#BlackFriday #Thanksgiving #Turkey #Twerky

29 Nov

Black Friday Chicago

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Black Friday has pushed through the under bellies of Hell like a giant grey cocaine snake shit. Thanksgiving isn’t a normally a holiday associated with fashion, but rather obtaining the stretchiest pants possible. Christmas gets to have all the fun with fabulous ugly sweaters and seasonal accessories, so why not spend as much time dressing yourself as you do the turkey next Thanksgiving!

When I think of colors that best represent Thanksgiving, I think of warm fall colors and jewel tones as rich as a flavorful Thanksgiving feast. I put together a variety of looks that would be both fun and cozy for Thanksgiving! Hey, just because Thanksgiving is a whole year away doesn’t mean you can’t score some Black Friday steals for next year’s festivities!


If you are looking for kitschy fun foody jewelry, look nowhere else but the wonderful world of Etsy. This ring is one of my faves!

Corduroys and cozy socks, seasonal and stretchy!


For the fancier feaster:


And for those of you who are like me, you will need to make Thanksgiving a costume party, even if you are the only one in attendance.


Load your plates and load your shopping bags so you can add some flavor to your Thanksgiving celebration!

Be thankful, be trashy!



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