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25 Jun

Blackhawks SummerCongratulations Chicago, we did it AGAIN! It’s about to be a crazy fun summer celebrating our Blackhawks boys and following that Cup!

The season is over, but when you are the champions you get to rep your spirit all summer long.

In Tio Trash tradition, here are some looks for the trashionista who loves her Blackhawks!

Chicago Blackhawks OutfitsT-Shirt available from: BasementShirts/Etsy

Chicago Blackhawks fashionT-Shirt Available From: StrayCatTees/Etsy

Blackhawks FashionLeather Quilted Snap back available at: Dr.Jays

Chicago Blackhawks Win

Congrats Chicago Blackhawks!


#ChicagoBlackhawks #BlackhawksFashion #BlackhawksApparel

11 May


It looks like we are doing it again … heading to that Cup! Let’s go Blackhawks!

Get your Blackhawks style ready for the next series, visit the Tio Trash Etsy Shop to get Blackhawks necklaces, rings and hair accessories!

Preview the shop here!

Blackhawks1 Blackhawks2 Blackhawks3 Blackhawks4 Blackhawks5 Blackhawks6

All hair bows double as necklaces.

                                                        All hair bows double as necklaces.

Chicago Fan Girl! #Bears #Bulls #Blackhawks Oh My!

27 Aug

The Alternative Fan Girl

Chicago, like most major cities, is a great place to fall head over heels for your favorite sports teams! Many Chicago girls are die hard sports fans. Most girls love the game, and even if you don’t, we all love the cult like party scene that follows Chicago sports teams at the bars and the venues themselves. Chicago sports are a huge part of socialization in the city life, and with every big cultural staple comes the opportunity to make a FASHION STATEMENT.

 If you happen to be a baseball girl, rooting for the Sox or the Cubs, baseball games are a fun way to get tipsy in the summer sun. Bears fan? Time to get your party on at the Tailgate whether you have tickets to the game or not, but bundle up! Bulls, get ready to bring your street style to the United Center for some nail biting suspense. And like most Chicago girls, you are probably a Blackhawks fan, dressing it up like it’s date night.  For female sports fans nation wide, the fashion world has merged with our favorite teams and girls have been creating and rocking looks that have become almost uniform for each team. I love that fashion and sports have joined forces in main stream fashion, the only problem? There is a a major lack of originality and creativity in female sports fashion, especially for the alternative girl!  Brands like Victoria’s Secret have shat all over the female sports fan image with a limited amount of sassy and suggestive screen tees that a seemingly 1 in 3 fan girls seem to be wearing at Wrigley and Soldier Field, like a land of the clones.

Yes, Lindsey Vecchione owns this look, but it doesn't mean everybody should!

This is not a far stretch from female sports fans out and about!
Yes, Lindsey Vecchione owns this look, but it doesn’t mean everybody should!

Not going to lie, Vicky and her web of secrets,  put out some rad sequin hats and jackets, but the t-shirts, I could do without! As for the United Center teams, the Bulls and the Blackhawks, women dress up a little more. I have already beaten the poor Hawkstitutes as if they were my own dead horse, so you already know how I feel about the Blackhawks female fashions. As a girl into alternative style, and simply not looking like everyone else, I like to get creative with my sports fashion. Sexy and flirty wear for sporting events are just fine, but I want the fan gear to represent ME and MY style, not look identical to the thousands of female fans in the one of 3 Victoria’s Secret t-shirt options!

No Thank You!

No, I'm sorry, I'm not the halftime show ...

No, I’m sorry, I’m not the halftime show …

So enough of my bitching, I am going to show you how to dress for your teams with a unique and alternative edge. The looks I have created are still edgy, sexy, girly and fun, but you will be able to wear it with individuality while remaining true to your everyday style. Tio Trash model, Jasmine, will show us how its’ done!

BASEBALL: Cubs or Sox? The choice is yours. You are going to want a summer outfit that will beat the heat!

Jasmine, the studded out Sox fan.

Jasmine, the studded out Sox fan.

I love leather and metal jewelry. In an outdoor summer event, leather isn’t going to be the best option so it’s all about smart accessorizing. H&M is selling these great sheer baseball jersey style tops with monogram Olde English lettering. I chose the “B” (for Beth) in black.

Sexy White Sox Fan

Studded Wedge Sneakers from Target.

As far as accessories, I added a plain black pleather baseball hat (Target), and silver metal costume jewelry to match the studded black wedge sneakers (Target). This outfit would look great with any outrageous hat, (preferably one that matches your team colors) and lots of solid chunky metal; silver or gold.

Sexy White Sox Fan

Sexy and Swaggin’.

I myself wouldn’t be brave enough for the short shorts I dressed Jasmine in, I prefer to wear it with longer white jean shorts, or leggings if the weather permits. But if you have a body like Jasmine, the booty shorts are a fun way to make it sexy!

Sexy White Sox Fan

She can steal your base, while you steal her style.

Sexy White Sox Fan

Ring: “USuck” – Claire’s.

Sexy White Sox Fan

Sexy White Sox Fan

Sexy White Sox Fan

Add some pride to your hair with temp color streaks!

Cute Baseball Hats

Crazy Hats and Rockin’ Tee’s
Click HERE for Product Info

FOOTBALL:  Bundle up with Da Bears!

Sexy Bears Fan

Bundle Up for the Bears!

I am one happy girl when the weather and the occasion will allow me to wear my leather jacket and combat boots. Why not bring em’ out for da Bears! For all of you grunge girls, there is no better sporting event to get grungy for than a football game. Although it will be too cold for tights at Soldier Field by November, these orange tights are a way to have fun with fan color.

Sexy Bears Fan

Leg warmers, combats, and bold color accessories look great with an oversized shirt/sweater and a leather jacket. Add a layer of flannel or a beanie to play with this “grunge” inspired fan wear.

Sexy Bears Fan

Celebrate a one of a kind fashion Victory!

Before Chicago winter creeps up, take advantage of wearing fun necklaces before the scarf becomes mandatory.

Sexy Bears Fan

Bring the Bears luck with some lucky wishbone earrings!

Sexy Bears Fan

Football Fashion

Edgy ways to stay warm!
Click HERE for Product Info

BASKETBALL:  Be bold and beautiful while you rock out with the Bulls!

Sexy Bulls Fan

Rock and Bulls.

Even feisty rocker chicks love them some sports! This look was created for the 90’s goth/rock style. With some baggy plaid pants from H&M,  spiky collars and bands, and a vintage Bull’s tank, you can create a fan look that won’t compromise your underground swag.

Sexy Bulls FanSexy Bulls Fan

Sexy Bulls Fan

Spiked Shoes from Buffalo Exchange.

Sexy Bulls Girl

Reppin’ the Horns.

Sexy Bulls Girl

The Michael Jordan Statue is loving our style.

Sexy Bulls Girl

Mix wild patterns, textures, and hats for your basketball look!
Click HERE for Product Info

HOCKEY: Bring some personality to melt the ice for Blackhawks fans!

If you decide you want strut your stuff at a Blackhawks game looking like a dime a dozen, Hawkstitute, you can go for this look:

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

Jasmine poses as “Hawkstitute” to show us, what NOT to wear.

If you want to be fierce, sexy, edgy and unique, you can go for something like this:

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

Add some sass to the sexy Blackhawks fan style.

Not unlike a Hawkstitute, I styled Jasmine in some tight clothes and high shoes. However, I made sure it was blinged out with spikes, gold chains and fun prints. These solid black hoof wedges (from H&M) are sexy, but easy to walk in and the camo Blackhawks hat adds a splash of urban fashion fun to the look.

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

Instead of walking around with a sugar daddy, Jasmine brings her own cash (bodysuit) – UrbanOG.com

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

I paired these spiky leggings with the money print body suit by UrbanOG.com to keep some sexy shape. With gold chains, gold bamboo hoops and the camo hat, this look keeps it “real” with kitschy flash. A black suit jacket adds some coverage but this look would go great with bold print wind breaker jackets as well.

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

A camo Blackhawks hat won’t make you blend in with THIS crowd.

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

Hangin’ in the Hall of Fame.

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

Bobby Hull thinks it’s a hit!

Sexy Blackhawks Fan

Unique hats, hot tops, and fun prints! – Click HERE for Product Info

Sporty Shoes: Look hot but still be able to walk!

Wedge Sneakers

Chicago Sports keep our fine city turning all year round! I encourage you to play with fan wear and  alternative styles when dressing up for your favorite teams! Don’t be afraid to play with color and wild patterns and jewelry when accessorizing a hot fan look! Upload your alternative fan looks to Instagram and share with us! #FanTrash.

Go Team Trashy!


#ChicagoBlackhawks #StanleyCupChampions #Blackhawks #BlackhawksParade #BlackhawksGirl #BlackhawksParty

25 Jun
Chicago Blackhawks Win

Congrats Chicago Blackhawks!

Today is an exciting day in Chicago! For anyone living under a rock, THE CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS WON THE STANLEY CUP last night! It was a tough season with an amazing ending! The team that brought hockey back to life won it all – AGAIN! I am so proud to be a Chicagoan and a Blackhawks fan today, so you know I have to post about this victory. Now on to the fashion!

The Blackhawk’s victory parade will be this Friday! It will be a never ending sea of joy, beer, cheers, and the color red. The victory parties will likely continue down clark street all week and weekend! You are definitely going to want to show your Blackhawks pride, but you don’t have to diminish in the mass of red, I will show you some ways you can dress up your Blackhawk’s gear and stand out in the crowd!

It is going to be hot and crowded, and by crowded I mean over the estimated 1.5 million people! Ladies, save yourself the hair drama and snag a great Blackhawks hat. I rarely leave home without my camo Blackhawks  hat, but I have found a few cute ones, just for you girly girls.

Zephyr Blackhawks hat - Blackhawks Party Outfit

Zephyr Blackhawks hat – Blackhawks Party Outfit

This is one of my absolute favorite Blackhawks hats that I have seen out there. The lime green will ensure your friends won’t lose you, and you can still rep that Chicago Pride. Femme it up with floral and heels, or if you are like me, it is all about denim shorts and Air Force Ones.

Chicago Blackhawks Zephyr Snapback

Chicago Blackhawks Zephyr Snapback

Usually Chicago sports wear is easy to find in pink. I love pink, but I actually don’t care for the full on pink Blackhawks gear. However, I found a great hat, with that little pop of pink for the super femme fan. You can be a fun, flirty mascot by wearing some Native American pow wow glam!

Chicago Blackhawks Pink

Chicago Blackhawks Pink

Chicago Blackhawks Pink Hat

Chicago Blackhawks Pink Hat

My last look rocks that South Side gangsta swag with some fun Blackhawks stunna shades (available on Etsy) for a girly ghetto fab look. Mix and match your black and reds with funky gold jewelry, a Blackhawks statement accessory, and some sexy heels (ones you can walk in!!)

Be a Chicago Blackhawks Flaming Hot Girl!

Be a Chicago Blackhawks Flaming Hot Girl!

I featured all cross body bags with these looks because this post victory Chicago is going to be MADNESS, so keep your belongings close to you and leave credit cards at home!

I want to see your Blackhawks victory outfits! Post to Instagram, #TioTrash – I will post my faves!

May you all be as fashion forward as Jonathan Toews beautiful girlfriend, Lindsey Vecchione, a girl who aces Chicago style.

Lindsey Vecchione WAG

(This photo of, Lindsey Vecchione, is property of Goykphoto and has been obviously and poorly altered by Tio Trash for fun and trashy purposes. )

Party Safe, Party Smart, Party Hard!

Go Blackhawks!


Chicago #Blackhawks Fashion (For the Alternative Gal) – #StanleyCup #NHL #Hockey

21 May

Chicago Trash Title

Chicago Blackhawks Fan Swag!

Sometimes it seems as if the United Center is a holding cell for Chicago’s hottest women during Blackhawks Games. I have the privilege of working at all of the Blackhawk’s home games in my “night job”, and I am an expert on identifying different types of Blackhawks fans. The hotness ranges from glorious grade A Hawkstitutes to cute and bubbly Twaks (Cute girl, Blackhawks Jersey, leggings, Ugg boots), you can figure out the etymology for yourself. Although I cannot deny the level of attractiveness of the average female Blackhawks fan, I can scoff at the lack of originality in their Blackhawks game get ups. Attending a Blackhawks game is very clearly a high end fashion show for most of the women, but I feel like I am seeing the same show over and over and over again!

Hawkstitutes, Twaks, and trophy wives seem to dominate the female Blackhawk fan base, but I know there are girls of all styles and personalities who love the Blackhawks as much as these other women do, and I have some great styles in mind!

The average female Blackhawks fan looks like this: (No disrespect to Chicago “Chivette”, the sexy Sara Hill)

Sara Hill Chive

*Sara Hill does not actually attend Blackhawks games sans pants, but trust, there are several women who do!

As adorable as Sara Hill is, I think we female Blackhawks fans can do way better when it comes to dressing for games. For me, the best way to style a look is to pick out some bold accessories and work around them. Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” video comes to mind because of her famous glittery Blackhawks clay chain, an excellent piece to center an outfit.

Kreayshawn Blackhawks Necklace

I also happen to love my camo Blackhawks trucker hat, so I assembled a look that features that hat and how to make it funky and girly. You can be sexy, edgy, classy, and stylish while being funky and original. If I could dress a few women at the Blackhawk’s games, this is how I would do it:

Blackhawks Necklace

For the Bold Biker Chick ^

(Best accessories for this look are tattoos and angry eyebrows)

Blackhawks Glam

For the Glitter Glam Girl ^

(Best accessories for this look are great legs and bold make up)

Blackhawks Ghetto Fly

For the Ghetto Fab Hipster ^

(Best accessories for this outfit are lots of bling and good “seat friendly” dance moves)

Blackhawks Stanley Cup


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