Everyday Raver #Rave #EDC #EDM #RaveWear

26 May

Rave Erryday

Channel Your Inner Raver in Your Everyday Life!

Raves are back, and not in the way we remember them from the 90’s. They are still full of the  frontal lobe destructive party favors, free love, and awesome music, but a key difference in today’s Rave underworld is the iconic fantastica of whimsical, colorful, imaginative rave wear and the visual arts that go into a great show.

EDC Wear

Chicago is a buzz with the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend. While I am no raver myself, nor do I condone teens slurping down large amounts of Molly , I am totally inspired and in aw of the beautiful artistic presentation, dress, and unity that is found at shows like EDC.

Girls come up with amazing, colorful, and imaginative outfits, usually in the form of a tutu/bra/leg warmer combo, but fabulous of course.

EDC Outfits

Unfortunately, you are not going to see my old ass at a Rave or an EDM show anytime soon (yes, I’m only 26, but I feel like Rave life has an early expiration date), but I can appreciate the youthful style and spirit of imagination that goes into the clothing. If you love EDM, the rave scene, or have that creative free spirit, I have found some ways for you to “Rave it up” in your everyday wear.  Think neon, rainbows, bright lights, and fantasy, and you have the right style in mind!

Rave Wear 1

Lunch and Shopping with Friends 

Rave Wear 2Dinner and Drinks – Date Night 

Rave Wear 4

Girls Night Out

With that fantasy splash and sparkle to your every day life you can add a little rave to your day whenever you want!



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