Chicago #Blackhawks Fashion (For the Alternative Gal) – #StanleyCup #NHL #Hockey

21 May

Chicago Trash Title

Chicago Blackhawks Fan Swag!

Sometimes it seems as if the United Center is a holding cell for Chicago’s hottest women during Blackhawks Games. I have the privilege of working at all of the Blackhawk’s home games in my “night job”, and I am an expert on identifying different types of Blackhawks fans. The hotness ranges from glorious grade A Hawkstitutes to cute and bubbly Twaks (Cute girl, Blackhawks Jersey, leggings, Ugg boots), you can figure out the etymology for yourself. Although I cannot deny the level of attractiveness of the average female Blackhawks fan, I can scoff at the lack of originality in their Blackhawks game get ups. Attending a Blackhawks game is very clearly a high end fashion show for most of the women, but I feel like I am seeing the same show over and over and over again!

Hawkstitutes, Twaks, and trophy wives seem to dominate the female Blackhawk fan base, but I know there are girls of all styles and personalities who love the Blackhawks as much as these other women do, and I have some great styles in mind!

The average female Blackhawks fan looks like this: (No disrespect to Chicago “Chivette”, the sexy Sara Hill)

Sara Hill Chive

*Sara Hill does not actually attend Blackhawks games sans pants, but trust, there are several women who do!

As adorable as Sara Hill is, I think we female Blackhawks fans can do way better when it comes to dressing for games. For me, the best way to style a look is to pick out some bold accessories and work around them. Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci” video comes to mind because of her famous glittery Blackhawks clay chain, an excellent piece to center an outfit.

Kreayshawn Blackhawks Necklace

I also happen to love my camo Blackhawks trucker hat, so I assembled a look that features that hat and how to make it funky and girly. You can be sexy, edgy, classy, and stylish while being funky and original. If I could dress a few women at the Blackhawk’s games, this is how I would do it:

Blackhawks Necklace

For the Bold Biker Chick ^

(Best accessories for this look are tattoos and angry eyebrows)

Blackhawks Glam

For the Glitter Glam Girl ^

(Best accessories for this look are great legs and bold make up)

Blackhawks Ghetto Fly

For the Ghetto Fab Hipster ^

(Best accessories for this outfit are lots of bling and good “seat friendly” dance moves)

Blackhawks Stanley Cup



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