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Boardwalk Empress – #BoardwalkEmpire

6 May
Boardwalk Empress - #BoardwalkEmpire
Venice Beach is one of my  favorite places in this sick and delicious world.
The freaks, the fashions, the art, the depravity, the ganjalicious aroma … I can’t get enough!
There is so much fashion inspiration to be drawn from this place with the colorful characters, old school Cali vibe, and the urge to cause trouble one experiences when strutting down this beach side boardwalk.
This boardwalk is crawling with shady gypsies and vendors just waiting to sell you yummy and trashlicious boots, skirts, dresses, fake metal jewelry, and hand bags!
Venice Beach
You will never find your designer duds here, but this is a great place to look beyond the obvious and discover those quirky fashion finds you will love forever!
I still own my cherry red knee high boots I bartered down to $30 from a coked out Russian on the boardwalk back in 2006.
True love.

Flamingo Fabulous!

2 Apr
Flamingo Fabulous!
Flamingo Fabulous!
One of the most noted trailer park accessories is the plastic lawn flamingo.
Not only is it cute and kitschy in front of your mobile home, it makes a great fashion accessory.
Designers like Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, and Sugarhill have been spotted with some fashion forward flamingos!
On my search for Flamingo Fashion Finds, I stumbled across the amazing trashionista, and Etsy Shop owner, Lauren Tindall. Lauren’s fabulous shop of reworked vintage clothing and delectable finds has me drooling!
flamingo tee

#SpringBreak Fashion Update

22 Feb


Swingin' Spring

Spring Break – Vintage Motel Mistress 

I live in Chicago.

It’s winter and I only have one thing on my mind,


Ok, so I don’t actually get a Spring Break anymore,

but I am sooo looking forward to some warm weather.

When I travel, I always keep it trashy.

Nothing creates adventure like impromptu exploring with

friends and meeting colorful characters

in those roadside diners and junkie motels.

When I travel, I like to look the part;

the all American Motel Mistress.

This look I have created combines

vintage Southeast vibrations with a flirtations kitschy edge.

For Product details, visit my Polyvore Profile —>

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