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#HalloweenCountdown #HalloweenJewelry

27 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.36.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.10.55 PM

The countdown to Halloween continues continues! I have been celebrating this week with Halloween theme inspired outfits! One of the best parts of a creepy cute outfit is to complement it with some creepy cute jewelry!

I have been very inspired by the Kawaii fashion and jewelry movement and have been creating lots of Kawaii jewelry!

I created a small line of Kawaii / Halloween jewelry with only 14 1 of a kind pieces. Halloween is only days away so I have just one thing to say!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.01.22 PM

I love to up cycle parts from dolls, clothing, and any knick knacks I can find to create unique and adorable jewelry pieces. Below is a gallery of my Halloween Collection, all available on my TioTrash Etsy Shop!


Witch / Bat necklace with pearl beading.

Witch / Bat necklace with pearl beading.

Witch and Spell Book Necklace with pearl beading

Witch and Spell Book Necklace with pearl beading

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows


Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink

Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink

Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink with matching pink Kawaii bat earrings

Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink with matching pink Kawaii bat earrings


Green Kawaii Bat Earrings with bow and pearl detail

Green Kawaii Bat Earrings with bow and pearl detail


Kawaii ghost / heart ring

Kawaii ghost / heart ring

Order the remaining items in time for Halloween!



Edie Sedgwick Style, Andy Warhol Fashion #StyleIcon – Tio Trash Tribute

7 Jan


 Welcome to 2014! New Year, New Tio Trash Fun! I cannot wait to see the wild and trashtastic styles that unfold this year but, because history, AND fashion repeat themselves, Tio Trash will now celebrate a new feature; “The Tio Trash Tribute”, profiling and honoring fashion icons of the past.

I have always been a fan of Andy Warhol and Warhol inspired pop art. I didn’t know much about Andy Warhol as a person until I viewed the 2006 biographical film, Factory Girl. For those who have not seen this film, its an absolute must see. Guy Pearce portrays the dark and twisted side of artistic genius, Andy Warhol and the goings on of his infamous “Factory” in New York City. The film centers around the story of Warhol muse / socialite, Edie Sedgwick, brilliantly played by Sienna Miller. This film was beautiful, gritty, heart wrenching, raw and uncomfortable, yet completely mesmerizing and addicting. It opened up my window of fascination for both Edie and Andy.

Andy Warhol: Evil. Brilliant. Beautiful Mind.

Andy Warhol: Evil. Brilliant. Beautiful Mind.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987), was an American artist known for revolutionizing 1960’s Pop Art through his paintings, films, illustrations and print making. Even if you do not know much about Andy Warhol, you know his art. He is a cultural icon that is widely celebrated today. He loved the simplicity of the old Americana and the dark beauties of the Hollywood glamouratti. Original and peculiar, Andy is a one of a kind figure in American pop culture and art.

Andy Warhol Style

Bethany Arrington as Andy Warhol

Chicago actress and model, Bethany Arrington lent her incredible talent and beauty to Tio Trash to pay tribute to both Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick. Andy was not made and icon for his personal fashion or physical appearance, but was often recognized with his tendency to wear large round sunglasses, popular in the 1960s.

Andy Warhol Style

 Many things are said of Andy Warhol’s true colors. If you were to look at only his art and noted quotes, he comes off as a strange man, but a happy man; a dreamer. However, the depiction of Andy Warhol in films like Factory Girl shows a side of him that is cold, harsh and lacking empathy. He was said to prey on naive socialites and starlets who believed in his creations and funded his Factory endeavors, leaving them broke and/or exploited and broken. Edie Sedgwick was one such fatality of the Factory.

Edie Sedgwick Fashion

Edie Sedgwick, like many of the rich and famous playthings of our time, was a beautiful tragedy who cut her time short in this world. Although her intense and bizarre relationship (friendship) with Andy Warhol consisted of some kind of love and adoration for one another, Andy ultimately abused and took advantage of  her wealth and exploited her in his films and projects (which she was allegedly never paid for). With a dark past of her own, Edie was a bright and beautiful girl from old money and all of the potential in the world. Not only was she physical perfection and found a lot of work as a model, she was a charismatic, charming educated woman with a talent for art all on her own.

Edie Sedgwick Style

Edie was a deeply saddened and misguided youth with the world at her finger tips and finding her way to the rabbit hole that was the Factory lead her to her self destruction. After vicious battles with anorexia, speed, heroine and other drugs, Edie died of a heroine overdose before the age of 30 after leaving her Factory Life. Andy Warhol was often noted referring to Edie as his “muse”, and perhaps his most beloved figures in the Factory world he created, but this did not stop him from draining her of all she had and turning his back on her when she lost her grip.

Edie Sedgwick Andy Warhol Love

Actress Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick.

Edie Sedgwick was seen as many things by different people; a beauty, a star, a tragedy, a socialite, a party girl, and artist etc. But one thing everyone can agree on, is that Edie had an original and unforgettable style that became a lesser known influence behind much of main stream fashion, even to this day. Her dramatic cat eyes, blonde bob, big earrings and fur coats are just a few of the iconic fashion pieces we can associate with the signature Sedgwick style. Her style is wonderfully illustrated to us in Factory Girl, and Edie’s wardrobe was one of the elements of this film that grabbed my attention and sucked me into the world of Edie Sedgwick.

Edie Sedgwick Fashion

Edie was often seen in flamboyant furs.

Edie Sedgwick was photographed and spotted thousands of times in various over the top fur coats and animal prints. These photos of both Sienna Miller as Edie and the real Edie Sedgwick herself show how she had a sleek simple style topped off with outrageous coats, hats and jewelry. A look like this is not limited to a vintage 1960s look, it is timeless and very easy to achieve.

Edie Sedgwick Style

Bethany Arrington as Edie Sedgwick.

Model Bethany Arrington shifted from the bleak and somber Andy Warhol into the spirited and playful Edie Sedgwick. Adding a fun faux fur coat, like this one I found at Aurora Village Discount ($12!), to a simple outfit, large earrings and an Edie inspired hat can quickly and inexpensively give you a subtle Edie Sedgwick look of your own.

Edie Sedgwick Style

Bethany Arrington as Edie Sedgwick.

Although the large round glasses were and Andy Warhol favorite, Edie too loved “large than life” sunglasses.

Edie Sedgwick

Edie’s style is one of the best examples of adding a funky and unique twist to fashion staples and classics, and she did it in perfect balance.

Edie Sedgwick

Bethany Arrington as Edie Sedgwick

“It’s not that I’m rebelling. It’s that I’m just trying to find another way.” – Edie Sedgwick

A famous photo series of Edie Sedgwick wearing a striped black and white sweater became an image often associated with her look.

Edie Sedgwick

Edie often wore tights in the place of pants, saying she was too lazy to change out of them after her ballet classes, however, I would recommend this look for the “everyday girl” with leggings instead of tights.

Edie Sedgwick

Bethany Arrington as Edie Sedgwick

Black and white striped sweaters, jumpers and t-shirts are an easy find. The sweater pictured here is from H&M, but this style can be found almost anywhere.

Edie Sedgwick Make Up

Bethany Arrington as Edie Sedgwick

“I act this way because that’s the way I feel like acting. If people like it, fine. If they don’t, that’s their problem.” – Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick Make Up

Bethany Arrington showcasing signature Edie Sedgwick make up.

 Edie, on her signature make up look:
I made a mask out of my face because I didn’t realize I was quite beautiful. God blessed me so. I practically destroyed it. I had to wear heavy black eyelashes like bat wings, and dark lines under my eyes, and cut all my hair off, my long dark hair. Cut it off and strip it silver and blonde. All those little manoeuvres I did out of things that were happening in my life that upset me.”
Edie Sedgwick Earrings

Bethany Arrington as Edie Sedgwick

Edie’s signature make up style was all about the big Bambie eyes, caterpillar brows and thick liner and lashes. She also had a faux beauty mark above her upper lip, essential to her look. The eyes are the highlighted feature in this look so Edie always donned a light pink or nude lip.

For a great how-to and product recommendations for creating the Edie Sedgwick look, this make up tutorial by YouTube MUA, PixieWoo:

A piece of Edie style that is equally important as her signature make up is the giant “shoulder duster” earrings she loved to wear.

Edie Sedgwick Earrings

Edie and her earrings.

Despite the simplicity of her “base outfit”, her earrings were always outrageous and ‘over the top’, much like Edie herself. Earrings of this size were particularly bold and daring for the changing times. In today’s world, we fear not a giant bold earring. While large earrings are easy to access in creating our own Edie looks,  you can replicate some of her most photographed pieces, by visiting the fabulous Steve Sasco Designs or Etsy Shop: This Ilk (Tamara Bavdek) for dead on Edie earrings!

Edie Sedgwick earrings

Bethany Arrington as Edie Sedgwick. (Blouse from Francesca’s Chicago)

“I’ll have to put more earrings on. I bet that someone could analyze me and tell my condition by my earrings.” – Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick earrings

Oh Edie, those earrings!

Edie’s life ended with devastation and heartbreak. She is yet another “Hollywood” fallen angel who has served as a beautiful cautionary tale to those left behind. Despite her struggles and sadness, she was a beloved presence in an era of expression and revolution and her beauty and style are immortalized in her photos and films. I wish her story could have had a different ending, but she has left behind a legacy of energy and style in the art and fashion world today.

Edie Sedgwick Style

“You care enough, that you want your life to be fulfilled in a living way, not in a painting way, not in a writing way…you really do want it to be involving in living, corresponding with other living objects, moving, changing, that kind of thing.”

Although Andy Warhol had no influence on fashion from his own wardrobe, the Pop Art revolution is alive and well in fashion and beauty today!

Pop Art Fashion

Pop Art Fashion Finds!

From make up to sweaters, hats and shoes, the Andy Warhol Pop Art phenomenon is still a huge look in today’s fashion finds. This is a super fun way to create a current look with a 60s mod twist.

Pop Art Fashion

Top Available from

My personal favorite online shop,, came out with this ‘not to Mod’ crop top in “Pop Art” stylings.

The fun doesn’t have to stop with the clothing, with a splash of fun lip colors you can add that touch of Pop Art with just your lipstick! I am in love with lipsticks by Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Bethany models another top fashioned after Warhol’s Pop Art look. One of my besties, Chris, gave me a few shirts similar to this for Christmas as she knows my long time obsession with Andy Warhol and Pop Art, so I can’t even tell you where this tank is from. The point is, Pop Art is EVERYWHERE!

Andy and Edie, though no longer with us in the flesh, have never really left. The impact both have had on fashion/art/style is very evident in the ease with which one can create these looks today. To channel Edie, remember staples like the fur coats, big earrings, leggings and signature make up look. And to pay homage to Andy Warhol and Pop Art, you can find these looks almost anywhere!

Regardless of what sort of individuals Andy and Edie were, what choices they made, the questions they left behind, my admiration for them comes from the fact they were brave and quirky individuals who did not fear or decline others’ negativity and judgement for what they chose to do differently than others. Leaders in self expression and untamed creative spirits, this duo made a lot of magic together when times were good. Those who are different are those are imitated and remembered, and the world will certainly never forget Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol.

Stay Trashy, Stay Unique,



Thank You



Bethany Arrington: An enormous thank you and applause to this amazing Chicago actress/model! Bethany was nothing but a bubble of positive energy and light and she still managed to capture these tragic and serious figures with perfection! If these photos can do her acting talents any justice, you will know she is a star in the making! Thank you, Bethany, for your great attitude, open mind, creative assistance and for magically morphing into both Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick!

Visit Bethany Arrington’s Online to follow her budding career! You Chicagoans are highly recommended to check out her local on stage debuts!


Fashion Credits:

Lime Crime Cosmetics

#Christmas #DollFace #ChristmasDress

26 Dec

Holiday Style

Can it be that Christmas 2013 has come and gone so quickly? Indeed, it has! I hope all of my fellow Trashionistas are able to unwind from good eating, happy times, and fabulous gifts, I know I can!

While your Christmas hangovers begin and real life creeps back in, I want to share with you one final Holiday story. This is a story of an adorable little Christmas doll, otherwise known as Chicago model, Satanás Castro, who got dolled up for Tio Trash in a fabulous holiday photo shoot!

The windows of the Social Media fashion world are recently a buzz with a new phenomenon; Korean made baby doll dresses, frilly coats, and girl fashion delights. The images we have seen have gone viral and can be found from a multitude of vendors at often  affordable prices.

Look familiar?

Sample from

Sample from

If you have an Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr, than I am guessing you have seen ads for dresses like these.

Feminine, frilly and delicate, I too found myself deep in the Korean abyss of one such distributor, This is a great site and the prices go up and down almost daily, so keep watch for hot deals! A slew of adorable dresses arrived into my open arms in a very timely fashion. All you need to know about this clothing is that you should order a size or 2 larger than you normally would, and don’t except “high” quality dresses. Come on, these are budget friendly novelty goods, they work great for what you need them for, but don’t expect designer quality.

All of the dresses I received made me think of Lana Del Rey, Lolita style, “baby dolls”, or all of the above. My Trash wheels got to turning and my love for the Chucky franchise merged with a magical Christmas feeling and thus I created, the Holiday Baby Doll look book!

Chicago model Satanás Castro was literally “dolled” up by Tio Trash make up artist, Mondana Vaziri and we turned the beautiful Palmer House Hilton hotel into our own medley of “Babes in Toyland” meets “The Shining”, and the results were beautiful!

Korean Dresses

A “twin-less” tribute to The Shining, Satanas dons the elegant hallways of the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel in an ivory white dress from This is a soft satin blend baby doll dress with lace details and a small belt.

Korean Dress

This dress looked adorable with almost any color tights I paired it with. My favorite look however, was the harsh contrast of the black lace tights and a simple black ankle boot. The handbag is a 1950s vintage piece from Etsy Shop, “Not Over It Vintage”. In addition to the pearly purse, I used a choker style, vintage pearl necklace (circa 1960s) from Etsy Shop, “Lorenzo Mele“. There is some light gold threading in the lace detail of the dress so I used a pair of art deco style gold earrings to complete the accessories.

All Dolled Up.

All Dolled Up.

This dress can be dressed up as shown, but also looks fantastic with bare legs and flats for the Spring/Summer months, definitely something I could see Miss Del Rey wearing. Because of the timeless simplicity of the dress, you can get away with using any era or style of jewelry, as shown here.

Doll Make Up

The ivory dress and that porcelain skin are just the match for making this baby doll dress perfect for this real life doll look!

Candy Land

Christmas may have Halloween beat when it comes to sweet treats and candy filled dreams. From Gingerbread houses to candy canes, Sugar Plum fairies to chocolate Santa’s; Christmas time is a time to serve that sweet tooth!

Korean Dresses

This candy pink dress brings out all of the feelings you had as a young girl on Christmas morning. Nothing could make it sweeter than a little bit of candy. In this case, my beloved Betsey Johnson Gummy Bear set (ring + necklace).

Betsey Johnson Gummy Bears

Available in many different styles and pieces!



Forget “Elf on a Shelf”, this baby doll look is MUCH more fun! This dress also looks great with all different colored tights and accessories. Fun flirty printed tights are a good match for a dress like this, but the gray tights and the simple nude kitten heels added an element of warmth to this light and frilly feeling.

Korean Dresses

Blending with the beauty of the beautiful and famous foyer of the Palmer House Hilton Hotel (Chicago).

The thick pearl detail on the collar of this dress give the dress the ability to use very little jewelry, I however continued to add the Gummy Bear necklace, fun large gold earrings, and several sweet rings to really dec it out.

Korean Dress


Christmas Doll

Korean Dress

What could be griller than polka dots and pearls? This black velvet polka dot dress is sweet and sassy, everything that girls are made of! The rich velvet and ivory lace collar of the dress make it a perfect holiday fashion choice. It’s warm, playful and can be accessorized in infinite ways!

Korean Dress

Once again, this dress worked well with many different styles and colored tights. I thought the black thigh high stockings with the bow added just a little bit of “naughty” to this nice and innocent ensemble. I kept the shoes simple and decided to have my fun with the jewelry!

Why so sad, Satana? Im sure you made it on Santa's "Nice" list ... lol.

Why so sad, Satana? Im sure you made it on Santa’s “Nice” list … lol.

Girls wish for all kinds of presents every Christmas. Little girls dream of ponies and dolls, and big girls dream of diamonds, pearls and Chanel. Playing up on this idea, I wanted to use gaudy pink plastic jewelry to contrast the “prim and proper” classic look of the polkadots and pearls. The plastic mock Chanel earrings are from a neighborhood favorite shop, Ragstock (Chicago) and the pink pegasus ring is available from Etsy Shop, “Miss Friday Mourning“.

Awww, a little lost doll!

Awww, a little lost doll!

Wandering the corridors of the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, this little doll is just looking for a home this Christmas …

Nautical Gifts

Korean DressThis little black dress immediately reminded me of a little sailor outfit! Gold nautical accessories are fun year round and a perfect complement to this dress! To keep the Christmas holiday present in the nautical theme, I added a pair of red plaid Christmas colored tights, thick wool leg warmers, and a knit beanie to top it off.

Korean DressesSomeone must have been an angel this year with that pile of presents!

Korean DressesBecause of the sheer and light material of this dress, layering the leg wear is necessary to pull it off in a Chicago winter. Knit scarves, hats, and leg warmers add texture to this dress for a warmer feel.

The final touch of Christmas magic!

The final touch of Christmas magic!

As you can see, there are so many ways to take these popular dresses, and make them your own! Due to the popularity of these Korean treasures,  millions of girls will  have the same dresses, but there is no reason you can’t be one of a kind in the way you wear it! I chose to style these dresses with a winter holiday sparkle, but I would love to see lot’s of other ideas as well!

If you can’t resist the urge to get on board the “Korean baby doll dress” train, I personally had a great experience with Remember to watch for flash sales, go for a larger size, and be realistic about the quality expectations. These are super trendy and hot items, so there is no need to spend a fortune or expect eternal strength quality on this fad.

Although Christmas is over, if you are looking for a fun way to spend a little Christmas money, I suggest splurging on a Korean baby doll dress of your own, and styling it in your own unique way!

I hope all had a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season!

Stay trashy, my dolls!


Thank You


A big thank you to the stunning and delightful, Satanás Castro! This Chicago model transformed from an edgy alternative beauty into a picture perfect little doll! She is taking the Chicago modeling scene by storm so be sure to check out all of her amazing projects and photos by becoming a fan of her Facebook Page! Expect to see more of this fantastic lady at Tio Trash! For more information, check out her “Meet the Models” profile.

Hair and Make Up:

Tio Trash Make Up Artist, Mondana Vaziri has done it again! She created the perfect doll face make over, cute and creepy, the Tio Trash way. After only one round of practice (on MY face), she nailed this look and brought the doll look to life! Special thanks to her creative assistance and directing as well in making these wonderful images on set!


The Palmer House Hilton Chicago has been my favorite hotel since I was a little girl. My parents were once married here and it has been a favorite family stay for as long as I can remember. This hotel always feels magical, but no place in Chicago does Christmas like the Palmer House. It graciously served as the perfect “Doll House” as well! Much love!


The featured dresses are from the Korean distributors, Adorable dresses and great customer service. This is a love affair. Thank you!

#BlackFriday #Thanksgiving #Turkey #Twerky

29 Nov

Black Friday Chicago

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Black Friday has pushed through the under bellies of Hell like a giant grey cocaine snake shit. Thanksgiving isn’t a normally a holiday associated with fashion, but rather obtaining the stretchiest pants possible. Christmas gets to have all the fun with fabulous ugly sweaters and seasonal accessories, so why not spend as much time dressing yourself as you do the turkey next Thanksgiving!

When I think of colors that best represent Thanksgiving, I think of warm fall colors and jewel tones as rich as a flavorful Thanksgiving feast. I put together a variety of looks that would be both fun and cozy for Thanksgiving! Hey, just because Thanksgiving is a whole year away doesn’t mean you can’t score some Black Friday steals for next year’s festivities!


If you are looking for kitschy fun foody jewelry, look nowhere else but the wonderful world of Etsy. This ring is one of my faves!

Corduroys and cozy socks, seasonal and stretchy!


For the fancier feaster:


And for those of you who are like me, you will need to make Thanksgiving a costume party, even if you are the only one in attendance.


Load your plates and load your shopping bags so you can add some flavor to your Thanksgiving celebration!

Be thankful, be trashy!


#DiaDeLosMuertos #Skulls #Halloween #DayoftheDead

1 Nov

Day of the Dead Make Up

October has been a horror filled, trashy, vampy, deathly bonanza at Tio Trash! It has been so much fun to celebrate my favorite month and Holiday of the year! If it were up to me, I would celebrate and dress for Halloween all year round! Since that isn’t an option for all of us, the one creepy dark trend we can always rely on at any time of the year is the SKULL! My favorite fashion print/accessory, the skull, happens to be a main stream favorite one can find and wear everywhere, we all know this! Originally a morbid and creepy symbol of rebellion, death and mayhem, the skull is now a fun, trendy piece of glamour in the fashion world. So to end our Halloween celebration, I want to tribute a staple and present some of my favorite “skull looks”!

Costume? I'd wear this Fancy Dress Ball skull costume as an evening gown!

Costume? I’d wear this Fancy Dress Ball skull costume as an evening gown!

To spice up these looks, I wanted to add the traditional Dia De Los Muertos make up. For those of you who do not know about this Mexican holiday, you likely recognize the sugar skull. Dia De Los Muertos, or in English, The Day of the Dead, is a Mexican Holiday celebrated on November 2. This is literally a celebration of the dead, the friends and family who have gone before us.

It’s a time to remember and celebrate their lives. To show honor to the dead, the people give ofrendas (offerings) by presenting items such as flowers, Sugar Skulls, foods + drinks, candles, photos, etc. to an alter, and in many cases this is done at the grave of those whose lives are being celebrated.

Day of the Dead Make Up

Day of the Dead, Sugar Skull, Make Up.

The Sugar Skull, is the iconic, ornate and colorful skull associated with Dia De Los Muertos. Sugar Skulls were originally made of actual sugar, and still are, but have become a nationally loved image splattered all over our modern day fashions, accessories and amenities. A current hot look in the MUA community, is a beautiful Sugar Skull face. There are thousands of ways to create this look using different colors and styles.

At this particular Tio Trash shoot, I was left with no make up artist and I had to brave the challenge myself! After about 15 YouTube tutorials, some tips from an MUA friend, and a round of practice, I accepted the challenge. Lucky for me, model Angela, is a gorgeous girl who can rock any look, so despite my very amateur make up attempts. I felt pretty good about the final result, I think I captured the Dia De Los Muertos elements, but by no means should you compare my work to the pros!

Day of the Dead Make Up

I wanted to create a variety of styles to show the versatility in “skull wear”, its for everybody.  The first look I assembled, will satisfy the “hippie/boho” style in all of us; feathers, leathers, Native American patterns, turquoise, etc. Starting with a Native print skull tank from Urban Outfitters, I combined layers of turquoise, stones and earthy jewelry, cranberry velvet leggings and a calico skull backpack (from Target) to complete this look.

Day of the Dead Make Up

Skull backpack from Target.

 This Target backpack is a classic example of Sugar Skulls being printed on everyday items. 

Day of the Dead Make Up

Awww, she’s too cute to look dead!

Add earthy brown combats to the look, and bam, Native American / hippie chick rocks the SKULL!

I wanted to include a look  stuffed with super trendy staples. Midi skirts, ankle boot wedges, and crop tops are a hyper trendy combo, especially when skulls are added to the mix.

Day of the Dead Make Up

Angela models trend perfection with these red hot elements. The Jeffrey knock offs (Agaci) are studded with mini metal skulls and studs. H&M is responsible for this adorable midi skirt featuring the Sugar Skull print, yet again. I topped this look off with a studded crop top and some freaky fabulous jewelry from Atomic Lace.

Day of the Dead Make Up

“Bleeding Heart Necklace”, Atomic Lace – “Glitter Cross Earrings”, Atomic Lace 

Part of perfecting the Dia De Los Muertos make up is the hair and accessories. Most of the Sugar Skull make up looks include a crown of roses. Because I went for a dark and creepy portrayal of this look, a crown of black roses and a few plastic spiders really brought it together.

Day of the Dead Make Up

The perfect balance of beauty and death is essential to perfecting this look.

For those of us with corporate jobs full of fashion snobs, bring your skulls to the office can be a challenge! To wear your skulls to work while staying within the dress code, choose a simple “skull piece” i.e. a tank top/blouse and pair it with very plain and classic staple pieces like black pants and a solid cardigan or blazer.

How to bring your skulls to work!

How to bring your skulls to work!

 The skull image has become so main stream, there is no reason to keep it out of the workplace by putting together a professional look with some edge.

Day of the Dead Make Up

Corporate Skulls.

This particular outfit is likely a little bit too “sexy” for an office job, however you can sneak a skull tank like this one under a work skirt and blazer and make it happen! Replace the thigh high stockings with tights, and this would be a good look as well.

Day of the Dead Make Up

I personally love to jazz up my boring work wear with costume jewelry and glorious tranny accessories. A bling covered skull bracelet or ring is a great way to add a skull to a simple work outfit if you are feeling less brave.

Day of the Dead Make Up

A subtle skull print is so much more fun under a blazer than a solid colored blouse! Don’t forget about other accessories like scarves and headbands. A solid sweater or suit with a neon skull scarf or skull headband is another fun way to bear your skulls at work.

And lastly, for my favorite activity of all, the Thrift Store Challenge!

Day of the Dead Make Up

For a fun Dia De Los Muertos “costume”, I searched the  thrift stores of Aurora, IL, knowing I would be gifted with the perfect outfit. This vintage blouse displays a traditional Mexican look reflecting the cultural elements and colors of this celebration. To make it sexy and youthful I paired it with a red mini skirt and knee high leather boots. A leather vintage belt and a red rose for her hair were the perfect accessories. While this may not be a “day look” for your everyday life, it was a cute and very inexpensive way to create a Day of the Dead costume for Halloween or a Day of the Dead celebration or fair.

Day of the Dead Make Up

Besides the beautiful art, colors, and rich culture of Dia De Los Muertos traditions, I think this is a wonderful holiday to remember the loved ones in our lives that have passed. Even thought this holiday has a reputation for being scary or creepy, it is actually quite the opposite. Celebrating a life that was once lived on Earth and now may continue in another place or form is a beautiful idea to acknowledge. It brings us closer to our family and friends to reflect on the good things that our loved ones brought to the human life we knew them in. If anything, it is much more of a celebration of life than it is of death and reminds us that life is short, but through memory and spirit, a part of us can live forever in what we leave behind.

I encourage everybody to look into local Day of the Dead celebrations in your home towns and cities and immerse yourselves in the beautiful experience that it is.

Thank You

Model: Angela H.

A million thank you’s to the beautiful model, Angela H. Not only did she trust me with painting her face, but she killed every look! (No pun intended). My biggest challenge was trying to make somebody so adorable and lively look creepy and dead! Thank you for your wonderful work and your trust in me! To learn more about Angela, check her out on the “Meet the Models” page!

Contributors: Atomic Lace 

So much love for Laura of Atomic Lace for giving me the greatest creepy couture I have seen anywhere! The bleeding hearts, skulls, crosses and owls from her glitter lines are PERFECTION and I could not have perfected these looks without her magic touch! Make sure to check her out!


This has been a super busy and super wonderful month for Tio Trash. I will not be able to do as many photo shoots for awhile so I wanted to end photo shoot season with a BANG! I want to thank all of my beautiful models, my kick ass MUAs, guest photographers and contributors for all of the beautiful art and memories we have made together this far!

Thank you to my readers and fans, I live to please you all and would love to hear from you about what you would like to see more of on Tio Trash.

Stay tuned to Tio Trash for weekly fashion articles, updates and reviews, and get ready for a bigger and better than ever photo shoot season after the Winter months have melted away.

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#Halloween #Haunted #GhostStory #GaryIndiana

30 Oct

Haunted Remains


In a famous city not far from Chicago, America can see a crumbling tragedy of something that was once beautiful but is now a living nightmare of wreckage and crime. Gary, Indiana; once a successful steel town and a picture of the suburban dream, home of Michael Jackson, beautiful beaches and breath taking architecture. These days, this city is mostly know for it’s crime and destruction and is a place that most people try to avoid.

One of the philosophies behind Tio Trash and the things that inspire me as a stylist / visual story teller are finding the beauty within the down trodden parts of life. There is color, character and beauty within the hopeless, damaged and ugly things in this world if you look at it from a different set of eyes. This philosophy that really churns my artistic inspiration made some of the old locations of Gary, Indiana a perfect place to tell a story of finding the exquisite beauty inside raw devastation and ugliness.

Good friend and photographer, Tony Caldaroni has a photo collection I have always been blown away by, “Urban America – Gary Crumbles”. This stunning and emotional collection captures incredible images from the remains of some of Gary’s iconic buildings and community staples that are literally now in crumbles. The photos are both beautiful and moving, really capturing the devastation of something that was once so strong and happy. Tony approached me with the idea of putting together a Tio Trash “Halloween Fashion” shoot at some of these locations, the idea was too good to be true. With just a few days of planning, Tony and I assembled our impromptu “Tio Trash Power Team”, and created some  of the most amazing images you will see on Tio Trash.

We knew this would be a risky and even dangerous adventure, but with Tony’s experience, good planning and the much needed protection and assistance from professional body guard and friend, Jon “Big Jon” Fier, this shoot became a successful possibility, one I will never forget.

To maintain a haunting Halloween theme, I wanted to create a story that reflected not only elements of horror, but elements of lost love, tragedy, insanity, and abuse; elements as powerful as the setting we would be shooting in. I knew that Tio Trash models, Lily Savage and Yuri De Luna would be perfect for this shoot. These ladies have a powerful connection to the camera, but also to the energy in their surroundings and I knew that they would be touched on a deep level by the crumbling walls around them and the echoing voices of the past now silenced and stale in the cold murky air. This was an adventure for all of us, and together we brought and discovered life to a place that others deem as dead.

I put on my Danielle Steele hat in attempts to churn out a lusty drug store romance novel style story.

This is our story; a chilling and romantic tale, just in time for Halloween.

Eternal Bondage


An icy cold bride with an ethereal glow waits to hand over her body and soul to her waiting lover, a strong figure in black. She weeps inside as the world around her crumbles, wondering what her life could have been. She needs her lover. She wants to serve her lover. She also wants to run away and never look back, but it is too late, she no longer belongs to herself. Her fate awaits just down the aisle, with stiff hands and eyes like black holes.

The City United Methodist Churchbuilt in 1925, is the remains of a Gothic architectural masterpiece, a former pride of Gary, Indiana. This once elaborate and ornate church took high dollars to stay in its’ immaculate condition, so with the decline of Gary’s population, came the decline of the church. These remains are of a more obvious beauty; the archways, the stones, the stain glass  windows and the light streaming in through the holes in the ceiling and  floors above.

She walks slowly down the aisle,  a magnetic pull lulls her in. This is not just her future, this is her eternity.

While Tony snapped shots of my freezing beauties, I kept imagining brides of the past walking down this very aisle. Were they happy and in love? Were they sealing a fate they had to settle with for reasons they had no right to choose? What sort of secrets swirled around the enchanting air, or had they all floated away with the spirits who had been set free? People once filled this church singing, praising their God and showing up just to be seen. Life had fluidly come and gone through this beautiful building and soon it will be no more.

“I have little left in myself — I must have you. The world may laugh — may call me absurd, selfish — but it does not signify. My very soul demands you: it will be satisfied, or it will take deadly vengeance on its frame.”  ― Charlotte BrontëJane Eyre

She now belongs to her; a life full of torture and pain, yet a life she cannot exist without. Just as she fears her, she needs her. Just as she needs the blood in her body to live, she needs her lover in her soul to exist.

“You’re in my every breath and every thought, intertwined so deep inside me that love’s not a strong enough word—you have my devotion, your name branded on my soul, my wolf yours to command. A hundred years? It’ll never be enough. I want eternity.” 
― Nalini SinghKiss of Snow

She stands glowing, not with the glow of a newly wed bride, but with a glow that she must keep if she doesn’t want to be forgotten. She doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow, but she knows how her days will end.

With a beautiful church with the rich history and aesthetic details like the City United Methodist Church holds, there are so many possible stories to tell. Because of the dark romantic feeling of the structure and the energy, I wanted to tell a cheesy/steamy romance tale with a dark twist of an obsessive, desperate and dangerous love. This is the story of Jane Eyre, Phantom of the Opera, Othello and the thousands of classic love stories we know that tell this tale.

I challenged myself to style these stories using (mostly) items found from local thrift stores, also a great way to show how to assemble an inexpensive Halloween costume. The I found the white dress on Lily from Aurora Community Thrift Store in Aurora, IL. For around $10, you can find a heinous but quality prom dress from the early 2000’s (spaghetti strap/A-Line) and turn it into a costume for any time period. This dress was simple, bridal looking, and the lacy texture pattern on the dress was perfect for this ghostly bride. You can easily add toile beneath to give it some “poof”. Whether you want to be a Zombie Bride or a ghost from the past, a simple white dress is an easy thrift store find.

Lost in the Shadows


She now belongs to her lover, her master. Her soul is just a quiet shadow looming in the hallways, lost and dark. Only blackness radiates from behind her glassy eyes, and her heart, though frigid, feels love for only her master. She can always feel the coal like eyes on her at all times, she can feel her beside her, behind her, inside her and around her – even when she is nowhere to be found.

Within the massive and beautiful church are many rooms to explore. Rooms that were once classrooms, a gymnasium, a theater, and more. Rooms  that were used to educate and create. Now these rooms are filled with trash and remains of people who are wasting away. Garbage and needles cover the ground while names, threats and words of wisdom proudly mark the walls in colorful spray paint. Not only does the physical crumbling of the building speak of the local tragedy, but the stories left behind of  the lost and drug addicted people display themselves on things like mattresses, boxes and old jackets. The souls of those that lost themselves within the decrepit walls are still hiding in the shadows, weeping and begging to be released.

“Every time I close my eyes
It’s like a dark paradise
No one compares to you
I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side”

-Lana Del Rey, “Dark Paradise

And it is a life of love and agony, submission and power, giving and denying. She does not know how to love in any other way.

Old objects collect with the rubble and dust, tangent memories of people who once bustled inside this magnificent building. An empty fire place sits hollow, with nothing left to burn. It was the perfect setting for this dark romance.

“And there’s no remedy for memory your face is
Like a melody, it won’t leave my head
Your soul is haunting me and telling me
That everything is fine
But I wish I was dead”

-Lana Del Rey, “Dark Paradise

“She wanted him to tell her that when you love someone so hard and so fierce, it was all right to do things that you knew were wrong.”
― Jodi PicoultPlain Truth

City United Methodist Church

Photography By: Antony Caldaroni

“If you want to be given everything, give everything up.”
― Riley Murphy

Our dark powerful Master, is portrayed by the alluring model, Yuri De Luna. This character gave me another challenge to style via thrifting. Using satin black pants (owned prior from H&M), I stumbled upon what I fondly referred to as the “Matrix Jacket” at St. Vincent thrift store in Aurora, IL. With a simple black tank and a spooky cameo necklace from Party City, this jacket transformed her into a strong, sexy and feminine Master to be both feared and admired. It’s one of those pieces that to see it hanging alone in the thrift store, you grimace as you briefly imagine it on a short haired “Church lady” with high waisted matching pants and a turtle neck, but if you can isolate it and picture what else it can be, you can give it new life.

This doorway stands in front of what was once a gymnasium / basket ball court, now completely exposed to the outside. 

Lily Savage embodied sultry submissive perfection in this black silk gown, a timeless staple from her personal wardrobe. Although this once served as Lily’s prom dress, her prom was not as long ago as mine, (for example), and this classic style can bring simple beauty and elegance for many times to come.

Burning Desires


As she lit the darkened hallways, she watched the flames dance, little twinkles from Hell. She felt her somewhere close behind, unable to deny the burning sensation in her heart for the things she most desired.

No matter how far across the seas she had to travel, she would always return. For a woman that could have anything and everything, there was only one thing in the world she desired, and she would make sure it happened, even if it killed someone.

Here we have another thrift store win with both of these looks! The satin red dress featured on Lily, is a $7 Goodwill find. The military jacket on Yuri came from Aurora Community thrift for about $10. Both of these items make for great “old timey” costumes and can be drastically changed simply by hair and make up choices.

The Tio Trash team had a very memorable experience in the City United Methodist Church of Gary, Indiana. Exciting, moving, and even haunting for a few, there was so much beauty to be discovered beneath the piles of failure and traces of pain. Human energy was very much alive in this building as it’s now home to junkies, runaways and the people of the streets. It’s a loud presence of the past in the chillingly still down town of Gary, something to be noticed and not forgotten.

For amazing, creepy footage live from inside, check out what Lily Savage captured on her YouTube Channel: Lily Savage  !

The next stop in our fashion / photography Gary adventure was the old and abandoned, Palace Theater. The theater opened to Gary’s residents in 1925, but has been abandoned for over 40 years leaving crime, drugs, and beings unknown to take over the inside.

Step right up, and get your tickets for our next chilling tale!

The old ticket booth at the Palace Theater in Gary, Indiana.

American Mary Costume

Above the Palace Theater, remains random dilapidated apartments and offices, including a creepy old doctors office. This was the perfect set to create a kinky medical story from your wildest horror fantasies.

Model, Lily Savage, alerted me to the horror film, “American Mary“, starring horror’s sweet heart, Katharine Isabelle.

American Mary

“Doctor” Mary mutates a patient.

American Mary is the story of a medical student named Mary who is growing increasingly broke and disenchanted with medical school and the established doctors she once idolized. The allure of easy money sends a desperate Mary through the messy world of underground surgeries which leaves more marks on her than the so-called freakish clientele.” – Twisted Sisters Productions

The Doctor will see you now and she’s got what you need to feel much better. Step into my office, I will make all of your aches and pains disappear.

Inspired by the signature “Mary” look, Miss Savage assembled a black leather skirt, black tank, and black heels to become the sadistic and depraved Doctor of our story. Yuri, on the other hand, summoned her own inner demons and let the crazy take over as she became the demented loony tune patient and receiver of Doctor’s unorthodox procedures.

The patient is ready for treatment. There is no cure for her condition, but I know a very controversial procedure that might do the trick. 

I will first need to remove all sharp objects from the operating room. My patient may experience heightened strength and sensitivity and I cannot take any chances.

There is nothing to be afraid of, you are in very good hands. A little pain will be well worth it if I can get you feeling good.

A doctor should never assume that she can safely contain her patient.


Not only do these photos give me goosebumps galore, but for some reason I am hearing a thick Eastern European accent, several Rihanna songs and a little Michael Jackson as well. This scene was a creepy blast to shoot! Avoiding constant death and danger in an old crumbling building is one way to get a rush, but playing the parts of the demented doc and patient were a delightful treat for my twisted little Tio Trash starlets, who clearly NAILED IT!  It was quite amazing how rooms full of dirt and decay lent themselves so brilliantly into our stories!

This was absolutely the most interesting and exciting photography project I have ever been involved in and I can’t savor it enough!

All seriousness aside, there is no creepier place than these dark and deserted buildings in Gary, Indiana. The brutal reality of the situation is devastating, but bringing a little life and energy to a place like this is both eye opening and invigorating. My mom and her family grew up in Gary, Indiana and I have heard the stories about what a wonderful place it was to grow up before crime and poverty to their tolls.

This experience was another reminder that as ugly as life can be, there is always something beautiful to be found. Whether in a memory, a ray of hope, an unlikely or unusual prettiness or the vibrance of the human spirit, we have to look in all the crevices and corners to find what is truly beautiful.

Behind the Scenes …

City Methodist United Church

Once a beautiful church, now a junkie’s palace.

Desperation; the rough and raw reality.

Getting into character despite her surroundings.

Getting into character despite her surroundings.

Good thing we had flashlights …

Gary, Indiana

The old ticket booth from the Palace Theater.

Even I got the chills at this one!

Thank You

Antony CaldaroniPhotography, Imaging, Editing, Creative/Ideas, Trail Leader, Rock Star

Not only did Antony guide the way through these treacherous trails, I have to thank him for his real life guidance and constant support in my Tio Trash ventures. I am constantly in awe of his talent, creativity and positive energy. I am so thankful to have another experience working with him at Tio Trash! I still cannot get over these amazing photos, seriously !?!?!?!

Follow his website, AJC Imaging, to view more photos from the shoot (coming soon), and all of his other amazing photo adventures.

Jon “Big Jon” Fier: Body Guard Extraordinary, Crew Member

This mission would not have been possible without Big Jon! Gary is not exactly a place to play without supervision. We were able to keep peace of mind with Jon keeping us safe and guarded. Not only that, Jon is responsible for much of the amazing lighting and photo assistance and was an overall HUGE help! (no pun intended) Thanks a million!

Models: These ladies were such team players, hiking around in dangerous conditions, freezing their little butts off ALL DAY, and getting down and literally dirty in these filthy old buildings. Their cam chemistry is unbeatable and I couldn’t have asked for more perfect girls for this shoot! I’m glad you ladies are sick individuals and love this stuff!

Lily Savage: Model – Bride/Doctor

Once again, super star Lily brought style, energy and spunk to the Tio Trash set. With her love of horror films and all things creepy, Lily was an essential creative brain behind the stylings and shots. Her fabulous hair and make up were done herself as well!

She captured tons of creepy footage on set, make sure to tune in to her YouTube Channel: Lily Savage to check it out!

Yuri De Luna: Model – Master/Patient

Miss De Luna combined her seductive charm and love of the “dark side” to bring life and energy to the set. Her artistic eye and creative contributions kept the photos flowing all day. Her energy and humor were much needed in this depressing and cold setting to get us through the day! Love you!


Stay Trashy, Stay ALIVE!


#Vampire #HairMetal #Fangs #GlamRock #Glampire

22 Oct

Vampire Rock

There is nothing more trashlicious than 80’s Hair Metal Glam, obviously. Strung out, sweaty bodies writhing beneath skin tight leather and lycra, hair wilder than the leopard fur jackets upon padded shoulders and enough studs, spikes and chains to build a motorcycle.

Main stream fashion has been aboard the glam metal train for some time now, but it takes a confident and blood thirsty chick to pull off the head to toe look rather than just a few  isolated elements.

Motley Crue, Warrant, Guns and Roses and Cinderella show the Hair Metal staple styles

Motley Crue, Warrant, Guns and Roses and Cinderella show the Hair Metal staple styles:
(leggings, leather, wild prints, big hair, slashes, denim, studs, big shoes, bandanas, fur, hats, etc.)

Because Tio Trash is celebrating Halloween all month long, I wanted to add an element of classic horror to the Glam Metal looks I love. What is more fierce than a sexy lady vampire? Oh yea, a sexy lady vampire glam metal rocker, aka. a “Glampire“.

There is nobody better that I can think of to show you how this is done, than Chicago’s gorgeous alt model and trashionista extraordinaire, the real Lily Savage!

Vampire Chick

This Kansas born badass can teach Chicago a thing or two about the dark and sexy side of rock. The porcelain skin, raven hair beauty had to go through a small vampire transformation, but it seemed to suit her so very well. I kept garlic close to me, just in case …

The key part to any good Vampire look, is obviously the fangs. With so many fangs to choose from at your local Halloween stores, it can be difficult knowing which ones to choose. For  subtle and “natural” looking chomps, Lily recommends the Scarecrow small fangs.

To view the correct way to do it, check out Lily’s Vampire fang tutorial and review!

As for make up, vampire make up can be whatever you want it to be. Lily played the part of a Glampire, so I wanted to create a rowdy 80’s look on the eyes and classic vampire staples on the lips and cheeks. I lightened her skin with a white powder and used Lime Crime’s, Red Velvet lip velvet on her lips, for a lasting velvety blood-red pout. For her eyes I used a bright pink shadow, thick black eyeliner and enormous lashes.

Vampire Chick

I would suggest nothing other than some chunky Jeffrey Campbell’s, like these killer platform combats from Lily’s personal collection.

When you are craving a little rock and a little red meat, there is no place to grab a bite and a Bloody Mary quite like Chicago’s Lockdown Bar and Grill. Truth be told, I don’t really care what they are serving; if a place has a full outdoor wall mural dedicated to rock legends including F*ING DIMEBAG DARRELL, I am down! It just so happens, this joint has great food, drinks and music fit for a Sunday, bloody Sunday Funday for all. Thanks to Lockdown for allowing Tio Trash to rock it out!

You can’t very well be a hair banger without the constant threat of camel toe, so you will see no glam metal look of mine without skin tight leggings. When long legs are your secret weapon, why not pack a little heat with these gun printed gams from OMG Leggings ? Tribute a favorite band with a tee, in this case Gun’s and Roses, and add a glam worthy jacket like this leopard print number that’s been following me around since 2003.  Normally I would suggest lots of spiked and studded jewelry, but for that Glampire look, you want to reach for the dark side.

Just for the record, Lily had those shades before Miley!

Just for the record, Lily had those shades before Miley!

Big surprise, I get a lot of my “year round” jewelry from Halloween stores, including this skeleton lace cameo I scored from Party City for $12! Halloween stores have exaggerated versions of all the jewelry styles you love (and for le$$), spiky cuffs, chokers, blingy sunglasses and more, so make sure you stock up on your jewelry while the Halloween stores are open!

If you want quality jewelry you can snag all year round, look no further than my girl, Laura of Atomic Lace! And she keeps on doing it! Laura recommended the “Sideways Cross Ring” from the Glitter Addict Collection, the perfect mix of goth and glam!

Atomic Lace

Check it out on Atomic Lace to see it up close!

You really can’t go wrong with any Atomic Lace piece when perfecting this look!

Vampire Chick

Now that you’ve had a taste, I hope you are thirsty for more …

When it comes to metal glam, less is NEVER more. In addition to big hair and layers of every fabric imaginable, a head garment can only add to your metal glam perfection. Be it a top hat like Slash, a classic biker bandana or an occupational uniform hat, stack it up!

How could you say 'no' to this face?  You can't, you do what you are told.

How could you say ‘no’ to this face?
You can’t, you do what you are told.

The military style hat is perfect for the fearless femme Glampire. The Halloween stores are a good place to stock up on inexpensive character hats, but I found this police / nazi style hat from The Alley Chicago.

Vampire Chick

Once again, I wanted to mix fabrics and textures to build the head to toe metal glam look. In this outfit, I used velvet leopard leggings from Forever 21 to cover the necessary animal print element. These pants are perfection and a great staple item for the Tio Trash wardrobe in general. I threw some sexy lace in the center with this “Bring Me the Night” tank from H&M because it is beyond appropriate for a Glampire on the prowl. A solid red tank underneath added a pop of color, but a fun bra or bandeau underneath would be perfect for a night look. To wrap it up in some leather, I found the mother of all affordable glam jackets, right from the BOGO racks of H&M!

Skulls, skulls, skulls - I don't even need to say it.

Skulls, skulls, skulls – I don’t even need to say it.

Accessorizing this look is full of possibilities. With a classic glam metal dog collar, I added another touch of magic from Atomic Lace, because designer, Laura, will put the glitter in your glam. Keep your crosses close with these gothic style glitter cross earrings, a perfect edge for a daring Glampire. For the blood lovers, this all new “Bleeding Heart” glitter necklace will keep you salivating for your next sweet taste.

Shop Atomic Lace or Etsy – Atomic Lace !

Atomic Lace - Get there before Halloween!

Atomic Lace – Get there before Halloween!

And now, here is more of Lily being glam metal gorgeous in this look that certainly commands our attention!

Vampire Chick

Don’t look her right in the eyes …


A vampire cannot survive in sunlight, and neither can my budding photography “skills” … but I present to you a final look worth a piece of your action.

Vampire Chick

This Glampire look brings in an electric vibe, channeling the costumery of KISS and the flamboyant flash of Motley Crue. We have a lot of the classic elements going on here; leggings, spikes, cuffs, neons and hint of steampunk in this buckle halter top. The dramatic spiked cuffs and collars came from my local Halloween store a few years back and you can surely find the same looks now!

Vampire Chick hooked it up with these “Flash Lightning” leggings, which can only be paired with my most favorite Atomic Lace earrings, the glitter lightening bolts that have become a staple to my wardrobe that I can’t live without!

Vampires are another mysterious societal rage, so if you want to rock a vampire look, make it a Glampire! Vampires in pin up, burlesque, Victorian chic and emo teens are so over done! I figured that biker bars and trailer parks have to have vampires too, so I took it upon myself to dream up what they might be wearing. So pop in some fangs, tease your hair and glam it up for a night out of neck biting and bar fighting!

Putting together your own “Metal Glam Look” is easy. In fact, you probably already own all the pieces you will need! I created the “Metal Glam Guide”, the quick and easy guide to becoming a Metal Glam gal … or with a set of fangs, a Glampire!

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

 Glam Metal Style

For featured product info, visit Tio Trash on Polyvore!

Getting Metal Glam is THAT simple! And to celebrate the frightful month of Halloween (aka, October) add some fangs and a dash of blood thirsty deadness and you will be the hottest Glampire of the night!

Thank You

 Model: Lily Savage – See “Meet the Models

This girl is awesome and totally muse worthy! Check out her profile to learn more!

Location: Lockout Bar & Grill Chicago

Contributors: Laura of Atomic Lace, UrbanOG

Photos/Styling: Beth Hillstrom

Stay Trashy, Stay Thirsty!


#Halloween #Haunted #UnDead #Dolls

8 Oct

Creepy Dolls

There are few things creepier than an old (antique) porcelain doll; death frozen on her face, secrets sealed behind her glassy eyes. Strange and beautiful, this little creature remains as cold as death, but seems to have a life of it’s own …

Inspired by a combination of  “Lolita” style dresses, lace, little lost ghost girls, and looks by Lana Del Rey, I created a chilling look for October, the month where the veil between our world and the other world is the thinnest. Follow these simple ideas to create a “deathly doll” look that will linger with every step you take.

Lana Del Rey Make Up

Lively Tio Trash model, Jasmine, underwent a ghostly make over to become a perfect deathly doll. To get this ghostly complexion, I powdered her face in white  and used “mauvey” eyeshadows to contour. For her deep set eyes, I recreated an exaggerated version of Lana Del Rey’s haunting signature eye make up; nude base, dark crease, thick liner, and long lashes.

Lana Del Rey Make Up

White is always a ghostly color, by adding vintage style “pearl” cross necklace and earrings (from Forever 21), you can add a timeless touch to any simple frock.

To begin our adventure, I wanted to select the perfect cemetery to conduct this shoot. In my very own neighborhood, we found the famous Graceland Cemetery. This 190 acre cemetery was established in 1860 and is now the home of many Chicago legends, as well as wandering souls. After learning that Graceland cemetery is named one of the top haunted locations of Chicago, we wanted to be as respectful as we could be during our shoot, but I wasn’t surprised to stir up some activity. We thank the Graceland Cemetery, and it’s “residents” for hosting Tio Trash, on this sinister shoot.

For very interesting history and information on the Graceland Cemetery, CLICK HERE.

Death Quote

Lana Del Rey Make Up

In a soft pink baby doll dress from H&M, Jasmine prances through the Graceland Cemetery, looking like a lost little girl, playing between two worlds. Baby doll dresses are appearing in all colors, but you should dig from a dim and neutral palette to achieve  ghostly glamour; cream, beige, ivory, light pink, etc.

Lana Del Rey Make Up

 Cameos, pearls and rusty gold make the best accessories for a haunting look. If you do not have access to any old antiques or vintage jewelry of your own, all of your modern day jewelry suppliers, like Forever 21 and Charming Charlie’s are keeping cameos and other old favorites alive.

Lana Del Rey Make Up

I chose to pair this dress with brown combat boots, fully laced up to add an “eternal youth” to the look, rather than an adult sophistication that heels would bring. The laced up boots make the appearance more “doll like”. To dress this up, ankle boots with small heels or Mary Janes with small heels would add the timeless and youthful elements to this ghostly get up.

Lana Del Rey Make Up

Death Quote

Lana Del Rey Make Up

She sleeps, though not forever.

Because Chicago Octobers can have weather that flip flops between summer and winter temps, wool tights or knee socks are the choice way to warm up this dress for the chilliest October nights.

Death Quotes Chicago Ghost

Jasmine poses, like a wavering spirit atop a beautiful mausoleum deep inside Graceland Cemetery.

Wednesday Adams

 One of the most iconic dolls of death, is the beloved Wednesday Adams character. I wanted to created a playful innocent look, a sort of  Catholic “School Ghoul” (hahaha).  For the school girl look, knee socks will always to the trick.

Wednesday Adams

This black and white shift dress, which I fondly refer to as my “nun dress”, was an amazing Target find. If you don’t care for the shapeless cut, do the ol’ belt trick to add the desired waist line. I chose to use a white belt in order to create a pop, while keeping color to a minimum.

Wednesday Adams

I adore the plainness and simplicity of the dress, only because it allows me to dress it up myself.  A co-worker of mine brought me back this exquisite spiked “collar necklace” from a trip to Hungary, but you can find this trend almost anywhere. The collar necklace is perfect for a plain shapeless dress like this one to bring it to life ( … no pun intended).

Wednesday Adams

To accessorize, I paired the dress with my spiked shoes (a Buffalo Exchange find), a spiked cuff, a cameo ring, black rose earrings (all from Forever 21), the adorable “Game Over” ring from the fabulous, Atomic Lace and the most deliciously creepy human molar ring from Etsy (purchased so long ago, I no lover know the shop name).


“Hey, get off my grave!” – Orbs

While posing next to this beautiful ivy covered stone, Jasmine could not get comfortable for a shot. Getting goosebumbs and an uneasy feeling, we gave up on capturing this strange stone. It wasn’t until I loaded the photos that her reactions made sense to me! Below the obvious lens flare, two little orbs are making a Tio Trash debut.  We don’t know the story of this plot, or whether or not we were welcomed, but it’s clear that we stirred up some life throughout the day, and the orbs made great models!

Obviously, Jasmine was a better model, especially for being such a good sport about all of these creepy interactions with the plots!

Wednesday Adams

Another shot of the beautiful mausoleum.

Death Quote

Orb Photo

The dearly departed, J.K. Steward hosted the photos for our last look at his grand and strong mausoleum, a sign of importance and wealth.

Orb Photo

This delicate ivory lace dress is actually a 2 piece vintage wedding dress. Little lace dresses are easy to find right now thanks in part to Lana Del Rey; I have found several at H&M this season. If you can get your hands on some antique or vintage lace, it is all the better. The color and the ruffled collar were deathly perfection for putting together a porcelain doll look.

Orb Photo

I stifled the richness of the lace and the silk with harsh and stiff black pieces; the vest and the combat boots. Although the dress is beautiful on its’ own, I did not want to create a “zombie bride” look, but rather a structured outfit that belongs to no era in particular.

Orb Photo

Because of the busy textures and layering, not a lot of jewelry was needed for this. As morbid as the outfit is, I added a stroke of humor and irony in the plastic clock ring (Buffalo Exchange) and the S&M necklace from Miss May’s Creations (Etsy).

Orb photo

And what do we have in the top left corner of the mausoleum? Bad lighting? Fog? Or perhaps, J.K. Stewart himself … ?

Dead Girl

Death Quote I believe that  Jasmine and myself, have proven Loni Anderson very wrong! I rest my case … in peace.

Millions of thank you’s to the beautiful, Jasmine, for delivering another amazing shoot! You know this girl can pull it all off when she can make death look so stunning and elegant. Not to mention, I almost got her locked in the cemetery all night … yes, we had quite the adventure!

Visit Jasmine’s “Meet the Models” profile for more information!

Styling, Hair, Make Up: Beth Hillstrom – ME!

Photography/Editing: Beth Hillstrom

Location: Graceland Cemetery (Chicago, IL)

Keep coming back for more harrowing Halloween glam ALL MONTH LONG!

Stay trashy, stay alive!


#Carnival #Carnie #UrbanOG #GoodbyeSummer

23 Sep


Sticky cotton candy, glittery seats, bright lights, dirty creeps; the trashy pleasures of a carnival. Nothing celebrates home town tradition like the arrival of an old school carnival, a timeless staple of classic Americana. I have always found the rides, the food trailers, the vibrant colors, the sounds and the smells of a carnival to be beautiful and intoxicating. It’s a place of simple pleasures filled with the people from every nook and cranny of town, not just the “beautiful people”.

I have found fashion inspiration in carnivals for as long as I can remember to create a look that celebrates the playfulness, color and grit that goes inside and behind the carnival grounds. As we drift into Autumn, I wanted to create a “Farewell to Summer” celebration, with a Summer Fashion Finale at a carnival.

Seriously, beautiful.

Seriously, beautiful. (S.S.C Photography)

Growing up in the Chicago area, “Windy City Amusements” is the name we all recognize when it comes to carnivals. Because it was late in the summer when I put this shoot together, I was lucky to find a carnival for the Barlett, IL Heritage Days put on by the locally beloved, Windy City Amusements!

I teamed up with my good friend (and favorite photographer), Antony (Tony) Caldaroni, to shoot these looks with Chicago model, Nicole S. in the carnival’s full glory. Long story short, I ended up having terrible food poisoning the day of the shoot, so while I was dying in my car in the parking lot, the crew made it all happen! Tony and his wife, my dear friend Beth, Nicole, and my bestie/MUA, Mondana V., took charge and brought my vision to life in an incredible shoot! I could not have done it without these amazing people! They rocked it! I hope you enjoy these beautiful photos as much as I do!

Antony Caldaroni

Photography by Antony Caldaroni –

Nicole made the perfect “carnival cutie” as she played the role of the “small town sweetheart / carnie’s hot girlfriend”, a sexy sample of trashy, beautiful eye candy. For jewelry that shines as bright as her eyes, look nowhere else than designer, Laura Michele of Atomic Lace, a Tio Trash favorite! These electric pink glittery lightening bolt earrings bring the summer fun and kitschy glam to the carnival styles we created! Makeup artist, Mondana V. chose the delicious shade, “Candy Yum Yum” by MAC, to bring the sweet taste of summer to the center of the look.

Photography by Antony Caldaroni

Because a carnival brings the kid out of all of us, I wanted to create a girly and playful style that’s as sweet as cotton candy. This outfit is a head to toe look from my most favorite place to get the hot looks for less, The metallic silver shoes are a nostalgic throwback to us 90’s kids and ensure that Nicole is tall enough for all of the rides! An acid wash skater skirt with a tied up tee, creates the 80’s metal trash vibe that fits so wonderfully into the carnival atmosphere.

Photography by Antony Caldaroni

Nicole stops for a sweet treat, a carnival favorite. Cotton candy pink and blue creates a summertime softness, perfect for a wearable sugar high.

Photography by Antony Caldaroni

Sometimes a little of your own flavor is needed to complete a look. This rainbow horse print tee, from Urban OG, is a great piece for the Native American trend. However, I wanted to take it from the Native American trend, to the current “fantasy trend”. Using rhinestones, glitter, felt, and fabric glue, I blinged out our horse and turned him into a beautiful unicorn! Adding your own flare is a great way to re-work your old pieces and keep up with the changing trends.

Also, I wanted to keep Nicole covered in sparkles and sweetness, and this cotton candy necklace and sprinkle ring from Miss Friday’s Freakshow Treat Shoppe, do just the trick! Gummy bears, sparkles, sprinkles and more, this Etsy designer has it all! Be sure to visit her shop for unique and delicious jewelry you will crave!

Photography by Tony Caldaroni

Eat up, Nicole! We have games to play and rides to go on!

Step right up! Get your tickets to the gun show!

Photography by Antony Caldaroni

Nothing says, “God Bless America” like a hot blonde, a round of ammo and sexy gun. This outfit is all about looking like a sexy slice of cherry pie.

Photography by Antony Caldaroni

Leopard print and big shoes are sexpot secret weapons, and when paired with acid wash denim and campy couture pieces, we get the perfect carnie call girl. The red platform Van Burens by Luichiny are my favorite shoe on the planet and you will continue to see them as long as Tio Trash has a pulse. They are pure white trash, sexy perfection, and obviously perfect for this look.

Photography by Tony Caldaroni

With cherry earrings, Tio Trash signature heart sunglasses, and a pinch of salt in the popcorn necklace, we have achieved the American dream. Not all of us have a sweet tooth, and if this is the case for you, this adorable popcorn necklace from Baby Loves Pink, is the perfect little snack for that carnival flavor.

Photography by Antony Caldaroni

Sometimes fearless fashion and cool confidence makes others tremble in your presence. Don’t worry Nicole, your haters are your congratulators! (haha – not everybody at the carnival was very pleased). After all, Tio Trash is all about a badass attitude and letting your freak flag fly no matter what anyone else has to say.

Photography by Tony Caldaroni

You will hit the bullseye every time and keep all eyes on the prize with this form fitting acid wash body suit from UrbanOG and this leopard skirt from Forever 21. And always remember, if you can’t win the trophy, you can be the trophy.

Photography by Antony Caldaroni

When you’ve played all of the games you can and eaten deep fried delicatessens to your heart’s content, it’s time for a girl to cause a little trouble and have some harmless American summer fun!

Photography by Tony Caldaroni

As the center of attention, she’s got the boys spinning in those striped short shorts, a great way to show some booty and leg but keep covered while you play. Although she’s stirring up some trouble, Nicole comes in peace, shown by this “Peace of America” top by Urban OG.

Photography by Tony Caldaroni

The cotton candy goodness never ends. These adorable life like earrings (one pink, one blue) are available from the amazing jewelry designer, Ashley from The Great Vorelli on Etsy, a shop full of lots of life like little goodies!

Photography by Tony Caldaroni

Nicole cozies up to her man, giving him a little sweetness for his long day in the summer heat. You can’t look that good and not go home with a charming bad boy, the King of the Carnival; a match made in carnie heaven.

Photography by Tony Caldaroni.

I felt that these white fringe ankle boots (a lucky Ebay score), really brought this outfit home. I wanted this outfit to be the representation of an American Summer.  The U.S.A flag heart sunglasses and the boots give a timeless flare to the trendiness of the shorts and top. The Hello Kitty necklace and the cotton candy earrings keep it young and sweet even though it is wild and sexy. It is every element you remember about being a teenage girl, and you can wear these memories with a kick ass outfit. If you love it as much as I do, you can fold it up and save it for later …  🙂

Photography by Tony Caldaroni

That’s right, a visit to the carnival is a prize every time! Carnivals are usually put on to celebrate long time traditions in your home town, and create memories and a sense of security when we can revisit them. The rides become scarier the older we get and the tickets get more and more expensive, but that youthful magic never fades. Where else can you eat a deep fried Twinkie without shame or judgement? Where else can you fondly remember the times you snuck vodka in a water bottle to ride the Tilt-A-Whirl with high school friends? Where else can you seal your puppy love with a cheap oversized stuffed animal won just for you from your first boyfriend?

A carnival, my friends. It’s one of the remaining pieces of  “old school” American culture, untarnished by modern technology and demands. It’s beautiful simplicity, yet colorful, bright, exciting, and just the deep fried smell in the air gives you butterflies with memories of moments past. The carnival is for all of us. Every couple, every young family, every carnie, every group of high school kids you see there is an important part of that town, that story, and they are coming together to a place that knows no class to celebrate and live the true grit of an American summer, a teenage wasteland and the connection we will always have to the places we are from, no matter how long ago we left them.

Goodbye, Summer! We will see you again soon!

Carnival of Trash

Shout outs and love to the amazing and talented Jewelry designers:

The delicious jewelry from the shoot!

The delicious jewelry from the shoot!
Lightening Bolt Earrings from the wonderful Atomic Lace!

When it comes to jewelry, I always rock the costume jewelry. I especially believe in supporting artists who create unique hand made pieces. A true artist knows how to make a piece that tells a story and not just mass produce a trend. Thank you to all of these amazing Etsy artists and the exception on the far Right, the Queen herself, Miss Betsey Johnson  (the gummy bear knucks and heart rainbow ring).

Carnival Jewelry

Pieces by Miss Friday Mourning from
Miss Friday’s Freakshow Treat Shoppe

Carnival Jewelry

Necklace By Baby Loves Pink

Cotton Candy Earrings

Cotton Candy Earrings by The Great Vorelli shop on Etsy

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.21.43 PM

Big Thank You to Bartlett Heritage Days and Windy City Amusements crew for helping us and playing along with our photo shoot!

I would also like to thank the amazing photographer, who continues to amaze and inspire me as an artist, Tony Caldaroni and his beautiful wife, Beth. Please visit Tony’s site for moving and breath taking photography, AJC Imaging. It is pure magic. He really brought my visions to life and beautifully captured every inch of this experience. Find out more about Tony’s experience behind the lens at this photo shoot, and how he created these beautiful images! CLICK HERE!

Thank you to the beautiful model, Nicole S. for rocking this shoot with a fierce attitude, and being such a good sport about all of the Tio Trash fun! AND for looking flawless in the intense heat of that afternoon!  See more of Nicole on her Model Mayhem Profile!

My best friend and make up artist, Mondana Vaziri, for the beautiful hair and make up and hauling ass to assist me at 8:00 am after a long week of nursing school AND for taking charge of handling the wardrobe while my ass slept in the car!

It was a great summer of trashy magic and amazing photo shoots at Tio Trash! I am blessed in working with the best and most talented models, designers, photographers and MUAs around!

Our very first summer has ended and now its’ time for creepy awesomeness for Fall and Halloween at Tio Trash! Thank you for following!

Stay Trashy!


#Rock #RockTees #FallFashion #RockChick

10 Sep

Rocker Tees

Band Shirts

Meet model Barbie C. and photography by, Gearless Chris Productions!

There is nothing better than a comfy classic “band tee”. You can rep your favorite bands with a flannel and jeans, dressed up with leather or with fish nets and heels; this is a staple with unlimited options. Soft, tight, baggy, or shredded, we all have tons of band tees in our wardrobes and we can dress them up no matter the mood we are in or what the trend of the moment is.

Long time friend and model, Barbie C. of Chicago and photographer Chris Goller of Gearless Chris Productions joined forces with Tio Trash to show some of my favorite band tees and band accessories and the many ways to rock them! Both being hot shots in the sky diving community, the Barbie and Chris duo knew how to bring a fearless attitude to the Tio Trash set!

Metal Noir Tee - Forever 21 Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Metal Noir Tee – Forever 21
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

There is no hotter rock chick than a metal chick. When I think of things that go with a metal chick, I think tattoos, fish nets, roller derby, cigarettes and a badass attitude.  Even though our band tees can be a cozy comfort, there are times we want to sex them up for a hot night out at the club or a show. This  “Metal Noir”  crop from Forever 21 is great way to show off that inky flesh. I paired this crop with netted tights, leg warmers, combat boots, and red “booty shorts” from Lovers Lane to give her a derby look.  The handcuff and spiked accessories come from one of my favorite places to get jewelry, the pop up Halloween Express stores!

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Who says rocker chicks can’t pop a little booty?
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

This shirt has more shred than Dimebag Darell, and if you didn’t buy it that way, you can always make your own!

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

“In a world of metal magic
magic never ends.”
– Pantera
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

So not all rocker chicks are metal heads, but any band tee can turn into a sexy club outfit with a pair of scissors and some edgy accessories.

All of my readers know that Tio Trash loves her some funky leggings. Like your band tees, a fun pair of leggings can go with anything; thus the two shalt meet.

Rock and skulls go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the right accessories can take your look from metal, to trippy hippy.

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

H&M Skull Leggings with Pink Floyd Tee from Apricot Lane
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

This soft and comfy Pink Floyd tee made a great match with my favorite H&M sugar skull leggings, the combats, and lots of copper, beaded and turquoise jewelry. This is a more “everyday” way to rep your favorite bands in comfort with more of a chilled out vibe.

Gearless Chris Productions

Comfortably numb … or maybe just comfortable.
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

I dedicated this look to one of the most special people in my life and die hard Pink Floyd fan, Joel Simpson of Peoria.

For sexy AND comfy, I think some good old jorts give you the best of both worlds. Bar hopping, concert going, summer BBQs, you name it, a good denim short can show some skin without slipping a Britney. With a body like Barbie C., the shorter, the better, but whatever length you like to wear, the jort will never fail you.

Gearless Chris Productions

ACDC Shirt from Forever 21 and denim “booty shorts” from Lovers Lane.
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Depending on the occasion, you can throw on some cowboy boots, wedges, or even flip flops to choose the mood of the jorts. And if you know Tio Trash, you know I’m going to throw some gaudy gold at the situation with a killer necklace. Seriously though!? My girl Janine Basil, has done it again with this amazing “Love Hate Fists Necklace” available from her Etsy shop.

Gearless Chris

“Love Hate Fists” Necklace by Janine Basil – Click Here
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Whoever said “less is more” made absolutely no sense. Less is not more, and physics can prove it! I think MORE is more and MORE is BETTER! Especially when it comes to over the top accessories like spikes!

Whether it’s of our own volition, parental influence, or the mass presence of it in current popular fashion, A LOT of us ladies are rolling with the Stones. I happen to be an authentic fan to the core, thanks to my dad, but the Rolling Stones are classic and lovable to most. They are my Beatles.

The Rolling Stones “logo art” has become a symbol in rock and roll as a whole, not just the band itself, so of course any of my Stones tees are in the main rotation of my wardrobe and deserve a little love and bling.

Gearless Chris Productions

“You make a grown man cry, you make a dead man come.” – Rolling Stones
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

You can find spiked and studded swag on just about anything these days! The shoes, a Tio Trash favorite, are available at Target. The studded fanny pack, available from Urban Outfitters. This rad ass jacket came from Mod Clothe a few years back but such jackets are becoming more available from your everyday stores. Lastly, the studded hat, is a Tio fave I scored from Charlotte Russe. I went with a simple but sexy black legging, from Forever 21, and of course, a good ol’ Stones tee and lot’s of bling.

Gearless Chris Productions

Check out those knucks, T-I-O!
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Let’s talk about these leggings for a tick; these are hot! Cheap and available from Forever 21, they are the (very) poor gal’s quick fix for that Toxic Vision feel, a brand I hold in my highest designer dreams and wishes …

The real deal ... droooool. (Look away before it's too late!) Toxic Vision

The real deal … droooool.
(Look away before it’s too late!)
Toxic Vision

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

“You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon, and you’ve got the Rolling Stones.”
– Keith Richards
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Thanks to designers and artists from communities like Etsy, we don’t have to limit our fan love to the usual commercial t-shirts, hats, wristbands and hoodies. We can buy our favorite bands stamped on just about anything! Etsy is my my favorite place to scour for the unusual, but especially when it comes to my musical must haves, like PANTERA! Hot Topic can’t turn me into “Dimebag Carol” quite like the wonderful artists of Etsy can, so be sure to scope it out for your faves!

X Rated Dress Nasty Gal

Dimebag Darell Necklace by Miss Mays Misfit Creations <– Etsy
+ “X Rated Dress” By Nasty Gal
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

This Nasty Gal “X – Rated Dress” is an oldie, but a classic. It’s perfect for rock concerts with your most insane pair of boots.

Nasty Gal X-Rated Dress

“You can’t be something you’re not be yourself, by yourself.”
– Pantera
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Dimebag is one of my favorite musicians of all times and will never be forgotten by Rock. He got me through a lot of tough workouts, break ups, and bad days, so I like to immortalize him in my jewelry. Miss Mays Misfit Creations made my life complete when I stumbled upon this Dimebag necklace! You can fine a ring or necklace at her shop for just about anything you can imagine, custom orders as well!

When I think of accessorizing this dress, I think of cuffs, leather and my personal pair of red boots. These boots have seen a lot of life and I can’t ever let them go! There were a barter with a Russian gypsy I made in Venice Beach several years ago and took me on some crazy adventures back in La La Land. A pop of color or texture on the feet liven up the dress, and if you like the dress but want to cover up more, add tights, a hot leather jacket and maybe a beanie.

Gearless Chris Productions

“The worst advice I ever received from my dad was to play by the book.”
– Dimebag Darrell #Truth
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

X Rated Dress Nasty Gal

“Music drives you. It wakes you up, it gets you pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down.”
– Dimebag Darrell
Photo(s) By Gearless Chris Productions

And just for fun …

Who say’s blonde Barbies can’t be badass rocker chicks? Barbie C., brought lots of edge and sex appeal to Tio Trash. A pro sky diver and free spirit, Barbie showed us the side of “Barbie” you haven’t met!

Tattoo Barbie

A different kind of bombshell.
Photo(s) By Gearless Chris Productions

To recap:

Those old (and new) band tees will fit in your closet forever. Whether you mix them with denim, leather, spandex, or latex, you can fit them into any style you desire. A tee shirt isn’t destined to be with just a pair of ripped jeans, your band tees can rock with them all!

A big thank you to my wonderful model and friend, Barbie C. and the amazing and talented photographer, Chris Goller – be sure to check out his killer photos and sky diving adventures on the Gearless Chris Productions Fan Page!

Rock out with your Trash out,


Visit the beautiful Barbie C. on the Meet The Models page!

Gearless Chris Productions

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