The #Sh** is #Bananas ! #SummerTrend #TrashyFave

20 Jun


I don’t know when it hit me, but I realized that bananas are kind of cute! They are high in potassium, delicious, and make a good subject for immature jokes!

The colorful Rita Ora is bananas.

The colorful Rita Ora is bananas.

I haven’t seen a whole lot of banana love in the celeb community, but I have found a number of funky banana pieces that I ADORE! Maybe this is a sign that a banana trend is on the horizon, but either way, I will be rocking some banana swag this summer. I put together THREE different looks using my favorite banana pieces I found. Most of the accessories I picked are Betsey Johnson and Tarina Tarentina because those bitches know what’s up. I’d be shocked as shit surprised if neither one of them didn’t already have some crazy banana goodies way ahead of the game. If you want to find out more about the accessories I used, shoot me an email, or visit my Polyvore Profile!

Bougie Banana

Bougie Banana

Banana Look #1, “The Bougie Banana” is for a funky femme style. I threw in some 60’s kitsch with modern accessories (Betsey and Tarina-heeeey).



Banana Look #2, the “Urbana (Urban+Banana)” is straight up funk and soul. Ghetto gold, a loose fit, and contemporary accessories give this look an urban edge.

La Banana Bonita

La Banana Bonita

Look #3, “La Banana Bonita” is girly / feminine all the way! Florals, pinks, ribbons and a flowy skater skirt make for one cute Chaquita banana! Olay!

The pieces I found are in the mid price range and are easy to order from your favorite online shops!

Banana Trend

If the bold center pieces are too much banana for you, try a ring, necklace or purse for that little pop. Banana swag is endlessly available from hundreds of Etsy artists so you can find the banana piece that speaks to you!

Banana purse

I am sure this trend would be 100% Rachel Zoe approved … maybe she will actually die this time! KIDDING!

Peace, Love, and Bananas!  Signature

Rachel Zoe, coining "banana" like she invented the word ...

      Classic Rachel Zoe, coining “banana” like she invented the word …


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