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10 Aug

The Crypt 1331www.TheCrypt1331.com

There is a new boss in town; Aeriel J has officially launched The Crypt 1331 and it is about to hit the Horror and Metal scene like a bomb, or more accurately, a bombshell. Tio Trash has been very lucky to have collaborated with Aeriel J as a featured model and creative partner since the birth of Tio Trash. With her modeling in the past, she is now running a game of her own, the founder and owner of The Crypt 1331.

Aeriel, in her baby Tio Trash days :)

Aeriel, in her baby Tio Trash days ūüôā

The Crypt 1331 is as it states, “Dedicated to bringing you the latest in horror and heavy metal news through documentaries, articles, and submission based content. For the creeps and geeks who appreciate the darker side of life.”

What does that mean? It is a badass website and lifestyle brand that delivers all of the latest news and reviews on all things horror and metal with a dose of that Aeriel J sass and wit. With a team of talented writers, partners, and featured artists, this site is overflowing with everything that every creeper needs to know! And for you visual people, The Crypt TV is a great way to get all of the Crypt coverage live on the scene from Aeriel herself. Coming next? Crypt 1331 clothing, art, convention appearances and pretty much coast to coast domination.

After quite a run in Chicago, I am moving Tio Trash to South Carolina and Aeriel J is taking The Crypt 1331 to Vegas in just a few short weeks. To celebrate our collaborations, friendships and a farewell to Chicago, The Crypt 1331 made its’ first horror convention appearance at Flashback Weekend Chicago. For the live launch of the brand, The Crypt 1331 graciously hosted Tio Trash and make up artist, Eye Bleed Glitter (my girl Betty G, who has also done lot’s of make up and hair for Tio Trash) to join 1331’s forces and have a final collaboration together before we spread out across the country!

Needless to say, it was a great time and a great success. Aeriel J made visions come to life with all of her hard work and brilliant planning. I was so honored to be able to sell some Tio Trash goodies under The Crypt 1331 while Eye Bleed Glitter showed Chicago her amazing special effects make up skills!

The Crypt 1331 at Flashback Weekend.

The Crypt 1331 at Flashback Weekend.

The Crypt 1331 launched its first T-Shirt line with designs featuring the 1331 logo and a limited edition design by featured artist, Cryptworm. These shirts will soon be available online, and if you are a 1331 fan, or a fan of awesome shirts in general, you are going to want to get one (many sizes and styles available).

The classic coffin logo tee.

The classic coffin logo tee.

Limited Edition Cryptworm design

Limited Edition Cryptworm design

Most comfortable baseball tee in the world.

Most comfortable baseball tee in the world.

Did I mention the stickers??

Did I mention the stickers??

Aeriel J also sold and displayed pieces from her own amazing art collection that she hand created for all the creepers out there. I featured my Tio Trash coffin compacts and boxes, kawaii creepy jewelry collection and more!

Paintings by Aeriel J and oddities by Tio Trash

Paintings by Aeriel J and oddities by Tio Trash

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.29.49 PM

Tio Trash Kawaii Creepies and Coffin Compact collection

Tio Trash Kawaii Creepies and Coffin Compact collection.

In addition to selling art, clothing and crafts, Eye Bleed Glitter (Betty G) performed custom zombie and gore make up applications for show attendees! I myself got to rock some gnarly gashes and slashes all week!

Make up by Eye Bleed Glitter

Make up by Eye Bleed Glitter

Some of Betty’s work included a killer neck gash and a zombie Betty Boop!

Betty, zombifying the adorable cosplayer Tish DeLano for the Pin Up Zombie Contest.

Betty, zombifying the adorable cosplayer Tish DeLano for the Pin Up Zombie Contest.

This horror junky traveled all the way from San Fran and got quite a Chicago welcome!

This horror junky traveled all the way from San Fran and got quite a Chicago welcome!

Nothing else could be greater for an up and coming make up artist than to be located directly next to J. Anthony Kosar, Face Off Season 4 winner, Special FX all star and instructor at Kosart Atelier School for entertainment arts. Betty was able to snag some tips and tricks from the best in the biz and it was a treat for all of us to get to chat with the folks from Kosart Atelier!

Betty and Anthony Kosar

Betty and Anthony Kosar

The weekend was full of fun surprises and chances to meet awesome and creative people! Getting to know the folks of Lunatick Cosmetic Labs was exciting for all three of us make up junkies; the colors, the packaging, the quality, its everything a creepy girl could ask for!

Betty demonstrates use of the Hocus Pocus palette.

Betty demonstrates use of the Hocus Pocus palette.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 6.54.29 PMThis make up … I need it all!

Supernatural Palette

Supernatural Palette

Perhaps one of the greatest show moments was when horror icon, Svengoolie himself, asked The Crypt 1331 for an interview for his show! Meeting him alone was beyond awesome and the interview was such a cool experience! Stay tuned for The Crypt 1331 on the Svengoolie show (Saturdays – 9:00 PM on ME TV)!

Aeriel, Betty, Svengoolie and I!

Aeriel, Betty, Svengoolie and I!

It was an amazing weekend spend with these wonderful ladies. I feel so lucky that Chicago brought us together through common interests and in building our brands. We might be spreading out, but the Dream Team is for life! Its nice to have hard working, talented, creative badass women in my life that I can call true friends and teammates. Make sure to check out The Crypt 1331 and follow the crazy ride as Aeriel J conquers Vegas! Chicago gets to keep miss Betty for now, so make sure to check in with Eye Bleed Glitter for all of your gore and glam make up needs! Eye Bleed Glitter is also a featured make up artist of The Crypt 1331, check out this video by Aeriel J for The Crypt TV!

Thank you so much to my girls for all of the opportunities and experiences we have shared together! I love you both for life! Signature


#Blackhawks #StanleyCup #ChicagoSummer

25 Jun

Blackhawks SummerCongratulations Chicago, we did it AGAIN! It’s about to be a crazy fun summer celebrating our Blackhawks boys and following that Cup!

The season is over, but when you are the champions you get to rep your spirit all summer long.

In Tio Trash tradition, here are some looks for the trashionista who loves her Blackhawks!

Chicago Blackhawks OutfitsT-Shirt available from: BasementShirts/Etsy

Chicago Blackhawks fashionT-Shirt Available From: StrayCatTees/Etsy

Blackhawks FashionLeather Quilted Snap back available at: Dr.Jays

Chicago Blackhawks Win

Congrats Chicago Blackhawks!

#ChicagoBlackhawks #BlackhawksFashion #BlackhawksApparel

11 May


It looks like we are doing it again … heading to that Cup! Let’s go Blackhawks!

Get your Blackhawks style ready for the next series, visit the Tio Trash Etsy Shop to get Blackhawks necklaces, rings and hair accessories!

Preview the shop here!

Blackhawks1 Blackhawks2 Blackhawks3 Blackhawks4 Blackhawks5 Blackhawks6

All hair bows double as necklaces.

                                                        All hair bows double as necklaces.


28 Apr

Thrift Queen

I like to think of myself as the Thrift Queen because I have a pretty good eye and lot’s of luck when it comes to finding glorious vintage clothing and furniture as well as fun and ridiculous items throughout time.

My thrifting used to be limited to old soft T-Shirts and ironic 80’s clothing in my amateur high school days. However as my love for REAL vintage and retro furniture and clothing developed over the years, my “thrifting” methods have changed as well.

Thrifting, antiquing, vintage hunting etc, they are all slightly different games. To me, thrifting is a hunt for great finds with thrift store super low prices. Obviously “antiquing” is about finding good quality pieces from specific eras as a collector often willing to pay a high price.

When it comes to furniture and household decor, I primarily collect 50s/60s mid century pieces. With clothing, I love it all from the 20’s to the 90’s, not picky. From flea markets, to local thrift stores, I have been able to score some incredible (dirt cheap) mid century pieces for the home. However, as my love and desire for these items increased, so was the price I am willing to pay for certain items. I’m certainly not in a position to be spending hundreds of dollars on anything, let alone retro and vintage home goods, however when I splurge on a $60 kitchen set or something once in awhile, that is a huge purchase for me in comparison to my thrift store $2.99 dish set.

I justify spending more money on a few things here and there because I went from thrifter status to collector status and I appreciate the quality and pleasure of each piece that calls to me. I have been getting a lot of questions about some of the retro home decor I used in the Vintage Vixens shoot, so I wanted share some of my favorite finds with you and how I have incorporated them into my home.

1. Mid Century Pink and Grey Dinette

Mid Century Pink and Grey DinetteThis table and chairs set is probably my favorite possession that I own in this life. I had been looking for a couple years for a dinette set of any color that was within a certain price range. Living in Chicago at the time, its more difficult to find this type of thing at thrift stores and estate sales anymore. All of the city shops that have this quality of furniture, know the value and the price is usually upwards of about $500, not in my budget unfortunately.

Mid Century Pink and Grey Dinette

Set included the 4 original chairs with new upholstery.

I was working a promo for Chevy down in Peoria, IL. One of the sales men who worked for the dealership I was with happened to be the link I had been searching for. He is a sweet older gentleman and mostly retired (still loves to sell some trucks here and there) and as we were talking, the conversation lead to antiques and how his wife owns an antique shop.

Long story short, he was as excited as I was when I told him I had been searching for a dinette and his wife had been trying to sell hers for months! I didn’t think I would ever get lucky enough to find a set for under $200, let alone a pink and grey one in perfect condition! I love those moments that us hunters have when you find a piece and feel that it was meant to be with you.

Mid Century Pink and Grey Dinette

2. 1960’s Mid Century Mini Bar

Mid Century Cocktail BarI have to admit, this beauty was a total splurge. Not outrageous, but a definite splurge for me. I was doing some casual browsing at my favorite place on the planet, my happy place, Aurora Thrift and Dollar, when this jumped aggressively into my life.

I didn’t care if it was expensive, or even worry about how I was going to get it home, I knew that it belonged in my collection and that I would probably never see a set like this again that I could afford.

Mint condition bar with 3 original bar stools. The stools need some fixing up, but I have great plans for them down the road. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

mid century cocktail bar

On above shelf: Libby Flamingo Glass Set

Misc. Mid Century Kitchen Ware

Mid Century Kitchen

3. Retro Mid Century Pink Kitchen Canister Set

Retro Mid Century Pink Kitchen Canister setI found these on Etsy for a great deal from RubysGirl Etsy Shop. I am just absolutely in love with these!

Retro Mid Century Pink Kitchen Canister setI don’t actually keep flour or sugar in mine, but I do use them to store things like K-Cups.

4. Libby Flamingo Glass Set

Libby Flamingo Glass SetI do not remember where I acquired this set but I love me some flamingos so these were a must! I display them on a shelf above my bar.

5. Hazel Atlas Pastel Mugs

Hazel Atlas Pastel MugsThese were an ebay find, a bit of a splurge, but I love kitchen and coffee accessories in particular and these are a beautiful addition to my little “coffee station”. I sometimes think it’s “cheating” to find pieces online instead of at flea markets, shops, estate sales etc. but when you want an exact specific piece and it is just a click away, sometimes you just have to go for it.

Hazel Atlas Pastel MugsI spray painted this little wooden rack deal from the thrift store to display the mugs. Above it is an old Cadillac hub a friend gave me that I also spray painted, of course.

Pyrex coffee setA little sample of my “coffee station”; Pyrex set with a random coffee pot from Aurora Thrift and Dollar. I am the cliche Pyrex lover like all of the other Mid Century junkies I know, but it is not something I have much of in my collection because of the demand and high prices that go with it. Perhaps when I am a real adult with a more situated life, I will invest in some 60s Pyrex dish sets.

6. Mid Century Modern Lazy Susan – Pink and Gray 1950’s

Mid Century Lazy SusanGuilty of another Etsy purchase, but I couldn’t leave it up to chance to score a lazy susan that matches my dinette so perfectly! From VintageSouthwest Etsy Shop.

Mid Century Lazy SusanTo style this guy up, I added a lonely flamingo candle stick I found thrifting and my flamingo salt and pepper shakers.

Misc. Finds from Aurora Thrift & Dollar (Aurora, IL)

Aurora Thrift and Dollar

Aurora Thrift and Dollar

Brands and Collections I Love

If you are new to the Mid Century hunt, these are a few of the brands, that I love, to get familiar with:

1. PyrexMid Century Pyrex2. Melmac


3. Hazel-Atlas

Hazel Atlas

The rare and coveted Pink Elephant Bar Ware.

4. Menda

Vintage Menda

5. LibbeyVintage Libby

Thrifting, hunting, collecting; it is all an art and a joy! Over time you start learning brand names, what years they are from, the price range they should be in, the condition they should be in etc.

I keep my collecting of the more expensive items to a limited budget and I have learned to spend less time hunting on sites like Etsy and Ebay unless I have a very specific item I am searching for or you will find yourself in over your head!

The true joy comes in the serendipitous finds at your local ventures, and even better when they come with the thrift store prices.

For questions on any of these pieces, feel free to leave a comment or message.

Turn somebody’s old trash into your own treasure,


#HalloweenCountdown #HalloweenJewelry

27 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.36.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 12.10.55 PM

The countdown to Halloween continues continues! I have been celebrating this week with Halloween theme inspired outfits! One of the best parts of a creepy cute outfit is to complement it with some creepy cute jewelry!

I have been very inspired by the Kawaii fashion and jewelry movement and have been creating lots of Kawaii jewelry!

I created a small line of Kawaii / Halloween jewelry with only 14 1 of a kind pieces. Halloween is only days away so I have just one thing to say!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 1.01.22 PM

I love to up cycle parts from dolls, clothing, and any knick knacks I can find to create unique and adorable jewelry pieces. Below is a gallery of my Halloween Collection, all available on my TioTrash Etsy Shop!


Witch / Bat necklace with pearl beading.

Witch / Bat necklace with pearl beading.

Witch and Spell Book Necklace with pearl beading

Witch and Spell Book Necklace with pearl beading

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Kawaii Bat + Skull necklace with pearls and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows

Monster Doll necklace with Kawaii Bats and bows


Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink

Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink

Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink with matching pink Kawaii bat earrings

Kawaii / Fairy Kei Bat girl necklace in baby pink with matching pink Kawaii bat earrings


Green Kawaii Bat Earrings with bow and pearl detail

Green Kawaii Bat Earrings with bow and pearl detail


Kawaii ghost / heart ring

Kawaii ghost / heart ring

Order the remaining items in time for Halloween!


The #Vintage #Vixens of Dead #Hollywood

25 Oct

Halloween Countdown

Of all the deepest pains in this world, love can be the most painful. Love really does kill, especially if the love involves one man and 3 women, all desperately wanting to keep his love. When fighting for who you love, there are no rules, and sometimes blood is even shed. Using a vintage + thrift store costume collection, the incredible make up and hair stylings of Betty Guevara (Eye Bleed Glitter), and three beautiful model super stars, the Trash Mob depicts a story of love, obsession, betrayal and murder.

I hope you enjoy my campy (and unintentionally sexist) tale of the biggest bitch fight in history.

Vintage Vixens

BonnieAndClyde Art

One man. He rules the streets, the underground crime rings, and the hearts of three beautiful, cold blooded women. He seems to have a power over them that evokes a sinister loyalty, perhaps an obsession within all of the women who fall in love with him. A man with so many enemies really needs a woman who would die for him, a woman who would kill for him. But like money and the quests to obtain it in excess, the dirty roads of greediness create darker monsters in the game of love. He had everything a man could ever want, his empire, the Hollywood Casino, gave him a life of endless sex, money, drugs and power. Sometimes when you want too much, you end up with nothing. The elaborate planning and delicate balance can blow up in your face. When he messed with the wrong women, he ended up alone, with not a single beating heart left of the three that were endlessly devoted to him.


Ginger caught his eye the moment she entered his underground Casino world. She was a fiery red head who made even this cold, composed man feel nervous. His heart could never belong to just one person, but he knew he wanted her to have it. She made a loyal and dependable right side woman, and he knew he could trust her to be loyal to the end, no matter what trouble it meant for her. She gave up her life as a lounge singer, and entered the world of violence and crime to be with the man she worshipped.

vintage CarWhen he found her lifeless body in a pool of blood, he admired how beautiful she still was. Red had always been her color. With a world of broken promises and destruction he had created, this loss could easily be a chilling revenge from one of his enemies, however in his heart, he knew this carnage likely came from within his innermost circle, as it reeked of revenge and jealousy all over the scene. Only a broken heart could slay a woman in this way. His heart longingly ached at the thought she would know longer be beside him in his car, riding in the darkest hours of the night, her angelic voice singing softly to him as he rested his hand in her lap.

Vintage Car

The¬†blood on the carpet was full of poison, but her heart was filled with everlasting rage. One¬†mistress had killed her but there was still another that Ginger wanted removed. She couldn’t bear to see her sweet smile or hear her bubbly laughter parading around the casino with him as his main girlfriend, thinking she was the only one.


She didn’t want to begin her blood bath too soon, there was quite a show unfolding that she could only see after her death. There were more secrets and scandal about to unfold, but when the moment was right, she was ready to take her golden blade, and slit that pretty little neck of the one he seemed to adore so much.


Her loyalty and love was too strong for only her earthly existence. She would kill for him until the end of time.


Babe was a college girl, pure sugar and sweetness. He fell in love with her smile and her ability to make him laugh. Nobody would ever guess the dark sides that emerged from Babe the deeper in love she fell with him. The Casino life turned her world upside down, she saw things that couldn’t be unseen, but none of it mattered as long as she had him. She felt she was born for him, and she had no doubt she would one day die for him. When her closest friend became one of his lovers, her heart broke, but when she got in the way of another one of his lovers, her neck broke too.

IMG_5060When Ginger had been murdered, she knew her days were numbered. The last time he spoke to Babe, she told him how much she loved him, but not in her doting¬†usual way. She told him she loved him in a way that sounded like a goodbye forever. “I love you more than anyone or anything I will ever love in this life”, she said to him. He could feel the love he had for her, and although his heart felt his own version of love for this sweet¬†voiced beauty, he could not speak the words in return. He never could.


She sparkled like a diamond, even upon her death. The multiple knife slashes across her swan like neck were screaming signs of rage and jealousy, tell tale wounds of her possible killer. When he found her delicate little frame crumpled on the floor near his bed, his heart sank and tears filled his eyes. Although he would never cry, he began to feel a semblance of guilt, knowing it was he who set free the monsters within his mistresses.


Despite her innocent and pure hearted demeanor, Babe was a master of his golden gun. He taught her to use it and it was her job to always keep it safe, but to only use it in defending his honor if the occasion arrived. She had been slain at the dead hands of one mistress, but there was yet another one she wanted to settle the score with.

IMG_5038She never would have thought that her closest friend in the world would have done this to hero, but she should have known his magnetic charm was too much for her to resist. Having a friend so seductive and beautiful was only playing with fire around him, but she could never in her blinded heart blame him for the affair that was sparked with her former friend. It was the ultimate betrayal and it spun her into sheer madness.

IMG_5037With blood on her hands and fury in her heart, she used the Golden Gun to defend the love that had been broken for the man who was her world.


Scarlet was the Queen of the underground world. As her name denotes, she was a walking beautiful scandal that all who laid eyes upon her could not resist. Every man who met her became infatuated with her, but she never found a man who could give her all that she desired. Sometimes the world was never enough for her. Not a single woman trusted her, yet she formed an unlikely bond with Babe and guided her through this life of scandal and sin. She didn’t mean to break Babe’s heart, but HE was the only man who had ever made her heart feel anything at all. She had to have him, it didn’t matter at what cost.


For all the hearts and homes she had broken in her young life, he couldn’t imagine his sweet Babe would be the one to pull the trigger. A once beautiful sisterhood was slaughtered because nothing in their lives could prove to be stronger or more important than their obsessive desire¬†to belong to him.


Scarlet had rarely known or experience competition. She believed that stealing his heart would be easy. She had Babe in her back pocket, but what she didn’t know was that she also had Ginger in the game. Ginger was not a woman she could compete with, their beauty was a fair match and Ginger seemed to have him entranced. Scarlet didn’t care to outshine or outsmart Ginger, she had to remove her from the game all together.


After Scarlet discovered the secret casino quarters that he and Ginger met for their affairs, she arranged a secret meeting of her own with Ginger. Scarlet arranged a romantic spread of strawberries and champagne and hid in the room, waiting for Ginger to arrive. As Ginger primped and prepped for her meeting with him, she eagerly helped herself to the fine champagne, the liquid gold she loved so much, unknowingly swallowing cyanide. As she seized and choked, Scarlet was possessed with an evil rage and beat her face in with the bottle as she watched Ginger die a painful death.

IMG_5050In her twisted heart she felt she was just taking care of business. She wouldn’t let anybody in life stop her from getting what she wanted, and the only thing she desired was him. When he found his Scarlet slumped across the seats of the Casino theater, he knew he truly was alone. He knew he had caused this. He knew he drove three women to madness because they loved him so much.

His heart wanted to break, but he didn’t have it in him. Being numb and stiff inside kept him alive through his dangerous games. Perhaps it is why he needed to be surrounded with women who felt everything so deeply and intensely. He wanted too much, greed would always be his downfall, but there was no time to stop and feel. He had each body removed and disposed, tossed out like trash. He continued to pull women into his world, one after the other, as the three jealous beauties continued to watch from their after lives. He never seemed to lose his touch, but he could never get a woman to stay around long in the days after the murders.


Although their bodies and flawless faces were long gone from the Casino, they continued to live in the place they had killed and been killed, trying forever to guard his heart and terrorize the women who dared to fall in love with their man.


Thousands of secrets live behind the Hollywood Casino doors. The girls decide which ones come out and which ones are locked up forever. He didn’t believe in much, didn’t even believe in God, he thought he was going crazy for years as the voices and faces of his slaughtered lovers followed him through his days and nights. As he laid in bed at night, the soft lavender fragrance Babe used to wear would fill the room and he could hear her soft¬†sweet whisper,¬†“I love you more than anyone or anything I will ever love in this life”.


He had to constantly convince himself it was just his imagination seeing Scarlet’s sultry eyes burning from the darkest rooms, her beautiful curves dancing in the shadows. “Come to me”, her eyes would say, just as they had always done before. He drank more than he ever did to fight the madness overcoming him.


He couldn’t ride alone in his car for more than 5 minutes without hearing Ginger’s soulful voice singing songs of broken hearts and sorrow. “Stop singing!” he would scream in terror, and just when one voice stopped, he would hear another. The depth of their desires, and the intensity of their love for him could not be stopped as easily as their beating hearts were. Their longing for him and feelings had no place to go, forever with him as they had always promised.
IMG_5054It is said that Ginger, Babe and Scarlet still roam the halls and chambers of the Hollywood Casino to this day. Local legend says that anytime champagne is served in the Cigar Lounge (formerly the secret chamber for Ginger), that the people who drink the champagne become violently ill. It has been said that a lavender aroma has filled the noses of the visitors from time to time. More chilling yet, an unidentified soulful singer often interrupts the airwaves of radios and televisions within the building, crying softly and singing songs of heartbreak and sadness.

Perhaps this tale can serve as a lesson about greed, loyalty and love. But most importantly, never get in the way of a woman and what she desires most in life.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 1.59.10 AM

Old Hollywood Credits

Much thanks to the Aurora Hollywood Casino for “hosting” our shoot against your knowledge! Watch out for the #DreamTeam!

These incredible hair and make up stylings are thanks to the magical Betty Guevara, Eye Bleed Glitter. Check her out to see more of her hand made latex prosthetics and gory goodness!

IMG_5083 IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5086

Last Minute #Costume Ideas!

24 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 6.57.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 7.02.01 PM

Pin up cat

For some of us, finding the perfect Halloween costume is an art, a delicate process, a mission that begins the day after the PREVIOUS Halloween. But unfortunately, the real world of working and other responsibilities can get in the way of our Halloween costume planning time and budget.

Do you have a last minute party or Halloween event and no costume? Relax, I will walk you through some simple and inexpensive solutions.

1. Cat Woman / Sexy Cat – “Submission Kitten”


Chicago Model Jasmine as “Submission Kitten”

A “sexy cat” is one of the most simple and common costumes a girl can put together, its like the LBD of Halloween costume and it never fails.

Cat ears and cat costume accessories are very easy and inexpensive to obtain this time of year. The best part is that you can make the costume as sexy or conservative as you want.

I snagged a pack of cat ears from Target for $3 so I could do some creative crafting with them, but an untouched plain pair was perfect for my version of a cat costume.

In typical Tio Trash fashion, I wanted my version of the cat costume to have a unique edge, hence the S&M Fetish Cat. Tio Trash model, Jasmine went from sweet to submissive sexy in a plain black halter dress, a ski mask, thigh highs and spiked boots. I used “Fetish” accessories to spice the costume up. If you like that route you can use a whip for a tail, or if you want to be more like Cat Woman, the Batman character, you can use a whip as an accessory itself. Add things like wristbands, collars, etc. for that S&M bondage element to a classic costume.

This costume can easily be put together with existing pieces in your everyday wardrobe and you can grab ears and a mask for less that $20!

2. The Dark Bunny

Lace Bunny Ears

Like the cat costume, a bunny costume is another classic go-to for women at Halloween. With varying degrees of sexiness, the bunny can be cute a cuddly, sexy playmate, or mom jeans and bunny ears. Bunny ears and accessories can be found everywhere at Halloween for almost nothing!

A take of the bunny costume I don’t see very often is a “dark”/evil bunny. However, I have been seeing a lot of photography and fashion shoots lately using this elegant but simple lace bunny ear headband.

This style of bunny ears can be easily found with a quick internet search, however, the product personally like the most is from the amazing Etsy Shop, MagicMask. This headband as well as a wide variety of other beautiful masks and hair accessories are the shop specialty.

Magic Mask Etsy Shop

Horror enthusiast and model, Dixie Savage (as I like to refer to as the Elvira of our generation) captured the delicate gothic beauty of this look in a lace button up from Old Navy and a velvet jumper. The creative stylings for this outfit are endless. Lace tights, lingerie, a long gown, a body suit … there are all types of ways to easily create a unique bunny costume using a simple set of ears and your wardrobe favorites!


Chicago Model Dixie Savage as “The Dark Bunny”

3. Alien Girl


Aliens are the latest craze in jewelry and accessories lately, and an Alien costume is a costume that can be extravagant and detailed, or quick, simple and cheap!

For this look, we went a¬†sexy rave route and Tio Trash model, Satanas, showed us some skin as a white hot Alien girl! Using an inexpensive “go go skirt” ¬†(Lovers Lane) and a bikini top, Make Up artist Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter¬†created the real accessory¬†on her body with eyelash glue and rhinestones to create the planets of the solar system down her torso.

As a wig enthusiast, I snagged a purple wig from my collection and whipped up a pair of antennae on the spot with pipe cleaner and puff balls. This was to show that this can be created in less than 5 minutes, but even if you have at least a day’s notice, you can make something much more detailed. All you need is a headband, pipe cleaners or wire, and a little bit of bling to create custom Alien antennae.


If you like to experiment with¬†creative¬†make up, this costume is a great way to go crazy with make up to create an ‘out of this world’ Alien masterpiece. Metallic fabrics, crazy shades and glow in the dark accessories are perfect touches for this costume.

4.  The Chola

Chola1Dressing like a glorious Chola is fun any day of the year, but it also makes a fast and easy Halloween costume. With just a flannel, bandana, hoop earrings and the correct use of eyeliner, you can quickly become a Chola for your Halloween festivities!

Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist Betty Guevara transformed model Jasmine into a vicious Chola with perfectly done eyeliner, lip liner, and a sexy hair style.

Chola Make Up by Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter

Chola Make Up by Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter

For extra drama, I added obscenely long press on nails for hilarious “Chonga talons”. This look was so easy and fast to put together and with great hair and make up, this costume can look perfect!


This look was so good, within minutes, my sweet lil Jasmine struck my heart with terror after her Chola transformation. Nobody will be messing with you Halloween night in this costume!

Chola Costume

Halloween does not need to be stressful for all of you busy bees and last minute planners. With just basic accessories like animal ears, you can transform your existing wardrobe into a quick last minute costume for your Halloween festivities!

Post your last minute creative costumes to Instagram – would love to see them! #TioTrash – @TioTrash

Thank You

A million thank you’s to my amazing Trash Mob! These girls look amazing in freakin’ EVERYTHING!


Jasmine, Dixie Savage, Satanas the Model – CHECK THEM OUT!

Hair and Make Up Artist:

Betty Guevara of Eye Bleed Glitter <- for the sickest Halloween fantasy and special effects make up looks, check out her page!


Happy Halloween!


The Count Down to #Halloween: Costumes, Jewelry, Gore + More !

24 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 6.47.11 PM

As far as I am concerned, October 1 marks the beginning of Halloween Season. For all of you other Halloween fanatics, Halloween is more than just one day, it’s a magical season with crisp fall air, fantastic cable programming, and most importantly, the pop up time for all of the Halloween Costume Shops so that us hardcore creeps can do our Halloween shopping and our clothing and home decor shopping for our everyday lives.

I have had a crazy busy Halloween season with not a lot of time to post, but that being said, I want to make sure I post a colorful, creepy, and fun count down to Halloween to show you all of the creepy fun I have been up to this Halloween season.

Let’s begin!

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#MiamiMotel #SouthBeach #Meth #Tweeker

30 Apr


Meth Never Looked so Cute

To kick off the return of Tio Trash, I wanted to pay homage to the film that launched all of my creative juices in the fashion world. Those of you who know Tio Trash, know that the film I am referring to is, Spun (see History of Tio Trash). 

The gritty glam fashion featured in the film created visual beauty while portraying one of the ugliest addictions in this world. There is nothing beautiful or glamourous about meth use or a meth addiction, but to be able to tell a story about something so hideous and make it visually beautiful, is an art that I live to create.

Please understand that I am not promoting or condoning meth use or drug addiction of any kind. I am using fabulous fashions, gorgeous girls, talented make up artist, Betty Guevara, and the colors, textures and energy of our natural surroundings to tell a story of the decent into drug addiction.

And the story goes like this …

Returning Tio Trash models, Jasmine and Satanas, took on the role of best friends on a Spring Break road trip to Miami. Although the journey begins innocently enough, the girls get caught up in the fast train to Hell that goes along with crystal meth use.

Welcome to Miami!

Welcome to Miami! (ft. Satanas)

Nothing beats the freedom you feel when you set out on the road to a vacation where the possibilities that await you are endless. You arrive feeling alive and like nothing wrong could ever happen. The air is different, the sun even feels different, and the only thing on your mind is careless fun and escape.

Chicago is a long ways from Miami but we staged our shoot at the campy, trampy O’Hare Motel and Kitchenette, the closest we could get to a kitschy South Beach Motel.

Bienvenida A Miami!

Bienvenida A Miami! (ft. Jasmine)

Miami is a place where the height¬†of the wealthy and the bottom of the¬†impoverished coexist in one wild, tropical paradise. Old retired businessmen in their gold Mercedes Benz cruise down the South Beach Streets with wives clad in gaudy goodness: leopard prints, tropical prints, loud gold jewelry, “Jewish Aunt” sunglasses.

Not far from the gated play pens of the rich and famous, crime life runs the Miami streets. Cadillac pimps and their fiending females trying to get by in the hustle life. Neon lights, sea side motels, teals, flamingo¬†pinks, and colors of a Florida¬†sunset paint the vibrant world for all of the beautiful creatures to play. Cocaine and drugs pass through hands¬†as heavily¬†as Chicago snow falls. Even in the¬†filthiest crevices of Miami life, there is something so beautiful and warm, because its existence is a part of the rhythm that plays its’ sultry song.


When creating the looks to tell this story, I wanted to draw elements from the stereotypical old money South Beach kings and queens and combine them with elements from the Miami urban street life, all while keeping the colors, flavors and nature of the Floridian sea side.

Miami Motel

In this “Welcome to Miami” look, I styled the outfits around the tie up blouses. The blatant display of Floridian “wild life” in the parrot print and flamingo print tops set the tone for a vacation adventure. The gaudy leopard, neon solids, and vintage accessories completed a wearable translation of a kitschy sea side motel.

Get the look!

Get the look!

Satanas’ “Welcome to Miami” Look:

Leopard Print Skirt: Basic stretch skirt available at – Charlotte Russe, H&M, Forever 21

Parrot Blouse: $12 – Ragstock Chicago, IL

Floral Cat Eye Shades: $10 – LoveMelrose.com

Thrift Store Scores: Vintage suitcase, clip on gold earrings

Get the Look!

Get the Look!

Jasmine’s “Welcome to Miami” Look:

Solid Neon Mini Skirt: Available at H&M

Flamingo Blouse: $22.80 – Forever 21

Large Round Sunglasses: $10 –¬†LoveMelrose.com

Vintage Sea Shell Purse: $12.50 – Carson Cate’s Etsy Shop¬†¬†(Lot’s of great vintage treasures!)

Sea Shell Vintage Purse

As the girls party it up on Spring Break, they become used to the local tropical flavor, the sleepless wild nights, and the electricity of the Miami sun. With all of that adventure, even a spring breaking party girl needs some down time.

Pineapple Prints!

Pineapple Prints!

Nothing welcomes you to a tropical get away like a fresh, juicy pineapple, also the symbol for (Southern) hospitality. Pineapple prints are popping up in lots of this summers’ fashion finds.



Whether your vacation destination be fancy or low key, packing some comfy choices for R&R time is a must. I styled a simple “Miley inspired” lounge look with nothing but leggings, a crop top, and slippers. Browsing custom jewelry shops, such as Etsy always leads me to the perfect jewelry for any look. Lucky for me, I stumbled across jewelry designer, Courtney Thompson and her shop, Feisty Kitty Jewelry (unique, handmade, retro inspired jewelry). Her perfect pair of pineapple earrings were just the little pop I needed to add some life to this lounge look.

Pineapple Earrings by Fiesty Kitty Jewelry

Pineapple Earrings by Feisty Kitty Jewelry


Pineapple Print

Hot pants and slippers are how every trailer park trophy wife stays comfy. Add a ruffly pineapple print tank and it you are one fine Miami motel mama!

Get the Look!

Get the Look!

Satanas’ Lounge Look:

White Crop Top: $12 – Forever 21

Flip Flop Slippers: $7 – Walmart

Pineapple Leggings: $20 – LoveMelrose.com

Pineapple Earrings: $15 – FeistyKittyJewelry – Etsy Shop

Get the Look!

Get the Look!

Jasmine’s Lounge Look:

Stretchy Denim Hot Pants: $20 – Lovers Lane

Pineapple Ruffle Tank: $20 – LoveMelrose.com

Flip Flop Slippers: $7 – Walmart

Assorted jewelry: Atomic Lace lightening bolt earrings, OMG necklace – Beatnix Chicago.

…. It looks like the girls had too much down time. As they say, idle hands are the devil’s work shop …

Tweeker Chic

Tweaker Chic

This might look like an asinine America’s Next Top Model challenge shoot, but unfortunately it is our young starlets, sliding down the black hole of crystal meth. No drug destroys a beautiful soul, mind and¬†face as drastically and quickly as crystal meth.

Beautiful destruction.

Beautiful destruction.

Even though meth is usually cooked with a combination of cold meds, battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel and antifreeze, the physical effects of methamphetamines still seem to shock people. This intake of deadly chemicals might make the user feel powerful, fearless and immortal, but the physical effects suggest the opposites. Crystal meth destroys tissues and blood flow to the skin, acne, slow healing sores, loss of skin elasticity, tooth decay, and a large number of other complications that destroy thousands of beautiful faces with every use. 

Get your Meth Face on.

Get your Meth Face on.

Because the physical damages caused by meth use are a fast progression, I wanted to show this progression in our story. Crazy-talented Chicago make up artist, Betty Guevara, started our¬†models out with fresh glam faces of 60’s style make up. As the “meth use” begins and progresses in the photos, Betty transformed these beauties into the shocking, walking horrors of tweaker life. In this look, she began the transcendence into “Meth Face”, and the progressive transformation she created¬†is jarringly life like.

Meth Face

A tweaker never seems to sleep and the blackened eyes are a beginning sign of the crystal downfall.

Body suits are a tricky pull off, but increasingly popular in current trends. In consistency with the colors and elements for my looks, I wanted to choose pieces with bold neon colors, like the downtown city lights at night. This Forever 21 body suit captures a retro vibe and the neon lights of a Miami Spring Break from the somebody’s favorite memories. Paired with an acid¬†washed denim skater skirt, leopard platforms, and flavorful jewelry, this outfit highlights¬†a wide array of lives from the local scene.

Keep Chic and Tweak.

Keep Chic and Tweak.

It’s almost cruel to pair the adorable jewelry creations from Feisty Kitty Jewelry with a crystal meth themed shoot, but if you must tweak, at least stay chic. That flamingo ring is all kinds of cute!

Handmade Flamingo Ring - Feisty Kitty Jewelry

Handmade Flamingo Ring – Feisty Kitty Jewelry


The need for speed.

The need for speed.

I am not much of a fan of American Apparel; too much money, not enough life. However, I cannot pass up on a good basic staple piece when I am in a bind, and this leopard body suit is perfection.

In real life, a cardinal rule of fashion and design is to never mix floral and animal prints. But in Miami, when you strive for that gaudy South Beach swag, leopard and floral is a MUST. A fitted floral skirt, sea foam teal + vintage accessories, and a stark white pair of stripper stilettos create a look fabulous enough for Miss Miami herself.

Sea Horse Earrings By Feisty Kitty Jewelry

Sea Horse Earrings By Feisty Kitty Jewelry

Foiled and Spoiled.

Get the Look!

Get the Look!

Satanas’ “Tweaker Chic” Look:

Neon Body Suit: $8 – Forever 21

Acid Wash Skater Skirt – UrbanOG.com

Leopard Platforms: Target

Assorted Jewelry: Flamingo Ring by Feisty Kitty Jewelry, Gold Hoops Beatnix Chicago

Tres Tweak.

Get the Look!

Jasmine’s “Tweaker Chic” Look:

Leopard Body Suit: American Apparel

Floral Skirt: $10 – LoveMelrose.com

Red Cat Eye Shades: $12 – Target

Seahorse Earrings: $12 – FeistyKittyJewelry – Etsy Shop

When addiction sets in, the only thing that matters is getting more. More. MORE. One will go to any lengths necessary to get that fix.

Crankster Gangster.

Crankster Gangster.

Workin’ the street, platforms on their feet. Pulling tricks to get a fix.

Miami Prostitute

The prices go down and the bets go up in that crystal world.

Miami Hooker

Wanting ice, at any price.

Geekin' for Gold.

Geekin’ for Gold.

Crop tops and bralets are an adorable summer look. They are perfect for the beach, the club, or an afternoon in the sun. I was in search of a floral / tropical print bralet, when unforeseen luck at Ragstock (Chicago, IL) gifted me with this flamingo/palm tree/Miami skyline printed top for $7. I couldn’t dream up a print more apropos. The pink accessories and pink flamingo earrings from Forever 21 amped up the cuteness factor to which I balanced with hot pants and layers of ghetto gold. I wanted this look to say, “I’m adorable, but I will still do unspeakable acts for less than¬†$20.”

Miami Hooker


Workin’ it like a motel mistress.

Geekin' for Gold.

Geekin’ for Gold.

In an outfit fit for a South Beach tennis court princess, she’s willing to sell her soul and all her gold. No Mercedes for these ladies.

Geekin' for Gold.

Geekin’ for Gold.

When there’s nothing left, gold can be sold.

Geekin' for Gold.

Geekin’ for Gold.

Stark white fabrics on tan skin and toned bodies is a Miami signature look for any walk of life. The preppy¬†white skater skirt and gold Mercedes earrings steal a glimpse of that old retired couple made of millions. The Forever 21 “South Beach” crop top, another perfect find, brings in the vintage sea side kitsch, and the ice cold ghetto gold brings the thug life to the over all look.

Get the Look!

Get the Look!

Satanas’ “Geekin’ for Gold” Look:

Flamingo / Miami Bralet: $7 – Ragstock Chicago, IL

Flamingo Earrings: $8.50 – Forever 21

Misc. Gold Jewelry: Beatnix Chicago, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe

Get the Look!

Get the Look!

Jasmine’s “Geekin’ for Gold” look:

South Beach Crop Top: $12 – Forever 21

Stark White Skater Skirt: $7.50 – LoveMelrose.com

Mercedes Earrings/Dollar Sign Chain: Beatnix Chicago

Gold Stilettos: DSW







Meth Stripper


Meth StripperBomb.

Meth AddictSpank.

Meth Stripper



Meth Stripper



Meth Strippers


Meth FaceTweak.

Meth FaceChard.

Meth Face“Call it what you will. It’s all methamphetamine.” – Spun.

Spun Beyond Recognition.

Spun Beyond Recognition.


Don’t do meth. EVER.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 5.19.17 PM

Thank You

This project was one I had “cooking” in my mind for a long time and it was probably the most fun I have EVER had on a shoot!

HUGE infinite thank you’s to the lovely ladies involved, aka my “dream team”, this shoot would never have happened without their creative talents, visions, trust and amazing attitudes!

I was thrilled to be able to feature the beautiful models, Jasmine and Satanas, both returning models to Tio Trash. Not only did these ladies kick ass at modeling, but they brought the shoot to life with their ideas and liveliness. Only these two could make a tore up tweaker face look sexy and fierce!

Satanas, Betty, Jasmine.

Satanas, Betty, Jasmine.

I was also so lucky and thankful to be introduced to hair and make up artist, Betty Guevara. Starting with perfect pinup hair do’s and faces, she slowly transformed these classic beauties into unrecognizable monsters of meth. This was her first time ever being asked to do a “meth face”, and she nailed it beyond reality! I still get goosebumps looking at the photos of the faces she created! Not only did Betty tweak out the team, she brought so much positive energy, creative vision and brilliant styling to each shot. (More info on Betty coming soon!)

This was a shoot that was about more than just creating hot, unique looks. This shoot told a story that is very controversial and difficult to look at. Meth addiction and the horrific problems that accompany it are not anything to glamorize or be taken lightly. To create art using the darkest and the most hideous parts of life and force them into visions using beauty, color, and light, we can get a result that forces us to acknowledge the grit in life and the beauty that still lives within the broken.

I am so excited for another great Tio Trash summer and I will never forget this incredible shoot!





Tio Trash Returns!

30 Apr

Tio Trash



After a long, cold and miserable winter, Tio Trash is returning from a hibernation hiatus, just in time for summer! In other words, my paying job hit the peak of its’ busy season and I am FINALLY able to return to my trashy treasure!

I have missed you all but I am back in action to kick off the summer with more of the beautiful models, make up artists, photographers, and most importantly, the trash-licious fashion and looks we all love!

Love all of my readers and followers, thank you for all of you’re support. Join me for a hot trashy summer, back and better than ever!



Beth Hillstrom aka Tio Trash

Photo By: Jovy Skol

Photo By: Jovy Skol

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