glove to her Charlotte Russe white peplum dress. Mixed with some skull steals from Chicago’s “The Alley”, mermaid pink hair, and M.A.C.’s “Candy Yum Yum” lipstick, you can go from girl of the night to living dead girl!

Another glorious find from “The Alley Chicago“, are these yummy Iron Fist “Sweets for my Sweet” peep toe platforms, also available at Anarchy Clothing. If you aren’t ready for the full Tio Trash look, these shoes are a great way to pop in some flare into your everyday staples.

Iron Fist Sweets for my Sweet

Another way to incorporate creep factor into your wardrobe is to take classic girly pieces and add spooky or bold accessories. My amazing friend and beautiful wife of photographer Tony Caldaroni, Beth, was the perfect model for how to take the girl next door to a haunting sexy burlesque look.

This simple summer Target dress is super girly and classic. I enjoy the contradiction between traditionally masculine elements like top hats and ties with the feminine frills of a summer sundress. I also like the contradiction of harsh bold jewelry like spikes, with the soft playfulness of the polka dots. I also added a brain “clutch” that I obtained off of a costume website but I always use it when I go out, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Even though the summer Chicago day was cold and rainy, these models turned Zombies had a great time eating brains and terrorizing the Tio Trash set. See the story for yourself!

Tony Calderoni Photography


Hell Bunny Zombie

Zombie House Wife

Behind the Scenes

Make Up Artist, Mondana Vaziri, turning beauties into Zombies

Make Up Artist, Mondana Vaziri, turning beauties into Zombies

Maggie gets some stretching in on set ...

Maggie gets some stretching in on set …

Striking a pose at Zombie Tea!

Striking a pose at Zombie Tea!

Cold zombies huddle  together to stay warm on set!

Cold zombies huddle together to stay warm on set!

Wrapping up the first official Tio Trash Photo Shoot!

Wrapping up the first official Tio Trash Photo Shoot!

Tio Trash Pacific

Tio Trash Pin Up

I would like to send a BAZILLION thank you’s to my wonderful team!

Head Photographer: Tony Caldaroni


  1. Beth
  2. Maggie
  3. Ellie

Make Up: Mondana Vaziri, Beth Hillstrom

Set Design: Maggie, Beth Hillstrom

Styling: Beth Hillstrom

Stay Trashy!


TIO TRASH Product #Giveaway! #FreeSwag

22 May

Product Giveaway

I want to celebrate summer by doing my FIRST product giveaway to 6 Lucky Subscribers! Make sure to enter your email and subscribe to the Tio Trash blog!

Swag Rules

5 Winners Get This Tio Trash T-Shirt!

Tio Trash Tshirt

1 Lucky Winner Gets a Tio Trash Swag Bag of Assorted Jewelry!

Jewelry Swag Bag

Jewelry Provided by Tio Trash and The Ultimate Collection 


Contest Ends Saturday, June 1, 2013

Email Tio Trash at TioTrash1@gmail.com for questions!


Myrtle Manor Must Haves! #MyrtleManor

7 May
Trailer Treats
Myrtle Manor Must Have Looks
I think we can all agree that Myrtle Manor’s bad girls Chelsey Keller, Jessica Burke, and Amanda Adams are the fan favorites.
Weiner Girls
The Darlin’ Dog Wiener girls are more than just rude and tattooed; they are super hot!
While Chelsey Keller sticks to main stream fashion trends, Jessica shows an edgier rocker style that makes her stand out.
As this summer’s fashions are all about crop tops and bold high waisted shorty shorts, I have put together some looks that I would love to see these girls in.
Mix up some fun colors and campy accessories, and you can have your own summer look that makes you trailer park tres chic!

Boardwalk Empress – #BoardwalkEmpire

6 May
Boardwalk Empress - #BoardwalkEmpire
Venice Beach is one of my  favorite places in this sick and delicious world.
The freaks, the fashions, the art, the depravity, the ganjalicious aroma … I can’t get enough!
There is so much fashion inspiration to be drawn from this place with the colorful characters, old school Cali vibe, and the urge to cause trouble one experiences when strutting down this beach side boardwalk.
This boardwalk is crawling with shady gypsies and vendors just waiting to sell you yummy and trashlicious boots, skirts, dresses, fake metal jewelry, and hand bags!
Venice Beach
You will never find your designer duds here, but this is a great place to look beyond the obvious and discover those quirky fashion finds you will love forever!
I still own my cherry red knee high boots I bartered down to $30 from a coked out Russian on the boardwalk back in 2006.
True love.

Crazy Legs! #Leggings

25 Apr
Leggings, Leggings, Leggings!
I was a very happy girl when leggings became acceptable to wear again, and I’ve been beside myself with
the latest craze of printed leggings.
Skulls, galaxies, florals, you can squeeze your gams into any design you can dream up.
I have worn leggings with a variety of shoe styles, and I have yet to find a style that does not work with them.
I put together a few Tio Trash approved legging looks, but you can have as much fun mixing and matching as you
want to!
Skull Leggings        Flag Leggings      Floral Leggings
Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.52.47 PM

Flamingo Fabulous!

2 Apr
Flamingo Fabulous!
Flamingo Fabulous!
One of the most noted trailer park accessories is the plastic lawn flamingo.
Not only is it cute and kitschy in front of your mobile home, it makes a great fashion accessory.
Designers like Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, and Sugarhill have been spotted with some fashion forward flamingos!
On my search for Flamingo Fashion Finds, I stumbled across the amazing trashionista, and Etsy Shop owner, Lauren Tindall. Lauren’s fabulous shop of reworked vintage clothing and delectable finds has me drooling!
flamingo tee
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