Meet the Models

Tio Trash Models

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(In Order of Tio Trash Start Date)

Jasmine Amber
Jasmine Amber

MM URL: JasAmber   MM #: 2907211

Jasmine is a born and raised Chicago girl and the first official Tio Trash model! Jasmine can literally pull of any look! From sexy, to sweet and even DEAD, Jasmine has rocked every look I’ve thrown at her! Her spunky personality and creative mind come alive in all of her photos. Jasmine captures everything Tio Trash represents; beauty, edge, intrigue and versatility.

Follow Jasmine on Instagram to see her modeling career explode! @Jazzzyflower

Tio Trash Photo Shoots:

Roller Rave, Pin Up Shoot, Alternative Sports, Halloween Special

Model Ashley B

Ashley B

Ashley B., age 20, is from the Illinois Valley area. She is currently working as a CNA and involved in several modeling ventures. We hope to see more Ashley on Tio Trash in the future!

Tio Trash Photo Shoots: “Trailer Park Queen”

Tio Trash Model


This beautiful lady has been a Tio Trash model (against her will) from the very beginning. Her natural sexiness and alternative edge make her a perfect addition to the team. Although she isn’t a model by choice, her fans demand we see more of her on Tio Trash! She is a bit of a diva behind the scenes but her awesome tats and rockin’ bod make up for it.

Tio Trash Shoots: “Chicago Pride” “Red, White Trash, and Booze”


Meet the Models


Shaneka is a 21 year old Chicago native. She is working on building her modeling portfolio. She made the perfect Rihanna for the “We Found Love” shoot; look out for more Shaneka on Tio Trash!

Tio Trash Shoots: “We Found Love”



Jeanette is a spunky and fun Chicago native. She is brains and beauty working on pursuing both her professional and modeling careers. She is an experienced model and new to Tio Trash. We hope to see more of Jeanette soon!

Tio Trash Shoots: “Game Girl”

Tio Trash Model

Meet Barbie C.!
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Barbie C.

Barbie is a good friend and great model from Chicago, though you won’t find her there very often. This free spirit loves to move around the country and jump out of planes but can spare a few moments for a photo shoot or two! Barbie has an amazing sense of style all on her own and made a wonderful addition to the Tio Trash team!

Tio Trash Shoots: “Rock Your Tees”


Brooke AKA “Rocker Barbie” :

Brooke is the sexy mama of 3 gorgeous kids! She is a fitness instructor by day and the ultimate metal rocker chick by night. She has the ultimate rocker wardrobe and is a fashion icon hidden in central, IL.  Having Brooke as part of the Tio Trash team is a dream come true!

Check out her amazing style and beautiful life on FACEBOOK: Brooke Rocker Barbie

The Real - Lily Savage

Aeriel J: 

This Kansas born model is the most badass bombshell to drop in Chicago! She is a model, YouTuber, Fashionista, Horror Fan, belly dancer and all around rad rocker chick. Look forward to seeing more of Aeriel on Tio Trash!

For more Dixie Savage action, check her out:

The Crypt 1331

Tio Trash Shoots: “Glampire”, “Gary Indiana Shoot”

Tio Trash Model

Angela H.:

Meet Angela, a local model and fresh face to Tio Trash. Angela is a student and free spirit who was down for the Day of the Dead make over! It’s no wonder she made for smokin’ hot skeleton! She was a creative asset to me and an excellent and versatile model for our Day of the Dead shoot! I hope to see more of Angela on Tio Trash in the future! This girl rocks!!

Tio Trash Shoots: “Bear Your Skulls”

Tio Trash Models

Satanas Castro


Meet Vyra! This edgy bombshell is an up and coming flame in the Chicago modeling scene. Don’t be fooled by this squeaky clean holiday photo, some of Vyra’s  specialties include horror, alternative and edgy pinup themed shoots! Vyra is a super sweet ball of energy who brought flawless photos and lot’s of fun, creative energy to the Tio Trash set! She is more than just a beautiful face, Vyra is a metal loving guitar player AND an opera singer! This girl is a rockstar in the making! We can all hope that we will see more of Vyra on!

Follow Vyra on more incredible photo shoots and adventures!

Satanas Castro Facebook

Model Mayhem number: #3217875

Instagram: @satanascastro

Tio Trash Shoots: “Deck the Dolls” Holiday Special


Tio Trash Models

Bethany Arrington

Bethany Arrington:

Bethany Arrington is a performer originally from Central Indiana, but living in Chicago. She is a student of Theatre Performance at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Bethany is also a talented model and can brilliantly lend her acting skills to any photo shoot. This bright and bubbly beauty is most definitely a star on the rise and a joy to work with!

For updates on Bethany, visit !

Tio Trash Shoots: “Andy + Edie: Factory Fashion”



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