Stud Muffin #studs

14 May

Today's Look


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Feeling Like a Stud.

Anybody who knows me knows I am obsessed with spikes and studs, which are conveniently spreading like herpes in a biker bar on fashion items of all kinds! My love of trucker couture and spikes seemed like the perfect marriage when I laid eyes on my first studded trucker hat. I love a hot trend, but I also love a low price. I picked up my studded trucker hat from Charlotte Russe  for only $10.99 and it is definitely on par with the more expensive ones I have seen.

Being a nice day in Chicago, I decided to rock it out for the first time with some tube socks, Chucks, shorts, and funky ghetto bling. I like to say my style is a little bit hood and a little bit rock n’ roll … maybe like if Jenny from the Block sang a duet with the Osmonds. I hope you enjoy my blinged out trucker look today, contact me if you would like to know where to get these items!

Trucker Bling

Asos stud hats


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