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22 Oct

Vampire Rock

There is nothing more trashlicious than 80’s Hair Metal Glam, obviously. Strung out, sweaty bodies writhing beneath skin tight leather and lycra, hair wilder than the leopard fur jackets upon padded shoulders and enough studs, spikes and chains to build a motorcycle.

Main stream fashion has been aboard the glam metal train for some time now, but it takes a confident and blood thirsty chick to pull off the head to toe look rather than just a few  isolated elements.

Motley Crue, Warrant, Guns and Roses and Cinderella show the Hair Metal staple styles

Motley Crue, Warrant, Guns and Roses and Cinderella show the Hair Metal staple styles:
(leggings, leather, wild prints, big hair, slashes, denim, studs, big shoes, bandanas, fur, hats, etc.)

Because Tio Trash is celebrating Halloween all month long, I wanted to add an element of classic horror to the Glam Metal looks I love. What is more fierce than a sexy lady vampire? Oh yea, a sexy lady vampire glam metal rocker, aka. a “Glampire“.

There is nobody better that I can think of to show you how this is done, than Chicago’s gorgeous alt model and trashionista extraordinaire, the real Lily Savage!

Vampire Chick

This Kansas born badass can teach Chicago a thing or two about the dark and sexy side of rock. The porcelain skin, raven hair beauty had to go through a small vampire transformation, but it seemed to suit her so very well. I kept garlic close to me, just in case …

The key part to any good Vampire look, is obviously the fangs. With so many fangs to choose from at your local Halloween stores, it can be difficult knowing which ones to choose. For  subtle and “natural” looking chomps, Lily recommends the Scarecrow small fangs.

To view the correct way to do it, check out Lily’s Vampire fang tutorial and review!

As for make up, vampire make up can be whatever you want it to be. Lily played the part of a Glampire, so I wanted to create a rowdy 80’s look on the eyes and classic vampire staples on the lips and cheeks. I lightened her skin with a white powder and used Lime Crime’s, Red Velvet lip velvet on her lips, for a lasting velvety blood-red pout. For her eyes I used a bright pink shadow, thick black eyeliner and enormous lashes.

Vampire Chick

I would suggest nothing other than some chunky Jeffrey Campbell’s, like these killer platform combats from Lily’s personal collection.

When you are craving a little rock and a little red meat, there is no place to grab a bite and a Bloody Mary quite like Chicago’s Lockdown Bar and Grill. Truth be told, I don’t really care what they are serving; if a place has a full outdoor wall mural dedicated to rock legends including F*ING DIMEBAG DARRELL, I am down! It just so happens, this joint has great food, drinks and music fit for a Sunday, bloody Sunday Funday for all. Thanks to Lockdown for allowing Tio Trash to rock it out!

You can’t very well be a hair banger without the constant threat of camel toe, so you will see no glam metal look of mine without skin tight leggings. When long legs are your secret weapon, why not pack a little heat with these gun printed gams from OMG Leggings ? Tribute a favorite band with a tee, in this case Gun’s and Roses, and add a glam worthy jacket like this leopard print number that’s been following me around since 2003.  Normally I would suggest lots of spiked and studded jewelry, but for that Glampire look, you want to reach for the dark side.

Just for the record, Lily had those shades before Miley!

Just for the record, Lily had those shades before Miley!

Big surprise, I get a lot of my “year round” jewelry from Halloween stores, including this skeleton lace cameo I scored from Party City for $12! Halloween stores have exaggerated versions of all the jewelry styles you love (and for le$$), spiky cuffs, chokers, blingy sunglasses and more, so make sure you stock up on your jewelry while the Halloween stores are open!

If you want quality jewelry you can snag all year round, look no further than my girl, Laura of Atomic Lace! And she keeps on doing it! Laura recommended the “Sideways Cross Ring” from the Glitter Addict Collection, the perfect mix of goth and glam!

Atomic Lace

Check it out on Atomic Lace to see it up close!

You really can’t go wrong with any Atomic Lace piece when perfecting this look!

Vampire Chick

Now that you’ve had a taste, I hope you are thirsty for more …

When it comes to metal glam, less is NEVER more. In addition to big hair and layers of every fabric imaginable, a head garment can only add to your metal glam perfection. Be it a top hat like Slash, a classic biker bandana or an occupational uniform hat, stack it up!

How could you say 'no' to this face?  You can't, you do what you are told.

How could you say ‘no’ to this face?
You can’t, you do what you are told.

The military style hat is perfect for the fearless femme Glampire. The Halloween stores are a good place to stock up on inexpensive character hats, but I found this police / nazi style hat from The Alley Chicago.

Vampire Chick

Once again, I wanted to mix fabrics and textures to build the head to toe metal glam look. In this outfit, I used velvet leopard leggings from Forever 21 to cover the necessary animal print element. These pants are perfection and a great staple item for the Tio Trash wardrobe in general. I threw some sexy lace in the center with this “Bring Me the Night” tank from H&M because it is beyond appropriate for a Glampire on the prowl. A solid red tank underneath added a pop of color, but a fun bra or bandeau underneath would be perfect for a night look. To wrap it up in some leather, I found the mother of all affordable glam jackets, right from the BOGO racks of H&M!

Skulls, skulls, skulls - I don't even need to say it.

Skulls, skulls, skulls – I don’t even need to say it.

Accessorizing this look is full of possibilities. With a classic glam metal dog collar, I added another touch of magic from Atomic Lace, because designer, Laura, will put the glitter in your glam. Keep your crosses close with these gothic style glitter cross earrings, a perfect edge for a daring Glampire. For the blood lovers, this all new “Bleeding Heart” glitter necklace will keep you salivating for your next sweet taste.

Shop Atomic Lace or Etsy – Atomic Lace !

Atomic Lace - Get there before Halloween!

Atomic Lace – Get there before Halloween!

And now, here is more of Lily being glam metal gorgeous in this look that certainly commands our attention!

Vampire Chick

Don’t look her right in the eyes …


A vampire cannot survive in sunlight, and neither can my budding photography “skills” … but I present to you a final look worth a piece of your action.

Vampire Chick

This Glampire look brings in an electric vibe, channeling the costumery of KISS and the flamboyant flash of Motley Crue. We have a lot of the classic elements going on here; leggings, spikes, cuffs, neons and hint of steampunk in this buckle halter top. The dramatic spiked cuffs and collars came from my local Halloween store a few years back and you can surely find the same looks now!

Vampire Chick

UrbanOG.com hooked it up with these “Flash Lightning” leggings, which can only be paired with my most favorite Atomic Lace earrings, the glitter lightening bolts that have become a staple to my wardrobe that I can’t live without!

Vampires are another mysterious societal rage, so if you want to rock a vampire look, make it a Glampire! Vampires in pin up, burlesque, Victorian chic and emo teens are so over done! I figured that biker bars and trailer parks have to have vampires too, so I took it upon myself to dream up what they might be wearing. So pop in some fangs, tease your hair and glam it up for a night out of neck biting and bar fighting!

Putting together your own “Metal Glam Look” is easy. In fact, you probably already own all the pieces you will need! I created the “Metal Glam Guide”, the quick and easy guide to becoming a Metal Glam gal … or with a set of fangs, a Glampire!

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

Glam Metal Style

 Glam Metal Style

For featured product info, visit Tio Trash on Polyvore!

Getting Metal Glam is THAT simple! And to celebrate the frightful month of Halloween (aka, October) add some fangs and a dash of blood thirsty deadness and you will be the hottest Glampire of the night!

Thank You

 Model: Lily Savage – See “Meet the Models

This girl is awesome and totally muse worthy! Check out her profile to learn more!

Location: Lockout Bar & Grill Chicago

Contributors: Laura of Atomic Lace, UrbanOG

Photos/Styling: Beth Hillstrom

Stay Trashy, Stay Thirsty!



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