Gypsy Sisters: Foul Mouthed and Fabulous! – #GypsySisters

19 Mar

Gypsy Sisters!

Gypsy Sisters

As a person obsessed with fabulous filth, I am head over heels for these feisty trashionistas known as the #GypsySisters. Nettie, Laura, Kayla, Mellie are another discovery that makes me want to kiss and marry TLC. As a modern day gypsy family, these dirty dames run wild in the hills of West Virginia, raising havoc and hell for the world to see. My visions of a gypsy always took me back to Cher singing “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” on live TV, however, the modern day dress code is not far from this. Cher

Fringe, bling, leopard, and hoop earrings are just some of the signature statements worn by the Gypsy gals. As mothers, wives, and even grandmothers, these ladies are always flaunting their rockin’ trailer bods with no shame. Wild child, Mellie is always the most scandalous, but her badass attitude and unpredictable antics allow her to look fierce no matter what she puts on.

 A combination of Trailer Park and Jersey Shore, the gypsy style is offensive and fabulous!



Nettie, the “mother” of the group, is the older sister of Mellie. Seemingly calm and maternal, she has a wild past and a hot temper like her little sister Mellie. Although she is a mother to 9 children, and even a grandmother, she remains sexy, sparkly, and sassy in all of her fashion affairs.

Kayla, cousin to Nettie and Mellie, has a passion for fashion, and a potential children’s fashion line in the works. Inappropriate and debatably trashy, she rocks anything she puts on and I would love to see her nutty ideas on fashion come to fruition.

Laura is the sister-in-law of Kayla and has one of the hottest bods I have ever seen. More subtle than the others, Laura could truly get away with anything she puts on her flawless figure. Beneath the harsh tanning and multitude of highlights and whore make up, lies a true beauty, but in true Gypsy fashion, Laura glams it up to be the perfect Gypsy wife.

Miss Mellie is the star of the show. The tragic hot mess is the product of her dysfunctional up bringing and her honesty makes her horrific behavior endearing. Mellie wears more make up than clothes and her lean stripper body, covered in poorly done tattoos looks great in almost anything.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 10.12.03 AM

I hope America is as captivated with this family as I am, because I want to see a lot more of these girls! They can be the queens of my trailer park any day!


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