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3 Jun

Zombie Debutants

Fashion and Zombies appeared to have found one another awhile back, making an abundance of creepy cute accessories within our reach. While this style may traditionally be for the alternative / pinup/ rockabilly / or goth girls, there are many ways to sneak some creep into your everyday looks.

Living in Chicago, I always notice how deliciously creepy the under bellies of the El tracks are; dumpsters, rat pesticide signs, and patchy dying grass. It looks like the perfect place for Zombies to chow down on some brains! This idea gave birth to the photo shoot that became, “UnDead Debutants”. This photo shoot will show you how beautiful women with classic girly style, can sneak some of that Tio Trash style into their daily looks.

Tony Calderoni / Hell Bunny Dress

I had the privilege to work with great models and a featured photographer, who happens to be my “photography mentor” and friend, Tony Caldaroni. Tony was able to take my vision and capture it with his creative ideas and keen perception to create the perfect Tio Trash Zombie Tea Party scene. See more of Tony’s amazing work online, AJCimaging. Additionally, my dearest friend and Tio Trash model, Maggie, created naughty Tio Trash china as well as our delicious zombie brain cupcakes and cherry “blood and guts” pie.

Brain Cupcakes Zombie Tea Party

Maggie was able to rock one of the most sought after Hell Bunny creations, the notorious “Hell Bunny Zombie Unicorn Dress” (Available at Hot Topic). I added a toil tutu underneath the dress to make it fuller, but the dress looks cute as is or with fun leggings underneath.

This dress makes a bold statement in itself so the accessories can be subtle or as loud as you want to make them. We paired the dress with simple black flats, a black choker, and drippy hot pink Chanel style plastic earrings I scored in Boystown.

Because Maggie played the perfect Zombie Homemaker, we naturally had to have a Zombie Party Girl in the group of brain munching beauties. My beautiful sister turned Tio Trash model, El, was able to show us how it’s done!

Can we take a moment to notice how amazing skeleton hand bracelets are? It serves as the perfect little half glove to her Charlotte Russe white peplum dress. Mixed with some skull steals from Chicago’s “The Alley”, mermaid pink hair, and M.A.C.’s “Candy Yum Yum” lipstick, you can go from girl of the night to living dead girl!

Another glorious find from “The Alley Chicago“, are these yummy Iron Fist “Sweets for my Sweet” peep toe platforms, also available at Anarchy Clothing. If you aren’t ready for the full Tio Trash look, these shoes are a great way to pop in some flare into your everyday staples.

Iron Fist Sweets for my Sweet

Another way to incorporate creep factor into your wardrobe is to take classic girly pieces and add spooky or bold accessories. My amazing friend and beautiful wife of photographer Tony Caldaroni, Beth, was the perfect model for how to take the girl next door to a haunting sexy burlesque look.

This simple summer Target dress is super girly and classic. I enjoy the contradiction between traditionally masculine elements like top hats and ties with the feminine frills of a summer sundress. I also like the contradiction of harsh bold jewelry like spikes, with the soft playfulness of the polka dots. I also added a brain “clutch” that I obtained off of a costume website but I always use it when I go out, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Even though the summer Chicago day was cold and rainy, these models turned Zombies had a great time eating brains and terrorizing the Tio Trash set. See the story for yourself!

Tony Calderoni Photography


Hell Bunny Zombie

Zombie House Wife

Behind the Scenes

Make Up Artist, Mondana Vaziri, turning beauties into Zombies

Make Up Artist, Mondana Vaziri, turning beauties into Zombies

Maggie gets some stretching in on set ...

Maggie gets some stretching in on set …

Striking a pose at Zombie Tea!

Striking a pose at Zombie Tea!

Cold zombies huddle  together to stay warm on set!

Cold zombies huddle together to stay warm on set!

Wrapping up the first official Tio Trash Photo Shoot!

Wrapping up the first official Tio Trash Photo Shoot!

Tio Trash Pacific

Tio Trash Pin Up

I would like to send a BAZILLION thank you’s to my wonderful team!

Head Photographer: Tony Caldaroni


  1. Beth
  2. Maggie
  3. Ellie

Make Up: Mondana Vaziri, Beth Hillstrom

Set Design: Maggie, Beth Hillstrom

Styling: Beth Hillstrom

Stay Trashy!



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