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10 Sep

Rocker Tees

Band Shirts

Meet model Barbie C. and photography by, Gearless Chris Productions!

There is nothing better than a comfy classic “band tee”. You can rep your favorite bands with a flannel and jeans, dressed up with leather or with fish nets and heels; this is a staple with unlimited options. Soft, tight, baggy, or shredded, we all have tons of band tees in our wardrobes and we can dress them up no matter the mood we are in or what the trend of the moment is.

Long time friend and model, Barbie C. of Chicago and photographer Chris Goller of Gearless Chris Productions joined forces with Tio Trash to show some of my favorite band tees and band accessories and the many ways to rock them! Both being hot shots in the sky diving community, the Barbie and Chris duo knew how to bring a fearless attitude to the Tio Trash set!

Metal Noir Tee - Forever 21 Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Metal Noir Tee – Forever 21
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

There is no hotter rock chick than a metal chick. When I think of things that go with a metal chick, I think tattoos, fish nets, roller derby, cigarettes and a badass attitude.  Even though our band tees can be a cozy comfort, there are times we want to sex them up for a hot night out at the club or a show. This  “Metal Noir”  crop from Forever 21 is great way to show off that inky flesh. I paired this crop with netted tights, leg warmers, combat boots, and red “booty shorts” from Lovers Lane to give her a derby look.  The handcuff and spiked accessories come from one of my favorite places to get jewelry, the pop up Halloween Express stores!

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Who says rocker chicks can’t pop a little booty?
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

This shirt has more shred than Dimebag Darell, and if you didn’t buy it that way, you can always make your own!

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

“In a world of metal magic
magic never ends.”
– Pantera
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

So not all rocker chicks are metal heads, but any band tee can turn into a sexy club outfit with a pair of scissors and some edgy accessories.

All of my readers know that Tio Trash loves her some funky leggings. Like your band tees, a fun pair of leggings can go with anything; thus the two shalt meet.

Rock and skulls go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the right accessories can take your look from metal, to trippy hippy.

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

H&M Skull Leggings with Pink Floyd Tee from Apricot Lane
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

This soft and comfy Pink Floyd tee made a great match with my favorite H&M sugar skull leggings, the combats, and lots of copper, beaded and turquoise jewelry. This is a more “everyday” way to rep your favorite bands in comfort with more of a chilled out vibe.

Gearless Chris Productions

Comfortably numb … or maybe just comfortable.
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

I dedicated this look to one of the most special people in my life and die hard Pink Floyd fan, Joel Simpson of Peoria.

For sexy AND comfy, I think some good old jorts give you the best of both worlds. Bar hopping, concert going, summer BBQs, you name it, a good denim short can show some skin without slipping a Britney. With a body like Barbie C., the shorter, the better, but whatever length you like to wear, the jort will never fail you.

Gearless Chris Productions

ACDC Shirt from Forever 21 and denim “booty shorts” from Lovers Lane.
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Depending on the occasion, you can throw on some cowboy boots, wedges, or even flip flops to choose the mood of the jorts. And if you know Tio Trash, you know I’m going to throw some gaudy gold at the situation with a killer necklace. Seriously though!? My girl Janine Basil, has done it again with this amazing “Love Hate Fists Necklace” available from her Etsy shop.

Gearless Chris

“Love Hate Fists” Necklace by Janine Basil – Click Here
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Whoever said “less is more” made absolutely no sense. Less is not more, and physics can prove it! I think MORE is more and MORE is BETTER! Especially when it comes to over the top accessories like spikes!

Whether it’s of our own volition, parental influence, or the mass presence of it in current popular fashion, A LOT of us ladies are rolling with the Stones. I happen to be an authentic fan to the core, thanks to my dad, but the Rolling Stones are classic and lovable to most. They are my Beatles.

The Rolling Stones “logo art” has become a symbol in rock and roll as a whole, not just the band itself, so of course any of my Stones tees are in the main rotation of my wardrobe and deserve a little love and bling.

Gearless Chris Productions

“You make a grown man cry, you make a dead man come.” – Rolling Stones
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

You can find spiked and studded swag on just about anything these days! The shoes, a Tio Trash favorite, are available at Target. The studded fanny pack, available from Urban Outfitters. This rad ass jacket came from Mod Clothe a few years back but such jackets are becoming more available from your everyday stores. Lastly, the studded hat, is a Tio fave I scored from Charlotte Russe. I went with a simple but sexy black legging, from Forever 21, and of course, a good ol’ Stones tee and lot’s of bling.

Gearless Chris Productions

Check out those knucks, T-I-O!
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Let’s talk about these leggings for a tick; these are hot! Cheap and available from Forever 21, they are the (very) poor gal’s quick fix for that Toxic Vision feel, a brand I hold in my highest designer dreams and wishes …

The real deal ... droooool. (Look away before it's too late!) Toxic Vision

The real deal … droooool.
(Look away before it’s too late!)
Toxic Vision

Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

“You’ve got the sun, you’ve got the moon, and you’ve got the Rolling Stones.”
– Keith Richards
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Thanks to designers and artists from communities like Etsy, we don’t have to limit our fan love to the usual commercial t-shirts, hats, wristbands and hoodies. We can buy our favorite bands stamped on just about anything! Etsy is my my favorite place to scour for the unusual, but especially when it comes to my musical must haves, like PANTERA! Hot Topic can’t turn me into “Dimebag Carol” quite like the wonderful artists of Etsy can, so be sure to scope it out for your faves!

X Rated Dress Nasty Gal

Dimebag Darell Necklace by Miss Mays Misfit Creations <– Etsy
+ “X Rated Dress” By Nasty Gal
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

This Nasty Gal “X – Rated Dress” is an oldie, but a classic. It’s perfect for rock concerts with your most insane pair of boots.

Nasty Gal X-Rated Dress

“You can’t be something you’re not be yourself, by yourself.”
– Pantera
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

Dimebag is one of my favorite musicians of all times and will never be forgotten by Rock. He got me through a lot of tough workouts, break ups, and bad days, so I like to immortalize him in my jewelry. Miss Mays Misfit Creations made my life complete when I stumbled upon this Dimebag necklace! You can fine a ring or necklace at her shop for just about anything you can imagine, custom orders as well!

When I think of accessorizing this dress, I think of cuffs, leather and my personal pair of red boots. These boots have seen a lot of life and I can’t ever let them go! There were a barter with a Russian gypsy I made in Venice Beach several years ago and took me on some crazy adventures back in La La Land. A pop of color or texture on the feet liven up the dress, and if you like the dress but want to cover up more, add tights, a hot leather jacket and maybe a beanie.

Gearless Chris Productions

“The worst advice I ever received from my dad was to play by the book.”
– Dimebag Darrell #Truth
Photo By Gearless Chris Productions

X Rated Dress Nasty Gal

“Music drives you. It wakes you up, it gets you pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down.”
– Dimebag Darrell
Photo(s) By Gearless Chris Productions

And just for fun …

Who say’s blonde Barbies can’t be badass rocker chicks? Barbie C., brought lots of edge and sex appeal to Tio Trash. A pro sky diver and free spirit, Barbie showed us the side of “Barbie” you haven’t met!

Tattoo Barbie

A different kind of bombshell.
Photo(s) By Gearless Chris Productions

To recap:

Those old (and new) band tees will fit in your closet forever. Whether you mix them with denim, leather, spandex, or latex, you can fit them into any style you desire. A tee shirt isn’t destined to be with just a pair of ripped jeans, your band tees can rock with them all!

A big thank you to my wonderful model and friend, Barbie C. and the amazing and talented photographer, Chris Goller – be sure to check out his killer photos and sky diving adventures on the Gearless Chris Productions Fan Page!

Rock out with your Trash out,


Visit the beautiful Barbie C. on the Meet The Models page!

Gearless Chris Productions


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