Summer Sweet Tooth #SummerFashion #SweetTooth

20 May

Summer Sweet Tooth

Muns 3 (copy 2)

Ice Cream Necklace - Etsy

Summer fashion is all about fun colors and sweet treats. Bright colors come out to play and accessories should be exploding with fun, nostalgia, and fantasy. I found  adorable giant plastic ice cream cone necklaces from several Etsy sellers and I MELTED! The kitsch and nostalgia factor in these necklaces attracted my inner shamed hipster side like hot deer piss. This simple necklace inspires infinite outfit ideas, but with the help of my best friend, Mondana Vaziri of Chicago, we put together a few of my wardrobe staples for an easy, hip, and casual look for a hot day out in the city. Mondana wore this outfit with white fringe ankle boots, but our after thought was how cute pink sneakers of any kind would have look with this outfit!

Ice Cream Mondana Vaziri            Sweet Treat Shoes

Pink high top sneakers will give this look that flirty fun urban edge!



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