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2 Jul

Pride Parade 2013

Better late than never, I wanted to post about my absolute favorite Chicago event, Pride Festival and Parade – Chicago Pride Parade 2013!

My poor honey .. always gettin' shot.

My poor honey .. always gettin’ shot.

Even in the few dark years that I lived in Peoria, IL, I always made it back home to Chicago  for an action packed Pride weekend! Chicago has one of the best Pride celebrations in the country! All of my friends, gay and straight, always get together to celebrate this colorful and liberating weekend every June. This past weekend was yet another successful Chicago Pride!

One of the many beauties of Chicago pride is that there are so many different types of people out to celebrate and support the LGBT community; young, old, gay, straight, Latina, small town, out of town, black, white, etc. After all, the whole point is to be proud of who you are, no matter your sexuality or personality, and show love for ALL.

My Lovah and I at Chicago 2013 Pride Parade

My Lovah and I at Chicago 2013 Pride Parade

I must becoming a grumpy old lady, but one type of Parade goer has really started to bum me out …

Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate my “Straight / No Hate” allies, but there has become an overwhelming amount of underage straight females who use the parade as a big photo op to showcase their barely there rainbow go go abortions of outfits. Sequin bra tops, corsets and tutus, bikinis and leg warmers, these girls are flashing A & T and all of the colors of the rainbow without the slightest clue of what they are supporting.

A group of attractive teenage girls in such outfits found a place beside my friends and I at the parade. Drunk and loud, they posed for selflies and pictures every opportunity they could asking strangers to take photos of their little duck faces and feigned sequin cleavage. None of this upset me, in fact, I usually appreciate the eye candy. What upset me was when these young ladies started yelling to one another, “What is DOMA?” and “Why does every sign say Prop 8” and “Eww that butch lady is staring at me!”

REALLY !?!?!

Then, early on in the parade, these ladies, as well as many others of the sort, hopped the parade rail and began marching in the parade with random floats, waving to the crowd as if they are part of something radical.

I don’t think this would have bothered me a few years ago as much as it did this year. This year, with the death of DOMA, has been such a pivotal year for the LGBT community and human rights, and I feel offended that such a large number of people would come to the Parade where the community is celebrating these victories, and not know what DOMA is, Prop 8 is, and feeling skeived out when a person of the same sex checks out your exposed ass and stomach.

Ok … angry lesbian rant over. Now time for fashion and fun!

I understand that not just ignorant twats don the tutu and sequin bra look – it’s a great look for the Pride Parade and its all about looking like YOU! But if you know me, you know I am casual and I appreciate originality. I like to be comfortable and practical in situations where it is hot and crowded, but you still have to be cute.

I copped out on a cute outfit this year due to a recent pizza related weight gain … hahaha … but maybe I will be able to rock one of these looks at Chicago Pride 2014, as can you!

Pride Parade Look -  Gay Rights Ghetto Glam

Pride Parade Look –
“Gay Rights + Ghetto Glam”

Pride Parade Look -  "Lez Be Swaggin'"

Pride Parade Look –
“Lez Be Swaggin'”

A lot going on in this one .. but SHUT UP with these Nikes!

A lot going on in this one .. but SHUT UP with these Nikes!

Of course a true Trashy gal, loves her some … Nasty Gal was ample with rainbow fun this summer! Perfect for the Pride Parade or just getting’ down with your gay self!

My favorite Nasty Gal Rainbow finds!

My favorite Nasty Gal Rainbow finds!

Love these looks? Here is the scoop on my faves:

My Favorite Pride Picks

My Favorite Pride Picks!

Despite me being a hater on the uniformed youngins’ and my mildly hypocritical rant, Pride was a beautiful success. I ALWAYS get teary and mushy when the Proud Parents march by as well as the organized religions showing love and support. Pride isn’t just for the gays, it is for everybody to really think about self love and being yourself. We all have struggles, no matter what our walk of life, and we all need to be proud of who we are and never hide what makes you YOU.

Lovin' my rainbow socks!

Lovin’ my rainbow socks!

Or you could wear nothing! - Like this topless lesbo ... lol.

Or be like this topless lesbian at the Chicago Pride Parade and wear nothing!

Sexy "Organized Chaos" biker chick! I am obsessed with her every year at the Pride Parade! (sorry Boo)

Sexy “Organized Chaos” biker chick! I am obsessed with her every year at the Pride Parade!

Chicago Pride Party with my loves!

Chicago Pride Party with my loves!

Some Pre Pride Party Love!

Some Pre Pride Party Love!

Me and my boo thang dancing the night away ... I think?

Me and my boo thang dancing the night away … I think?

Stay Trashy, stay Sexy, stay Gay!

Signature Such a good sport :)

Such a good sport 🙂 – Chicago Lesbian showin’ some Pride!

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