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26 Dec

Holiday Style

Can it be that Christmas 2013 has come and gone so quickly? Indeed, it has! I hope all of my fellow Trashionistas are able to unwind from good eating, happy times, and fabulous gifts, I know I can!

While your Christmas hangovers begin and real life creeps back in, I want to share with you one final Holiday story. This is a story of an adorable little Christmas doll, otherwise known as Chicago model, Satanás Castro, who got dolled up for Tio Trash in a fabulous holiday photo shoot!

The windows of the Social Media fashion world are recently a buzz with a new phenomenon; Korean made baby doll dresses, frilly coats, and girl fashion delights. The images we have seen have gone viral and can be found from a multitude of vendors at often  affordable prices.

Look familiar?

Sample from TideBuy.com

Sample from TideBuy.com

If you have an Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr, than I am guessing you have seen ads for dresses like these.

Feminine, frilly and delicate, I too found myself deep in the Korean abyss of one such distributor, TideBuy.com. This is a great site and the prices go up and down almost daily, so keep watch for hot deals! A slew of adorable dresses arrived into my open arms in a very timely fashion. All you need to know about this clothing is that you should order a size or 2 larger than you normally would, and don’t except “high” quality dresses. Come on, these are budget friendly novelty goods, they work great for what you need them for, but don’t expect designer quality.

All of the dresses I received made me think of Lana Del Rey, Lolita style, “baby dolls”, or all of the above. My Trash wheels got to turning and my love for the Chucky franchise merged with a magical Christmas feeling and thus I created, the Holiday Baby Doll look book!

Chicago model Satanás Castro was literally “dolled” up by Tio Trash make up artist, Mondana Vaziri and we turned the beautiful Palmer House Hilton hotel into our own medley of “Babes in Toyland” meets “The Shining”, and the results were beautiful!

Korean Dresses

A “twin-less” tribute to The Shining, Satanas dons the elegant hallways of the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel in an ivory white dress from TideBuy.com. This is a soft satin blend baby doll dress with lace details and a small belt.

Korean Dress

This dress looked adorable with almost any color tights I paired it with. My favorite look however, was the harsh contrast of the black lace tights and a simple black ankle boot. The handbag is a 1950s vintage piece from Etsy Shop, “Not Over It Vintage”. In addition to the pearly purse, I used a choker style, vintage pearl necklace (circa 1960s) from Etsy Shop, “Lorenzo Mele“. There is some light gold threading in the lace detail of the dress so I used a pair of art deco style gold earrings to complete the accessories.

All Dolled Up.

All Dolled Up.

This dress can be dressed up as shown, but also looks fantastic with bare legs and flats for the Spring/Summer months, definitely something I could see Miss Del Rey wearing. Because of the timeless simplicity of the dress, you can get away with using any era or style of jewelry, as shown here.

Doll Make Up

The ivory dress and that porcelain skin are just the match for making this baby doll dress perfect for this real life doll look!

Candy Land

Christmas may have Halloween beat when it comes to sweet treats and candy filled dreams. From Gingerbread houses to candy canes, Sugar Plum fairies to chocolate Santa’s; Christmas time is a time to serve that sweet tooth!

Korean Dresses

This candy pink dress brings out all of the feelings you had as a young girl on Christmas morning. Nothing could make it sweeter than a little bit of candy. In this case, my beloved Betsey Johnson Gummy Bear set (ring + necklace).

Betsey Johnson Gummy Bears

Available in many different styles and pieces!



Forget “Elf on a Shelf”, this baby doll look is MUCH more fun! This dress also looks great with all different colored tights and accessories. Fun flirty printed tights are a good match for a dress like this, but the gray tights and the simple nude kitten heels added an element of warmth to this light and frilly feeling.

Korean Dresses

Blending with the beauty of the beautiful and famous foyer of the Palmer House Hilton Hotel (Chicago).

The thick pearl detail on the collar of this dress give the dress the ability to use very little jewelry, I however continued to add the Gummy Bear necklace, fun large gold earrings, and several sweet rings to really dec it out.

Korean Dress


Christmas Doll

Korean Dress

What could be griller than polka dots and pearls? This black velvet polka dot dress is sweet and sassy, everything that girls are made of! The rich velvet and ivory lace collar of the dress make it a perfect holiday fashion choice. It’s warm, playful and can be accessorized in infinite ways!

Korean Dress

Once again, this dress worked well with many different styles and colored tights. I thought the black thigh high stockings with the bow added just a little bit of “naughty” to this nice and innocent ensemble. I kept the shoes simple and decided to have my fun with the jewelry!

Why so sad, Satana? Im sure you made it on Santa's "Nice" list ... lol.

Why so sad, Satana? Im sure you made it on Santa’s “Nice” list … lol.

Girls wish for all kinds of presents every Christmas. Little girls dream of ponies and dolls, and big girls dream of diamonds, pearls and Chanel. Playing up on this idea, I wanted to use gaudy pink plastic jewelry to contrast the “prim and proper” classic look of the polkadots and pearls. The plastic mock Chanel earrings are from a neighborhood favorite shop, Ragstock (Chicago) and the pink pegasus ring is available from Etsy Shop, “Miss Friday Mourning“.

Awww, a little lost doll!

Awww, a little lost doll!

Wandering the corridors of the Palmer House Hilton Hotel, this little doll is just looking for a home this Christmas …

Nautical Gifts

Korean DressThis little black dress immediately reminded me of a little sailor outfit! Gold nautical accessories are fun year round and a perfect complement to this dress! To keep the Christmas holiday present in the nautical theme, I added a pair of red plaid Christmas colored tights, thick wool leg warmers, and a knit beanie to top it off.

Korean DressesSomeone must have been an angel this year with that pile of presents!

Korean DressesBecause of the sheer and light material of this dress, layering the leg wear is necessary to pull it off in a Chicago winter. Knit scarves, hats, and leg warmers add texture to this dress for a warmer feel.

The final touch of Christmas magic!

The final touch of Christmas magic!

As you can see, there are so many ways to take these popular dresses, and make them your own! Due to the popularity of these Korean treasures,  millions of girls will  have the same dresses, but there is no reason you can’t be one of a kind in the way you wear it! I chose to style these dresses with a winter holiday sparkle, but I would love to see lot’s of other ideas as well!

If you can’t resist the urge to get on board the “Korean baby doll dress” train, I personally had a great experience with TideBuy.com. Remember to watch for flash sales, go for a larger size, and be realistic about the quality expectations. These are super trendy and hot items, so there is no need to spend a fortune or expect eternal strength quality on this fad.

Although Christmas is over, if you are looking for a fun way to spend a little Christmas money, I suggest splurging on a Korean baby doll dress of your own, and styling it in your own unique way!

I hope all had a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season!

Stay trashy, my dolls!


Thank You


A big thank you to the stunning and delightful, Satanás Castro! This Chicago model transformed from an edgy alternative beauty into a picture perfect little doll! She is taking the Chicago modeling scene by storm so be sure to check out all of her amazing projects and photos by becoming a fan of her Facebook Page! Expect to see more of this fantastic lady at Tio Trash! For more information, check out her “Meet the Models” profile.

Hair and Make Up:

Tio Trash Make Up Artist, Mondana Vaziri has done it again! She created the perfect doll face make over, cute and creepy, the Tio Trash way. After only one round of practice (on MY face), she nailed this look and brought the doll look to life! Special thanks to her creative assistance and directing as well in making these wonderful images on set!


The Palmer House Hilton Chicago has been my favorite hotel since I was a little girl. My parents were once married here and it has been a favorite family stay for as long as I can remember. This hotel always feels magical, but no place in Chicago does Christmas like the Palmer House. It graciously served as the perfect “Doll House” as well! Much love!


The featured dresses are from the Korean distributors, TideBuy.com. Adorable dresses and great customer service. This is a love affair. Thank you!


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