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22 Nov

Dixie Savage

You have seen this girl on Tio Trash, but now it’s time to get to know the Queen of the Undead Trailer Park in the first ever, Tio Trash: Femme Fatal Friday, where I will show you, my favorite bad ass chicks!

"Glampire" Shoot - October 2013

“Glampire” Shoot – October 2013

Miss Savage is a stylish beauty with a dark side and a light heart. At only 18 years old, she is somebody to keep on your radar, because she is doing some pretty huge things! From modeling and fashion to music and making videos for her growing YouTube channel, this chick does it all. For all of you fans of horror, rock, goth, burlesque and all things trashlicious, Dixie Savage is your star. Witty, funny, and smart, Dixie has opened up to Tio Trash proving there is a whole lot more to this girl than being ridiculously good looking.

Lucky for you, Dixie Savage was kind enough to answer a slew of questions I had for her and you won’t want to skip a word of this interview!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.45.28 PM


Photography By  Cody Healy

Photography By Cody Healy

Tio Trash:Where were you born? Where did you grow up?
Dixie Savage:
I was born in a little town outside of Wichita called Andover. But when I was really little we lived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the summers and off seasons, then visited less frequently as I got older.
Tio Trash: What brought you to Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
My mom and I HATED Kansas and needed a new start, so we considered different cities, like Nashville and Vegas, but on a whim we basically picked a place with a good high school in Chicago, and in a month we moved!
Tio Trash: What sort of projects are you currently involved with?
Dixie Savage:
Currently just different projects for youtube, Modeling has been put on a back burner, and a real career has come forth.
An amazing shot by photographer, Franka Del Santo.

An amazing shot by photographer, Franka Del Santo.

Tio Trash: What are your future plans?
Dixie Savage:
Really my goals in life are being the queen of the undead trailer park! I want punk bands to write songs about me, like how the Misfits did. I WANT 13 YEAR OLDS TO HAVE MY POSTERS ON THEIR WALLS! Basically I just want to inspire little me’s like how Elvira and other idols of mine inspired me.
Kick ass poster?

Kick ass poster?

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.52.43 PM
Tio Trash: What do you like about Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
I love the teeny tiny bits of everything! Every Ethnicity has at least its own block, sometimes their own district. I think its amazing! Where i’m from we have the sticks, the trailer parks, the ghetto, and the golfcourses.
Tio Trash: What do you dislike about Chicago
Dixie Savage:
The lack of drive in (some) people, and the total lack of manners and basic human decencies. Drives me crazy!
Tio Trash: What is your favorite place to eat in Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
Ugh i love food that’s hard…Dang…I love the Rosebud on Superior street. I have a thing for the Mob so at certain hours that place is a real gem.
Tio Trash: Best discovery you’ve made in Chicago?
Dixie Savage:
EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. The world is a tiny, TINY place. You walk five feet and meet someone who grew up in your town, and walk five more feet then youre in a whole new neighborhood. Its crazy!
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.57.14 PM
Dixie Savage
Tio Trash: How would you describe your style?
Dixie Savage:
My style… Hooker Vampira…But at less desirable times its as lazy as street punk with great hair.
Tio Trash: Where are your favorite places to shop (designers, stores, online, etc.)
Dixie Savage:
I love to shop, but shopping doesn’t love me lol. I really like Pin-up Girl Clothing, Etsy has great things like MarthaRotten and BillyBlue22. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but what i have from them i wear all the time. Then just places like H&M/Forever 21 for the bulk of my wadrobe. Cant forget Target either!
Tio Trash: Who are your style icons?
Dixie Savage:
Elvira/Vampira obviously, Dita Von Teese of course, my car is after all named after her, Joan Jett…mostly amazing women with black hair lol. The Lunachicks too!
Tio Trash: What is your dream item of clothing that you would love to own?
Dixie Savage:
Everything Prada and Dior…and Alexander McQueen, and Galliano, and well…All of the fantastically inspired designers who bring a sense of whimsy into their worlds everyday, but with a bitch slap of class.
Tio Trash: What was your most epic costume? (Halloween or otherwise?)
Dixie Savage:
Well…I cosplayed a LOT until the last year of highschool, and one time, my favorite cosplay actually, i was Lamia from the manga Raiders. I made a 5 foot sword complete with 6 lbs of heavy duty chain. It was impressive!
Tio Trash: If you had to give girls one piece of style advice, what would it be?
Dixie Savage:
Trends will always go out of style, and if you’re gonna be tacky, be it because you wanted to be, not because someone was wearing army pants and flip flops.
Tio Trash: How do you keep your skin so flawless!?
Dixie Savage:
My skin….Well for one thing its ombre because in middle school I thought white, WHITE skin was the most beautiful with black hair, and didnt quite get the rest of my body as pale lol. So its very far from perfect when from your shoulders down youre tan. But as far as acne, ACUTAAAAAAANE! I had it my freshman year and from there its been great! I wear sunscreen and wear lotion, exfoliate when I can, and moisturize. I’m not very good at high maintenance, so nothing too fancy.
Tio Trash: What is your normal “beauty” routine?
Dixie Savage:
 I really have none lol. I wake up, have my sweet tea, brush my teeth and apply my makeup. At night i just use an exfoliating makeup wipe, brush my teeth again, then sleep! lol and in the shower the only special thing i do besides the usual is use a sea scrub with those puff things and then lotion, keeps the skin glorious!
Tio Trash: What are your staple/favorite make up products?
Dixie Savage:
Eyeliner and red lipstick! All a girl ever needs.
Beauty Weapons
Tio Trash: Do you have a signature scent? (perfume)
Dixie Savage:
I have a few! I LOVE Estee’s “Bronze Goddess” for everyday, it smells like you just got inside from a beach, but for darker scents Kat Von D’s “Sinner” is a long time favorite.
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 1.08.26 PM
Tio Trash:  What are some of the funnest / most memorable projects and photo shoots you’ve been involved with?
Dixie Savage:
 Definitely the church/theatre shoot i did with you guys! It was killer! (Tio Trash and photographer Antony Caldaroni)
City United Methodist Church

Photography By: AJC Imaging

Tio Trash: What is the “creepiest” place you’ve ever been to?
Dixie Savage:
Theres a lot of creepy places i’ve been, but the creepiest…hmm…When i had to walk to the impound in the underground highway of Chicago for an hour! I wouldnt wish it upon my enemy! lol
Tio Trash:  What sort of “random” places/events do you like to visit?
Dixie Savage:
I love conventions, horror conventions, anime, steampunk, you name it, i’m there! And around halloween if i see a store i HAVE to go in, like its not an option.
Tio Trash: What do you most like to do for fun?
Dixie Savage:
For fun…I drive! I love driving, I have my friends over for movie night, i netflix for hours, but concerts are the most fun for me, i love them!
Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 2.56.51 PM
 Tio Trash: What is your dream job?
Dixie Savage:
 My dream job would be a horror host…the cheesy puns and bad jokes is what i was made for.
 Tio Trash:  When did you become interested in making videos? Why do you make them?
Dixie Savage:
Well, ive always been interested in youtube, in fact theres a god awful video floating around from the 6th grade which is simply atrocious, but finding a way in and the know how is what took me so long! I make them, in a way, to become a different type of public figure. Im not into beauty, but I care about appearance, I love music and I love the people that make it. And I live for horror. I kind of just want to create a channel where people of all types can join up with a love for the guts and glory of the undead lifestyle.
 Tio Trash: What was your favorite video to make? (so far)
Dixie Savage:
I love doing convention videos! Making people who dont get to go, get the experience of what it would be like! When I miss a convention I always search for videos to see exactly what I missed lol.
 Tio Trash: What people would you LOVE to interview?
Dixie Savage:
I would KILL to interview Tom Waits. My love for him is undying, he has 2 parts to his Doom and Glitter Live album, and when I drive on a calm day I just love to listen to the storyteller CD  “Tom Tales.” He’s truly just such a great inspiration for me, and so many others. However I think I would fall over overwhelmed as soon as he said “well…”
TIO TRASH: Ummm, yea, she got to interview Voltaire, and it is BRILLIANT!
 Tio Trash: Do you have any additional “artistic” talents and interests?
Dixie Savage:
I used to be a fantastic belly dancer! But when I moved I never found a studio I loved as much as my first. Now In my spare time I paint! Nothing fancy, just doodles with a paint brush really lol. And I can sometimes cary some sort of tune.
 Tio Trash: Who inspires you? Why?
Dixie Savage:
The people that inspire me are endless. Tom Waits for his pure gritty talents and unwavering creativity, Dita for sticking to her black hair and creating an image so strong she’s a household name. Elvira for being so sexy and funny at the same time (not to mention she also got out of Kansas), Dolly Parton for being herself! How many other people can play guitar like that with nails that long?! I just love the people who take what they are, and go so far with it from being genuine. Having such great character and charisma, strength…Its amazing.
Damn! Good point with the nails ...

Damn! Good point with the nails …

 Tio Trash: Do you have a specific “audience” you hope to reach?
Dixie Savage:
I want to reach everyone. Kids, women, men, generations before and after me. I want my stories, the stories of those who inspired me, and the stories of those who I inspired to flourish. I believe in passion, and those who follow their own until success and so much farther.
Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 3.04.06 PM
 Tio Trash:  What are your top 10 fave musical artists/bands?
Dixie Savage:
Tom Waits, Nick Cave/Bad Seeds, Koffin Kats, Ella Fitzgerald, Lunachicks, The Misfits, The Cure, François Hardy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Cramps …
 Tio Trash: What song best describes you?
Dixie Savage:
 I like to think of myself as “Shes My Witch” by Kip Tyler, but as far as my personality over all…probably “Simple Man” by Skynyrd lol, I believe in living life as it comes, and doing your best to be a fantastic person. When that song comes in I snap into bluesy redneck mode and sing it with like the passion of 1000 cowboys!
Photography By (c) Yaz Majeed

Photography By (c) Yaz Majeed

 Tio Trash: What is the best concert you have attended and why?
Dixie Savage:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds! I saw them April of 2013 and I’m Pretty sure I cried at some point. they had such power and energy! I have never seen anything like it. Everyone and their cat MUST go see them. But my dream concert would be Tom Waits, but I would probably just be crying at the foot of his stage the whole time lol.
Well Tom, she's WAITING for you ... (bahaha).

Well Tom, she’s WAITING for you … (bahaha).

 Tio Trash: In your opinion, what is the best stripper song ever?
Dixie Savage:
All right, this is a serious question. There are two OBVIOUS answers to this question, but this depends on moods. To make the audience cry about ex girlfriends one must dance to “Aint No Sunshine” by Bill Withers, but if one is looking for the dollars…”Cherry Pie” by Warrant is the only option. Lots of hair flipping opportunities ( I mean come on, look at the video.)
Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 3.08.19 PM
Favorite Movie?

Dixie Savage: My favorite movie right now is the amazing “American Mary”, its 10 shades of awesome. Favorite movie of all time…probably “House of 1000 Corpses”/”Devils Rejects”.

Favorite TV Show?


Dream car?

Dixie Savage: I WILL have a 57 Chevrolet one day, In all black, with chrome. It gets no better. (of course With Cheetah interior)


Dixie Savage: I really like all art l (but) I really love Queenies paintings from Pocket Full of Posiez! Mark Ryden as well.

Guilty Pleasures?

Dixie Savage: I really like “Yes” from LMFAO…its like a power jam

Random facts?

Dixie Savage:

* I have seen Rob Zombie 4 times live.

* If youre in the car with me theres a 99% chance it will always be on the classic rock channels.

* I cant stand the sound of holograms or aluminum.

* I never got to take any art classes, I graduated a year early from high school and dropped out of culinary school.

* My first love was in the sticks of Oklahoma when I was 12.

* I have a cat named Boo.

*I’ve had the same Misfits shirt that I wear all the time that i cant get the smell of beer, sweat, and hairspray out of due to the amount of concerts its suffered through.

* Im Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw.

* I’m 5’10

* My accent peaks out at awful times (don’t ask me to say dirt or dang).

* Oh yeah, my favorite food is a milkshake… probably the most important fact about me. LOL

A milkshake, WILL in fact, bring Miss Savage to the yard.

A milkshake, WILL in fact, bring Miss Savage to the yard.

Bar 2

Well Trashionistas, I hope you are loving Miss Savage as much as we do at Tio Trash! Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube Channel AND Like her Facebook Page (Dixie Savage) to keep up with her many adventures!
Dixie Savage
Have a fabulous, fierce FRIDAY and a very trashy weekend!

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