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19 Jul

"We Found Love In a Hopeless Place"

“We Found Love In A Hopeless Place”

Rihanna is not only an style icon, crush, beautiful badass, and the most glorious Trashionista on the planet, but she is the singer/star of my favorite ever music video. The chart topping song, “We Found Love“, is accompanied by one of the most unique, inspiring, trippy, and magical cinematic experiences I have ever seen in pop music. I am not even sure if I liked the song the first time I heard it, but the video gave me goosebumps. Electrifying images and drug and desperation laden love scenes makes the 4:30 video comparable to movies like Spun and Spring Breakers. From the fashion and colors, to the drugs and depravity, this video is pure energetic shots of inspiration for all things Tio Trash.


Although the song is a couple years old now, I have been wanting to style some everyday looks inspired by this music video, and her majesty, Rihanna. Tio Trash model, Shaneka, made the perfect Rihanna and shined in the Tio Trash “We Found Love In A Hopeless Place” shoot. I tried to capture every day interpretations of the looks in the video as well as the spirit of Rihanna. We donned Shaneka with some Rihanna red roots and her badass attitude and cool composure did the rest!

Look #1 “Beer Soaked and Tear Stained”

A heart wrenching scene from the "We Found Love" video.

A heart wrenching scene from the “We Found Love” video.

I love the “bathtub scenes” from this video. They are raw and painful emotionally but sensual and gritty visually. I dressed Shaneka in a sheer white crop top from Sway Chic, an inexpensive, top trends online store. With super short camo shorts, the look was completed with sheet black thigh highs, black platform sneakers, rustic bling, and a case of Modelo.

Rihanna Red Hair

Rihanna Red Hair

Rihanna Red Hair

Rihanna Red Hair

Rihanna Bath Tub 2

Look #2: “Shine A Light Through An Open Door”

Rihanna Dollar Dress

Rihanna is a badass lady thug who can make it rain like the best of them. Rihanna embodies old school gangster swag with a fresh and sexy feminine allure. She keeps her pimp hand manicured. Her “Dollar Bill” dress and her new single, “Pour it Up”, display evidence of her lavish and powerful life style that she is the boss of. Stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry have been seen wearing “Dollar Print” skin tight pieces like this UrbanOG dollar bill body suit. I sexed up the look with the stockings and some ghetto gold staples. The gun necklace was another tribute to Rihanna, and her romance with firearms.

Dollar Bill Body Suit

$$$ All I see is dolla signs $$$

Dollar Bill Body Suit

Lady Thug

Dollar Bill Body Suit

Puff Puff.

Dollar Bill Body Suit

Pour It Up.

Look #3: “Yellow Diamonds In the Light”

Rihanna Style

Not only can we count on Rihanna for rocking hot and short lived trends, we can see how she incorporates her signature looks into the crazier trends. Rihanna loves trucker hats, gold chains, jean vests, and jungle cats. No matter the trend, her style is daring and colorful. She knows how to mix pieces that wouldn’t normally fit together and ends up creating an explosive masterpiece.

I used an Urban Outfitters Tiger tank, Native American jewelry and some thrift store finds to create this Rihanna inspired “day look”.

Rihanna Style

Rihanna Style

Rihanna Style

Rihanna Style

Look #4 “A Hopeless Place”

Rihanna Style The denim 2 piece outfit in the “We Found Love” video is one of the most remembered looks. Dumpy, odd shaped, and bizarre, yet RiRi still manages to look hot. Skater skirts and acid wash are a huge this summer so maybe this look was ahead of the times. I styled Shaneka in a similar outfit, all available from Sway Chic.

Rihanna skater skirt

RiRi Style

Skirt and Bow top from SwayChic.com

RiRi Style

Glamming Up with GOLD.

RiRi Style

Show Me that Love.

RiRi Style

Now we’re standing side by side …
As your shadow crosses mine …

Creating Rihanna inspired looks could be a genre for me all on it’s own, but there has always been something about the “We Found Love” video that delightfully haunted me to the point of obsession. The video represents tragedy and intense love, sick love, addiction, color, chaos, and raw emotion. These are all elements I find inspiring when creating a look or a style, and all together it is Tio Trash. The song title itself summarizes all that Tio Trash is; finding love and beauty in all places lost, forgotten, hopeless, down trodden, and dark.

The key pieces of clothing used in this shoot are available from UrbanOG, Sway Chic, Urban Outfitters, the lovely thrift stores of Boystown, and Etsy. Please contact me for more information.

A BIG thank you to my beautiful model, Shaneka for her Rihanna transformation. To find out more about Shaneka, visit the “Meet the Models” page (Shaneka video coming soon!).

Go forth and find filthy dirty love,



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