Roller Rave! #Derby #RollerGirl #Rollerskate #RaveFashion

10 Jun

The Roller Rave

<img src="roller girl.jpg" alt="roller girl" />

I can’t name one thing more fierce than a derby chick. Tough, wild and campy, roller swag is a favorite look of mine. From smack talking derby dames, to the beloved “Roller Girl” from Boogie Nights, a pair of roller skates makes any girl look like a bad ass.

<img src="roller rave.jpg" alt="roller rave" />

The days of roller disco are long gone, but with rave culture on fire, I think we should bring back the perfect pair of rinks and ruckus via ROLLER RAVES! Plus, furry leg warmers and roller skates belong together.

Roller skates don’t have to be ugly brown smelly shoes with wooden wheels. I was beyond pleased to find the variety of fashion skates that are available. I personally love the classics; white skates pink wheels. I found the featured pair at Target for about $50.00, and they are ironically called the “Chicago Ladies Rink Roller Skates”. For a much higher price, you can snag these Moxi Lolly Roller Skates from Urban Outfitters (around $300.00 … but they are sooo cute!)

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

If you can’t afford the leopard roller skates, you can always dress up your classics with a fabulous rave-tastic outfit and lots of kitschy bling! I put together a look using fun summer pieces from Forever 21, furry leg warmers, and fun jewelry that I have acquired  from places like Etsy, Buffalo Exchange, and The Alley over the years.  Roller skates give you an instant excuse to go over the top with crazy accessories, in case you need one.  Tio Trash model, Jasmine, shows us how the Roller Rave look is done!

For more pictures of Jasmine, visit her profile on the “Meet the Models” page!

Roller Rave

Rings, Rings, Rings!

<img src="rainbow eyeshadow.jpg" alt="rainbow eyeshadow" />

Add a pop of gold for a disco throwback.

Roller Rave

Roller Rave

I don’t want to promote smoking … unless it is rainbow colored cigarettes … Hehe.

Roller Rave

Ken+Ken ring by G. Jarvis Jewelry – Etsy Shop: gjarvisjewelryetc – Tio Trash Fave!

Jasmine made the perfect Roller chick! Read more about her on "Meet the Models" !

Jasmine made the perfect Roller chick! Read more about her on “Meet the Models” !

Roller Rave

Rainbow Rave Eyeshadow! Make up by: Andrea Lippert

Roller Rave Thrifting Throwback – Yes, that coat came from Aurora Community Thrift in 2005!

"I <3 Malibu" Shirt from Forever 21

“I Heart Malibu” Shirt from Forever 21

Behind the Scenes: Makeup Artist, Andrea gives model, Jasmine a hand out of her skates!

Behind the Scenes: Makeup Artist, Andrea gives model, Jasmine a hand out of her skates!

I am a horrible skater, but now that the shoot is complete, I am going to get some practice in! It’s a great butt and leg work out, so maybe I can get into great shape in case that Roller Rave ever rolls along …


Photographer: Beth Hillstrom (Tio Trash)

Make Up Artist: Andrea Lippert

Model: Jasmine Amber


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